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5 Villains That Need to Appear in DCEU

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5. Poison Ivy


This might come as a surprise to many but Yes! Poison Ivy would be a great addition to the DCEU. With the increase in popularity of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, it would be great to see her old friend come in, especially now that she has broken up with the Joker.

Of course, Joker and Harley are always in an on and off relationship but still now would be the opportune time to bring in Ivy. Furthermore, Margot Robbie herself, in an interview with CBR, expressed her desire to act alongside Poison Ivy on the big screen.


Ivy is a misunderstood villain and so it would be nice to see her story in the DCEU. Although her love for plants in apparent, she is not short of evil deeds. In Batman Hush, we saw her control Superman prompting Batman to risk his life and that of Lois, in a dangerous attempt to break Superman free from her will. She has also threatened to destroy Gotham, killed Clayface, formed a villain trio with Harley and Catwoman, fed people to plants and almost killed the trickster.

DCEU can do a lot with this character, for one, they could make a Gotham City Sirens movie. This would be a great follow up to The Batman movie with Zoe Kravitz already cast as Catwoman. If not, then maybe DC could pit her against the Dark Knight in upcoming Batman movies.

4. Sinestro


The green lanterns are indeed intriguing and well-thought out comic book characters. Their ability to conjure anything they can think of from their rings is fascinating. It was certainly a blow to many when they heard that Hal Jordan would not feature in the Justice League movie despite being a long-standing member. However, to be honest, this was a great move because now DC has a golden opportunity to remake another Green Lantern movie and finally redeem themselves from the failure of the last one. Now if this happens, then we should expect to see Sinestro.

He would be the perfect villain for the movie. Sinestro was once a good man, after acquiring his ring, he became a great friend of Abin Sur, even got married to his sister and was considered one of the greatest green lanterns. However, this would not last long as he let his darker side take over and blind his judgement. He became somewhat of a dictator and had to be stopped. At that point Abin Sur had already died and Hal Jordan had acquired his ring.


Hal Jordan eventually became friends with Sinestro but after seeing how he was abusing their power, he asked him to stop but was engaged in an enthralling battle and he had to seek help from the green lanterns. Sinestro was dishonourably discharged and further exiled to the Anti-matter universe as punishment for his actions.

While there he embarked on a mission to find the Weaponers of Qward who would help him develop a yellow ring and form his own corps known as the Yellow Lantern Corps or as some people call them, the Sinestro Corps. He believed that fear was the only way he could bring peace into the universe.

Now there are numerous storylines for the Green Lantern movie should DCEU move on with it. Villains like Atrocitus, Carol Ferris, Black hand and Anti-Monitor would certainly be among them but it would be great to see Sinestro make an appearance first.

3. Brainiac


To term Brainiac as a genius would be a massive understatement, his intelligence is way too vast for us to comprehend. Considered as one of superman’s greatest foe, this villain needs to make an appearance in the DCEU.

The future of Henry Cavill’s superman is still undecided but so far, he has appeared in 3 DC movies with the exclusion of Shazam. However, whether he dawns the cape again or not, we would still love to see Superman battle Brainiac in subsequent DCEU Man of Steel movies. This would actually be a great time to introduce Supergirl.


Brainiac is a 12th level intellect with the ability to store all knowledge from innumerable planets. He is known to shrink cities and store them in his ship. One popular city in his possession, is Kandor from superman’s home town Krypton.

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Aside from being super intelligent, Brainiac is also Exceedingly powerful in that he can fly, project energy, absorb energy and move through computers. This makes him seem virtually indestructible but he has one rather surprising weakness and that is well, germs. Exposure to bacteria and disease leaves him vulnerable and can kill him.

2. Eobard Thawne aka The Reverse Flash


Eobard Thawne is arguably the Flash’s greatest enemy and for obvious reasons. For starters, he killed his mother. This villain has been sabotaging Barry’s life from the very beginning.

Eobard came from a period where technology was at its peak and time was manipulated and used to nearly its maximum potential. He was obsessed with the speed force and following the rejection of his application to join the Flash museum, he decided to go on his own.

However, trying to uncover the speed force mystery outside the museum was against the law. He was nearly arrested by none other than his brother when the reverse flash came and removed his brother from the timeline. This left Eobard as the only son. This was not the last time the reverse flash would do this. He would then go on to erase other people from the timeline to give his younger self a smooth and undisturbed life.


Eobard eventually found a way to replicate the speed force, gave himself super speed and guess what? Became the flash. This was however short-lived when he discovered that he was destined to become the Flash’s greatest enemy. This drove him mad and the real Flash had to halt his reign of terror.

He was imprisoned but managed to escape and went back in time to try and prevent Flash from being struck by the lightning that gave him the super-speed. He would come to find out that he would cease to exist if there was no flash. Still hell-bent on punishing the Flash, he decided to ruin his childhood by wiping the friends Barry would make out of existence and destroying his confidence. He eventually did the sinister act of killing Barry’s mother.


The Reverse Flash is yet to make an appearance in the DCEU but we’ve gotten a glimpse of his character in the DC animated movies such as Justice league: Flashpoint and Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. He is also an antagonist in The CW Flash series. His portrayal is exceptional in both.

1. Darkseid


Darkseid is the greatest antagonist in DC and his appearance in the DCEU is not a matter of speculation but inevitability. He is one of those villains that just has to be done right.

DC has been setting up his arrival for a pretty long time now. This first started with the Omega Symbol, then the Parademons and in 2017 we were introduced to the Motherboxes and Darkseid’s Herald and Uncle Steppenwolf. All these alluded to his appearance but none came closer than Steppenwolf’s mention of the name Darkseid in the movie.

Although Justice League was not well received, it paved way for Darkseid’s arrival in the best possible way. With Steppenwolf’s failure and subsequent teleportation to probably Apokolips, Darkseid has without a doubt noticed how powerful earth’s protectors are and will ultimately come to do the job himself, just like Marvel’s Thanos. Now that we know he is coming, just how powerful is he?


Darkseid is not your typical villain. He is the ruler of Apokolips and possesses super strength, speed, durability and intelligence. His main goal is to acquire the Anti-life equation and have full control over the thoughts of every living thing in the universe putting an end to free will and molding the universe in his own image. When he shows up, destruction is guaranteed. His greatest power lies in his death-dealing Omega Beams.


Here are other villains we'd also love to see in the DCEU



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