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5 Songs You Should Listen from Kodaline

Irish rock-band, Kodaline

Irish rock-band, Kodaline

Who's Kodaline?

Apparently, Kodaline is not someone's name, although it rhymes with Coraline you should need to understand that it is the weird name band's name in themselves to distinguish them from other bands too. It is a sort of tradition, naming your band something weird and could be easily remembered!

Kodaline is an Irish rock band with folk, indie and alternative influences. When you listen to their album, you will never really consider them as "rock" as you would expect them to be simply because they lean more in the folk/alternative scene. Drums are not too loud, melodies are more mellow and the vocals are not too harsh - that's their characteristic!

When the band first started their musical venture, they weren't known as Kodaline, instead they are called 21 Demands! As 21 Demands they garnered chart success in the Irish Singles Chart with their debut song entitled Give Me a Minute hit the top spot! The song became the first independently-released song to reach the summit which is fairly an impressive feat considering the song did not receive any support from major music labels/companies.

Pretty soon, the band recorded a lot of music and eventually made their debut album. In A Perfect World topped the Irish Albums Chart upon its release and charted in a handful of countries too including Australia, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Read the 5 songs I recommend below if you think you are interested in listening to their music!

The Fault in Our Stars, to which the song is beautifully featured

The Fault in Our Stars, to which the song is beautifully featured

1. All I Want

Perhaps regarded as the band's best song from some of the listeners, it certainly captures you the first time you hear it. The soft flowing of the words from the carefully constructed verses will left you stunned and emotional throughout the process. The overall tone might be sad or tedious, but it served its purpose, the melody will you hit your heart in a way you never expected and before you know it, you will breaking into pieces. Pieces that will left scattered in the floor, and you wouldn't even mind because you will let the music flow through the veins of your soul and you will stay in that void for a space of time that you might even forget you are living.

The best line from the song is the opening line of the chorus, If you loved me then why'd you leave me? and that even sounds heavy with the witty beat of the production.

The first thought I heard this? Damn Kodaline, this is a masterpiece, this will truly stand the test of time! 10 years from now people who loved this on their first listen will still listen to this over and over again! This is a classic in the making!

The song was featured in the popular movie The Fault in Our Stars and was included in its soundtrack. That is how I discovered their music, and probably thousands did the same too - to look and listen for more because one song is just never enough!

If you haven't heard this yet and you just happened to stumble in this hub, then don't worry, it will be worth it. Put your earphones in your earlobes and then click the play button in the YouTube video below and immerse yourself in this beautiful tune!

Watch the music video for All I Want

The official cover for Kodaline's Brand New Day

The official cover for Kodaline's Brand New Day

2. Brand New Day

The melancholy in this song is too much for me to handle. For personal reasons, I could really connect to this song. See, if you will read the lyrics later (if of course you want to check out their stuff) you will see how such an upbeat song this is but the lyrics of waiting for someone until he/she is ready!

The clamoring use of guitars and soft drum beats provide the song an atmospheric surrounding. I genuinely think this song is perfect for the outdoor activities. You might want to have your earphones around you and you'll never get tired listening to this song while walking alone in the road sideways or crossing a river or walking alone in the woods during a sunny day.

So let's try to see the lyrics: I wanna travel the world, but I just can't do it alone. So I am just waiting for fate to come. I’ll be flicking stones at your window, I’ll be waiting outside 'til you’re ready to go. Won’t you come down? Come away with me Just think of all the places we could be I’ll be waiting, waiting on a brand new day.

See how it's a dramatic turn of events? The first time I heard this without listening to the lyrics I thought this was all about being carefree and stop thinking your problems for a while, turned out I was badly incorrect!

Check the song below and judge for yourself!

Watch the song's music video

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The official single cover for High Hopes

The official single cover for High Hopes

3. High Hopes

Featured in the official trailer for the film Love, Rosie that will be shown in the theaters this coming October, High Hopes remains a constant fan favorite from the album. You will immediately fall in love in this dramatic song with nothing but a few drum beats in the chorus and a piano accompaniment in the opening verses!

This song was also the first single that Kodaline released after changing their band name from 21 Demands and luckily enough, the song managed to hit #1 in the Irish Singles Chart too. It also charted high in bigger markets such as United Kingdom and Australia and became the band's first breakthrough hit internationally.

Prior to the huge exposure of the band from the Fault movie, a friend of mine actually heard the tune already and it seems like it has been receiving a good word-of-mouth here in our country which is uncommon for a band that just started!

Watch the music video for High Hopes

A piece of lyrics from Kodaline's Big Bad World

A piece of lyrics from Kodaline's Big Bad World

4. Big Bad World

With the soft and gentle infusion of guitars, synths and drums, Big Bad World is certainly one of Kodaline's perfectly crafted tunes! Add to this amazing feat is the sensible lyrics that could be easily understood for casual listeners.

When I bought their debut album, this is the first song (aside from All I Want) that really captured my emotions, my thoughts and my world. The words are so clear and the thought is really there and instead of not listening through the lyrics, it seems like the lyrics made its way through my head and this became an instant favorite of mine. The next thing I knew is that I have been listening to this song over and over again till I put myself into sleep that evening!

Maybe this will what happen to you too if you just open your ears and let Kodaline's music pave a way through your thoughts! I am not going to tell you much about the lyrics, you need to find them yourselves!

Watch Kodaline perform Big Bad World in their Mahogany Sessions

A single cover of Talk taken from Vevo

A single cover of Talk taken from Vevo

5. Talk

My personal favorite from the album! The soft finger-clicking and the healing sound of piano merged with the vibrant and rich voice of the band's vocalist made this song a special one for me. And I am quite sure you will exactly feel the same. The icing in the cake though, is the very sad lyrics of the song - something that I could really use right now because this is what I am currently feeling. People telling me promises only to let me down in the process. The song has really helped me a lot and enable me not to trust a lot because that would only let me down in the end! Talk is something that will really speak into yourself, either for a friend, from your lover or your family.

After such a soft entrance, the song immediately build up until the final chorus, the voice is a lot more stronger and the overall sound is a lot more louder! If you have just 5 minutes in your time, I suggest you listen to this one!

Watch an amazing edit of the song right here

After listening to some of their songs

3 More Songs You Might Find Interesting

If you had listen to all the songs above and you still can't get enough, I have 3 more listed for you:

Way Back When - an alternative song with country music elements!

Latch - an acoustic cover of the popular Sam Smith song

All Comes Down - if you loved the somber and sad tone of All I Want and High Hopes, then you need to check this one!

If you love alternative music, check this hub:

A Good News for the Fans!

Album 2, Let's go!

Album 2, Let's go!

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