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Top 10 Strongest Basketball Player in Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk was one of the popular anime during my childhood. It is fun to re-watch it because there are a lot of funny scenes of Sakuragi.

10. Kicchou Fukuda

Kicchou Fukuda- is a sophomore Basketball player of Ryonan High School and considered as one of their aces along with Akirah Sendoh. He has an incredible offense power when it comes to scoring. Fukuda's team trusted him that he could get a points with the help of Sendoh as the passer. When it comes to defense, He's weak, it was proven during the Ryonan vs Shohoku team that even Sakuragi can pass him.


9. Ryota Miyagi

Ryota Miyagi- is one of the most turbulent member of the Shohoku Basketball Team along with Sakuragi and Mitsui. He became closed to Sakuragi when he found out that they share the same story when it comes to a girl they like but a little bit different because Sakuragi was rejected 50 times while him was only 10 times.

Ryota Miyagi was known as the "Lightning Flash Ryota" because of his superb speed and skills. He was able to keep up with Kenji Fujima of Shoyo and Shinichi Maki of Kainan. He has a lot of strategies when it comes to stealing the ball from his opponent. Miyagi knows how to do fake tactics and even taught Sakuragi some of his abilities.


8. Kenji Fujima

Kenji Fujima- is the coach and team captain of Shoyo. He's smart and responsible person. During their match with Shohoku team, He was seen sitting on the bench as he needs to observe first and make decisions as Shoyo's coach. When the time his teammates are in pinch, He enters the game and his attitude changes quickly from being calm to an energetic player.

Fujima is considered as one of the best point guards in Kanagawa alongside with Maki of Kainan and Miyagi of Shohoku.


7. Takenori Akagi

Takenori Akagi- is the responsible and strict team captain of Shohoku Basketball team. He is the brother of Haruko Akagi. He has a very serious look and has a huge respect for elders. He appreciates those person who are very dedicated and loves cleanliness as described by Yasuda. As a team captain, He implements discipline towards his teammates especially Sakuragi as he is one of the most troublesome member.

Hanamichi Sakuragi addresses him as "Gori" short for "Gorilla" due to his physical appearance and his strength. He was being regards as the number 1 center in Kanagawa, By playing the position as center and using his height and power, he can score close to the basket. One of his best known trade mark is the "Gorilla Dunk". He is also considered as one of the strongest rebounder and defender.


6. Hanamichi Sakuragi

Hanamichi Sakuragi- is the main male character in this series. He is arrogant, aggressive, rude and immature person as described by team captain Akagi. He always brag himself as Genius even though his friends told him that he's an idiot. He also said that he was the Rebound King because of his superb rebounding skills which is considered as valid by many people. As witnessed by Haruko, Sakuragi excels in Jumping. The height of his jump is incredibly high.

Sakuragi has a habit of giving weird alias to other players. First on his list was Akagi, He calls him a Gorilla or Gori for short because of his physical appearance and power. Uozumi was "Boss Monkey", Kiyota was "Wild Monkey", Maki as "Senior" Fujima as "Mr. Substitute or Bench Warmer", Miyagi as curly and Mitsui as "Bungal" in tagalog dub or in english is "absences of teeth".


5. Hisashi Mitsui

Hisashi Mitsui- The 3 pointer of Shohoku team. He used to be an MVP in Takeishi Junior High in his final year. He was encouraged by Coach Anzai not to give up until the very end and because of it, he was motivated to win the game. As a result, He chose Shohoku High School over Ryonan High because of gratitude to Coach Anzai who gives him hope during the game.

Mitsui's weakness is his lack of stamina due to his 2 years long break from playing basketball. He was not as reliable as he used before just like during the game in Shoyo and Ryonan. He was completely worn out after the first quarter of the game and Kogure has to sub in for him.


4. Soichiro Jin

Soichiro Jin- is the shooting guard of Kainan. He is an efficient and accurate 3 point shooter. He once played in the Center position but due to his weak build and slow movements, Coach Dakato told him that he couldn't play in the Center position. Jin was not discouraged by it, instead he started to work on his shooting skills and became a sharp shooter. He surpass Mitsui when it comes to 3 point shots.

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3. Shinichi Maki

Shinichi Maki- The best player in Kanagawa region. He is the captain of Kainan basketball team. Crowned as the MVP of the district tournament. He mostly played as the point guard of the team but he has an all around skills. He can play at any position. He has an excellent scoring ability that even the Shohoku team needs to guard him with four players.

Sakuragi calls him Senior because he looks older than his true age.


2. Kaede Rukawa

Kaede Rukawa- is the ace player of Shohoku Team. Sakuragi's biggest rival in basketball and Haruko's heart. He is very attractive to girls because of his good looking and very skilled at basketball. He even has a cheering squad that cheers for him whenever they have a game. Rukawa is like a scoring machine once he start playing. It's very rare for him to miss shots. When facing to a strong opponent, He heats up and do his best to keep up with them. He can even do long shots. During their game with Kainan and Ryonan, He tried to shoot the ball in 3 point area and he succeeded.

Rukawa's personality are quiet, cold, insensitive and being tag as selfish player by others. He only thinks and care for basketball nothing else. Coach Taoka offered him scholarship in Ryonan High because according to him, It's rare to have a high school player like him.


1. Akira Sendoh

Akira Sendoh- is one of the top players in Kanagawa. The ace player of Ryonan High. Just like Shinichi Maki, he can play all around position in basketball. According to Coach Taoka (correct me if I'm wrong) Sendoh was a basketball genius. He can play one on one in a game. Ikegami tags him as "Scoring Machine" as he remembers Sendoh's 47 point performance as a rookie. Uozumi believes that Sendoh will be able to surpass Maki. During the match of Ryonan and Kainan, Sendoh led the game and went head on against Maki despite of the abscence of their team captain Uozumi. He can play as a Point Guard and can transform as a great scorer of their team.

Sendoh has the ability to make 3 points like Rukawa.


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Sheedo on May 06, 2020:

Akira sendo is the strongest in kanagawa because coach anzai admitted to rukawa that he that he can't not able to beat sendo what ever he do....but akira sendo he said to rukawa in their childhood he meet eiji sawakita and he said can not be able to beat

Yanna on January 13, 2020:

Sakuragi improves a lot in manga

Min-ho on June 13, 2019:

Did you watch the full anime Yahh Lee Baekinghyun? Most of the highlighted scenes are on Sendoh and Rukawa. I've watched all the movies and Maki is not even highligted

Erza on May 10, 2019:

You forgot Eiji Sawakita

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