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5 Strongest Yu Yu Hakusho Characters (Rank 1 Is a Surprise)

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One of the most famous anime of the 20th century, YuYu Hakusho is a winner of several prestigious awards. It includes Shogakukan Manga Award and Animage Anime Grand Prix prize. Based on martial arts and supernatural genres, the anime is filled with extraordinary strong characters. Strong enough to give anyone run for their money. However, the strength is not always about muscles and physical prowess, there’s much more to it, which is proved by the person sitting on the number one position. For now, let’s start with who’s number five.



5. Yomi

Yomi is one of the Three Kings of the Demon Kingdom. He is the final antagonist of the series, which makes it inevitable for him to be on the list. He is a merciless killer. His strength comes clean when he plays strong even after losing his eyesight. He grows four extra ears and can hear every single word spoken in his kingdom.

He can even read a person’s internal emotions by sensing their heart rate and facial expressions. His powers are exemplary because of his calm nature. His balanced mind lets him focus completely on his opponents’ moves so he can easily counterattack without wasting any energy.



4. Mukuro

Mukuro is the only woman among The Three Kings. She was abandoned at birth and was adopted by a humanoid demon, Chikou, who made her a sex slave. What makes her strong is her determination to free herself despite being a slave from a very young age.

To escape Chikou’s illicit desires, she pours acid on her body leaving her left side unaffected. Filled with anger, Chikou tortures her with strong shackles. She runs away and replaces her right side with metal and machinery. She disguises herself as a man and becomes a cold-blooded killer.

Mukuro’s power emerges from her current state of mind. Her brutality and ruthlessness as a leader can strike fear in a countless number of opponents. She is, indeed, regarded as the most powerful character in the anime second only to Raizen.

Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke Urameshi

3. Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke Urameshi is the protagonist of the series and a descendant of Raizen. Initially sown as a street fighter, Yusuke later turns into the selfless protector of the human world. He is a little less powerful than others mentioned in this list. But being a young hero, he posses a great deal of power to weaken the ability of any of the Three Kings.

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Yusuke has superhuman strength. When he was just 14-year-old, he managed to lift a fallen tree and stab Goki, one of his opponents, with it. He is also shown running for continuous 3 to 5 days without feeling even a bit tired afterward.

Being a descendent of Raizen, at some point in the anime, Yusuke appears to have the same power as Raizen. He also has a demon form, in which he is invincible and seemingly becomes the strongest of all. Acquiring all the strength in his teenage years certainly makes him the mightiest of all. Additionally, he is regarded as Raizen’s heir.



2. Raizen

Raizen, often called the Master of War, is the strongest of all The Three Kings. He is more than 3000 years old, yet he has a young and masculine body. His powers are far superior to any of the characters, in fact, he could never find an opponent who could force him to show his true power.

He is filled with very high self-esteem such that no matter the consequences, he would never go back on his words. It is proved when he falls in love with a human woman and for her sake, he vows to never eat a human again. Though he is getting weaker by the days, yet he keeps his promise of not to eat human flesh, even after the death of his lover.

His strength is so extraordinary that when the time of his death arrives, he still holds enough prowess to defeat both Yomi and Mukuro (the other two members of The Three Kings).



1. Genkai

Genkai was the master of Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara, the protagonists of the series. She isn’t on top of the list because of her strength, which might be far lesser than the Three Kings, she ranks first because of her strong determination and pragmatist personality. Unlike the above, she wasn’t driven by the need to prove herself to be different and among the best.

She is unfazed by both humans and demons and treats them in the same manner. She is known for her spiritual powers, which have the potential to heal anyone.
It is because of her intense training that Yusuke turned out to be one of the strongest characters of the series, later.

Besides her extraordinary powers and fighting style, she is known to be a great tactician. A strong warrior becomes stronger because of his master and that’s why Genkai is the most eminent one among all.

Even her training methods can give greater of the greatest warriors a run for their money. She asked Yusuke to balance himself on a needle for half a day (12 hours) only using his finger to improve his concentration level. Her other methods include sleeping on the bed of nails, meditating on burning coals, sleeping with snakes, and getting locked up in a cave alone for 4 weeks.

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