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5 Reasons Why Bars in Jon Taffer's Bar Rescue Fail

Bar Rescue is an American reality television series that aims to help struggling nightclubs, bars and pubs.

Poor Sanitation


A lot of the bars featured in Bar Rescue are simply filthy. It is either they are not cleaned enough or not cleaned at all.

Aside from the simple lack of cleanliness, there are times the bars become breeding grounds for roaches, rats, fruit flies, bacteria and mold.

The Fort One Bar & Lounge (renamed to The Roc Bar & Nightclub ) is one of the worst offenders with fruit flies in its drinks, mold in its ice storage and dead mice on the premises.The bar was passed on to owner Jason Wanigatunga by his father. Unfortunately, the son has not kept standards and the establishment has fallen of the wagon.

Many of the bars also fail in terms of basic food hygiene. The people working there do not use gloves. They do not wash their hands. They also contaminate cooked food with raw food.

Awful Food


Part of having a successful bar is having good food.

If you do not sell food or have good food, you just become a watering hole.

The food makes the guests stay longer and the longer they stay, the more drinks you can sell.

A lot of the bars featured in the show sell substandard food which are made from prepackaged food items, which are not fresh or which have safety issues.

Many of the owners and employees are maybe hoping the patrons would be too drunk to notice.

A good example of a bar that did not have good kitchen practices was the Dive Bar. They used processed cheese for the nacho sauce. They also did not use gloves in handling food. To top it all off, they rarely changed the oil in the fryer and it was bubbling so violently because of the amount of debris in it.

Jon Taffer's spies get a bitter aftertaste from the food as the oil has been used too many times.

While the food does not have to be Michelin Star quality, the food can at least be fresh and sanitary.

A lot of popular bar food such as french fries, nachos, chicken wings and burger sliders are very simple and easy to make and do not require a lot of skill.

Poor Service


A lot of the bars featured on the show do not provide a good customer experience.

This ranges from not greeting customers to slow service.

Some servers and bar tenders are even rude to customers at times.

Bars are a dime a dozen so excellent service is what will make your bar stand out from the crowd.

A lot of times, the owners are not involved with running the bar. Sure, they hang out and drink at their own establishment, but they do not help out especially when they are short staffed.

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Lack of a Proper System


What differentiates successful global brands from your mom and pop enterprise is a system.

Everything from inventory to customer service to cooking has a methodology.

A lot of bars in Bar Rescue do not have a proper system in place to minimize loss and maximize revenue.

Oftentimes, the bars suffer from slow service and lack of revenue due to the lack of a good system.

Some of Jon Taffer's tricks to make things more efficient is doing several drinks at once and getting the proper bar tools.

Jon also promotes the use of a Point of Sale system so that the food will go to the right table and the customers will get charged for what they order.

Oftentimes, the staff are not able to collect money for the food and drinks they serve so this leads to losses.

Poor Management


A lot of the people who own establishments featured in Bar Rescue do not have adequate management experience.

Many of them have never run a bar or a restaurant in their life.

Also, a lot of the owners in the show seem to lack the motivation to succeed.

They would rather use their establishment as a hangout rather than view it as a proper business.

They also lack the tools to properly train, motivate and discipline their employees.

In several episodes, you can see the staff drinking, misbehaving or stripping.

One of the best examples of this is the episode shot in City Bistro where the bartenders drank on the job and showed their breasts to customers.

The owner, Tiffany Hutchinson, did not do anything to curb this behavior as she just cared about the revenue they would gain these activities.

Many of the owners are also resistant to change.

They went back to their old ways after Jon Taffer made changes to their establishment.

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Troy Taylor from Anywhere on May 25, 2021:

Short answer. Human stubbornness

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