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5 Things You've Definitely Missed in the Movie Friday


While the following article has no profanity nor vulgar language, the accompanying videos may use strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

5. Smokey Tears Craig's Curtain


Break Yo-Self Fooooool!

In the beginning of the movie Friday, when Smokey comes over to visit Craig at his bedroom window, he tears the curtain and upsets Craig enough that he pulls out his pistol on him.

If you look closely, you can notice that the curtain tears well before Smokey approaches the window. Also, the curtain tears from right to left, away from the direction Smokey approached the window.

4. Asian Store Clerk/Owner


A Trip To The Store

In the scene from Friday where Smokey and Craig go on a store run, they are met by Ezel before they all go in. If you notice, as Smokey is at the register, the store clerk/owner makes a grand appearance from below and behind the register. His introduction is complimented by the sound of the famous percussion that is the 'Gong' but he resembles nothing like what the sign stated above him.

3. Ezel's 40!

In that same store, Ezel goes over to grab a 40oz of malt liquor. When the camera cuts back to Smokey and Craig, you can hear the whaling and screaming of Ezel, due to an alleged 'Slip & Fall'. Moreover, if you look directly behind him, near his head, you'll notice that the 40oz is sitting perfectly straight up and unscathed.

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2. Ms Parker

The title of No.2 says enough. While the guys were drooling and the women were looking on in disgust, did anyone ever notice that Ms Parker was watering dirt and a weed?

Craig's Crazy Girlfriend


1. You Ain't Gotta Lie Craig, You Ain't Got-Ta Lie

Still near the beginning of the movie Friday, Craig takes a phone call from his obscene and erratic girlfriend, who is complaining about Craig being at a show with another female. Meanwhile, next to her in the be is the body of some unidentified male. Many speculate that the man is Debo, based on the same jailhouse style pants he has on.

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