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5 Scenes That Were Cut From Zack Snyder’s 8 Hour Justice League

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Only 15 hours long.

Only 15 hours long.

MPAA Rating


Running Time

480 minutes


Zack Synder


Zack Synder & Chris Terrio

Judging by the passionate response from many of you who’ve seen the long awaited, eagerly anticipated, toxic fandom m*sturbated Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League, it took long enough to finally make it to theaters…at home.

Whether you hated or loved it, most if not all who saw it over the weekend agree that The Snyder Cut (that’s what we’ll be calling it from now on) is really f*cking long.

But did you know that the original Snyder cut of the Snyder cut was 15 hours long?

Zack Snyder spent most of 2018 trimming it down from 15 hours to 10 hours.

He spent most of 2019 adding 7 more hours to it so it became 17 hours.

Zack Snyder thought he was done. The fabled Snyder Cut would be 17 hours long and be rereleased in theaters in March of 2020.

Then the pandemic hit.

Then a 9-hour work print was lost. Rumor has it that it wasn’t really lost. Amidst the beginning of the pandemic, there’s a pervading theory that an AD, down on his/her luck, sold 9 hours of the movie for a roll of toilet paper.

Whether that’s true or not we’ll never know. Someone’s either enjoying those 9 hours or they’re lost, never to be seen again until HBO Max somehow unearths it and we’re doing this all over again.

Zack Snyder was left with an 8 hour movie. He was upset, but he understood the need for toilet paper.

Excellent question and I’m glad you asked.

These 5 scenes represent the 4 hours that were cut from the first Zack Snyder cut. The cut that many of you saw, represents the second final cut. Do you understand?

A lot of you saw it over the weekend. Don’t ask me how I got these other scenes because I’m not going to tell you.

They represent the 4 hours that you missed, but thanks to this article are not lost forever.

Whoever it was that sold the other super important 9 hours of Justice League, I hope it was worth the toilet paper.

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Scene 1- Aquaman and Wonder Woman Sit on Some Stairs And Talk.

Why the fork is this movie 8 hours long?

Why the fork is this movie 8 hours long?

Characters in the SceneWhen in the Movie it Takes Place

Aquaman and Wonder Woman

182 Minutes into the movie

As you all know, Aquaman (Jason Momoa) was about to read Jane Austen’s Persuasion when all this stuff happened. Needless to say he wasn’t able to read it because he was too busy trying to save the world. In this scene he talks to Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) about the book. And about life. Deep.

Not for time, as you might expect, but because it’s a just a bunch of dumb talking. Zack Snyder movies don’t do talking (especially after Sucker Punch). They do ‘xploding! Nobody wants to watch a Justice League scene where they talk about a book.

Scene 2- Alfred (Jeremy Irons) Tells Batman (Ben Affleck) Things He Doesn’t Want To Hear About The Girl He’s Been With.

Characters in the SceneWhen in the Movie it Takes Place

Alfred and Batman

Takes place 5 minutes into the movie

The red turtleneck with shirt over it? Devious.

(SPOILERS) You’ve been warned.

This was supposed to be the second scene in the movie. It propels Batman into wanting to help save the world. Not because he felt bad about Superman dying at the end of Batman V Superman but because he was super miffed after he found out he was having an incestuous relationship with his daughter (Gwen Affleck). Oops.

Strictly for time. And in the 8 hour cut 14 different characters are having inappropriate relationships with their daughters. It can get repetitive in an 8 hour movie.

Scene 3-Cyborg (Ray Fisher) Gives Barry Allen (fan beater-upper Ezra Miller) tips on how to fight since he’s never been in one before. Judging from online video

Dreaming. Creaming. Teeming.

Dreaming. Creaming. Teeming.

Characters in the SceneWhen in the Movie it Takes Place

Cyborg and The Flash.

Takes Place 181 Minutes Into the movie.

This scene would have taken place after Barry tells Batman he’s never been in a fight. Then Cyborg gives a few friendly pointers before things got a little heated.

Just cutting out as many Flash scenes as possible so as not to promote violent D-baggery.

Scene 4-Superman (Henry Cavill) comes back to life & Batman (Ben Affleck ) is really happy to see him. They express their excitement to see each other in a song

This suit is made from a moustache.

This suit is made from a moustache.

Characters in the SceneWhen in the Movie it Takes Place

Superman and Batman and background dancers.

Takes place 577 Minutes into the movie.

Superman returns. Batman rejoices. Since Superman died, Batman has been practicing this song because they were going to perform it together at the Gotham/Metropolis Talent Show/Christmas Party. Better late than never.

In this case, WAP stands for Wayne and pal. Meaning Bruce Wayne is expressing his joy because he’s found his best friend for life. In the lost “toilet paper” footage (as it’s now being called) there’s another 45 minutes of Batman and Superman apartment hunting and shopping together.

The scene was cut because Jason Momoa was crying that he wasn’t part of the song.

Scene 5- Before the entire Justice League go off to fight Steppenwolf, they stop off for a bite to eat. Superheroes need sustenance.

Those in the back keep tripping over Batman's cape.

Those in the back keep tripping over Batman's cape.

Characters in the SceneWhen in the Movie it Takes Place

Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, Lois Lane, Alfred. Bryan and Linda

578 Minutes Into The Movie

This was supposed to be team building scene, as the dinner allows the heroes to share their hopes and fears and know they’ve got each other’s back no matter what happens. Even if explosive diarrhea happens.

Because explosive diarrhea takes place in 4 previous scenes. And for time.


There you have it. Key scenes cut from Zack Snyder’s Justice League that keeps the cut you see at home at a lean, breezy 4 hours. Will you miss these 4 hours’ worth of scenes? Maybe, maybe not, but filmmakers need to make choices. We should be glad (I guess) we’re even getting one version of the Snyder Cut. Let’s not get greedy.

They do. I checked.


It's only four hours!!!

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