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5 Tom Cruise Movies With Impossible or Mission In The Title!

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As of this writing, the seventh installment of the long running (also featuring Tom Cruise running) Mission Impossible series Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One (will the movie be longer than the title?) is scheduled to open on July 14th, 2023. This is like, the 15th release date change because of numerous delays caused by the pandemic and Scientology holidays (probably). If this goes as well as the also-delayed Top Gun Maverick release date, then we should be seeing Dead Reckoning sometime in 2027.

While you wait, here are 5 other films starring Tom Cruise with Impossible or Mission in the title. Sometimes those two words might be in the title together. You’re just going to have to read this list.


1) Mission Impossible (1996)

Way back when there were things called “videocassettes” and crucial communications used something called a “phone booth”, Tom Cruise ran around and jumped around and hung from wires in Brian De Palma’s efficiently made but emotionally inert action thriller. MI saved its best twist for last as (almost 30-year old spoiler here so deal with it) Jim Phelps (Jon Voight) was the main villain, angering old fans of the TV show but giving a 3-star action movie a much needed narrative boost. One of the few first movies in an action franchise that isn’t the best of said franchise.


2) The Impossible (2012)

The harrowing true story of a family split apart by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami while vacationing in Thailand. Tiny Tom Cruise plays Lucas, son to Maria and Henry (Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor- we’re assuming Naomi Watts is Maria but we don’t want to offend anyone) as they’re thrown into trees and across beaches and into outer space for about 15 minutes. This gut wrenching experience of the movie wrenches your gut so your gut is slightly misshapen and may take a week or more to reset itself correctly. You cry as the family faces certain death and impossible odds to find each other. Since it’s public record or you’ve seen this before you know what happened. Best not to watch this if you have a faint heart because Brad did (RIP Brad).

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3) Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011)

Jeremy Renner does more in 10 minutes of screentime than he ever did in countless Avengers movies playing that useless Hawkeye. The almost silent action scene climbing up a tower has the best sustained suspense in any Mission Impossible set piece and makes this my personal favorite Mission. The funniest movie of the franchise (those darn gadgets never seem to work when you need them to) and an emotional step up from the previous entries of the series. We’re not sure if it’s because Ethan Hunt is older, but there’s slightly more emphasis on character with Ghost Protocol instead of the mechanical but joyless rides the marks the worst parts of the series. No, this isn’t Scenes From A Marriage, but you do care about Ethan Hunt more than you did before.


4) The Mission (1986)

Robert De Niro and Tom Cruise play 18th century Spanish Jesuits (sure, we’ll buy that) who try to protect some Portuguese people from slavery…or something. Okay, this is one of the few Tom Cruise movies I’ve never seen and I know it got nominated for Best Picture and your dad just loves it and has a worn down VHS copy (with TWO freakin’ “tapes” if you’re old enough to remember those) but this movie just feels like jury duty. I’m sure if I ever saw it I’ll go, “That wasn’t so bad” but maybe I just don’t feel like seeing movies with priests because we all just assume they’ll go after the youngest looking altar boy. Anyway, when Tom Cruise was young he actually studied in the seminary so this might have been something akin to wish fulfillment. But if you love priests in robes, then you’ve probably seen this a lot.


5) Driving Mission Daisy (1989)

The only movie Tom Cruise has starred in to win the Oscar for Best Picture. Cruise played an old Jewish woman named Daisy Werthan and the movie revolves around the 30-year friendship she had with her Magical Negro chauffeur Hoke (Morgan Freeman, supplying homespun wisdom like no one can). As of this writing, it’s the last Best Picture Winner with a PG Rating. It goes down easy like a Mint Julep or something Southern like that. Your oldest living relative’s favorite movie. One thing Tom Cruise regrets about the movie is that director Bruce Beresford cut a scene in which Daisy jumps out of the car to save Hoke from driving off a bridge because they played that game where Hoke drives blindfolded for fun. Beresford cut it simply for time. We’re hoping that scene makes it on a 4k Ultra HD version because Driving Mission Daisy is definitely a movie you need to see in the highest possible quality.



Tom Cruise. Tom. Cruise. Impossible. Mission. Cruise. Tom. Mission. Cruise. Tom. Impossible. Mission. Cruise. Paimon! Tom. Mission. Cruise. Impossible.


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