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5 Powerful Devil Fruits in One Piece


Devil Fruit Time!!

Here we go again, this time listing five powerful fruits. Each one falls into one of the three categories, Zoan, Paramecia, and Logia. Before we get into this, let me explain the different categories.

  • Zoan: These fruits allow the user to change into different animals.
  • Paramecia: The most popular fruits, these types give the user a power that can affect their body, manipulate the environment, or produce substances.
  • Logia: These fruits change the users body into different elements or substances.

Beware, there may be some spoilers in here, read at your own risk.


5. Ito Ito no Mi

Up first, the Ito Ito no Mi, a Paramecia class fruit. This fruit allows the user to create and manipulate strings, much like a puppet master, and was eaten by Donquixote Doflamingo. This ability was first seen during the Jaya Arc and then several times afterward, but it was never named or explained in any way until the Dressrosa Arc. The user can generate and control white, wafer-thin, razor sharp strings that can attach to seemingly any surface, including clouds, from any part of the users body. However, it is mainly seen coming from the fingertips and palms, and used for diverse purposes, such as controlling a person's movements. Other uses include swiping the strings to cut through body parts and weapons, attaching them to clouds for aerial transportation, creating masses of strings to use as rope, whips, bullets and clones, and creating a humongous cage-like force field or spider web defense.

It is currently unknown if there is a limit to the length and quantity of the strings producible. Doflamingo was also able to use the strings to stitch his internal organs after being heavily injured. The strings also possess enormous durability and tensile strength that extremely few things can cut, tear or damage them, and due to the stings being so thin, it's almost impossible to see them with the unaided eye and avoid their path. If this power is awoken, it allows the consumer to transmute parts of the surrounding area, such as the ground and buildings, into strings. Few downsides to the power, if no clouds are available, user can't travel mid-air, the strings are incapable of cutting sea stone, and if the user falls unconscious, the strings disappear.


4. Ope Ope no Mi

Next up, the Ope Ope no Mi, a Paramecia class fruit. This fruit allows the user to create a spherical shape, or "room", in which the user has complete control over the placement and orientation of the objects inside, and was eaten by Trafalgar Law. This power was first seen during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, but the fruit itself was not named or explained in any way until the Punk Hazard Arc. This is called the "Ultimate Devil Fruit" because of its unique power to grant another person eternal youth in exchange for the current user's life. This fruit is also renowned and coveted for allowing the user to perform miraculous surgeries to cure diseases without known cures, and even circumvent physical disabilities.

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While in the Room, Law is capable of spatial telekinesis, swap-teleportation, and even telepathy. He can dismember people from a distance without harming them, lift, move or displace objects of any size, and switch people's "hearts", which is shown to effectively switch minds. The user can also release spatial energy in the form of high-voltage shocks and create spatial energy blades that can bypass physical flesh, directly destroying internal organs, so long as the Room is active and target is inside. The effects of this power caused by the operations persist, even if the user is rendered unconscious or restrained with seastone. The major weakness of this fruit is that the usage of the abilities depletes the user's stamina, over-usage and exerting to the range limit can even result in shortening the lifespan of the user.


3. Magu Magu no Mi

Time to dip into the Logia class, this is the Magu Magu no Mi. This fruit allows the user to create, control and transform into magma at will, and was eaten by Akainu aka Sakazuki. This power was first shown during the Battle of Marineford. The intense heat radiated from the user can vaporize an iceberg instantly, and boil the seawater that the magma lands in. During a ten day battle, the power was able to completely change the weather of one half of an island into a blazing inferno. Like all Logia, physical attacks will pass right through the user, unless they are touching seastone, caught of guard if not trained to transform by reflex, and being attacked by the fruits elemental weakness. However, no elemental weakness has been revealed for this fruit so far.

Sakazuki's signature method of defense is to transform his fist into magma and expand it with a forward motion, usually in the form of a punch. When it comes to transport, he can move at extremely high speeds by launching himself, similar to a volcano blast, towards a target. Just by forming an attack, the heat coming off his body is enough to melt enemy weapons, and the magma also carries highly explosive properties.


2. Gura Gura no Mi

Back to the Paramecia class, this is the Gura Gura no Mi. This fruit allows the user to create vibrations, or quakes, and was eaten by Whitebeard, but upon his death was stolen by unknown means by Blackbeard. This fruit is very fearsome, said to be able to destroy the world, and is considered the strongest in the Paramecia class, having powers no weaker then a Logia. The major strength granted is the user's ability to generate massive vibrations, or shockwaves, which can travel through virtually any medium, including the ground, seafloor, and even the air. Downside to this power is that it is not only a hazard to enemies, but also to friends, due to the fact that the quakes produced by the shockwaves are indiscriminate in their effects. Due to this, Whitebeard's allies and crewmates had to fight a certain distance away from him, so they did not become victims.


1. Hito Hito no Mi: Model Daibutsu

For the final fruit, we are in the Zoan class, mainly the Mythical Zoan class. This fruit allows the user to turn into a Daibutsu, a giant, gold Buddah statue and was eaten by Sengoku. This is a very impressive fruit, granting the user incredible strength to match the massive size. Unlike some other fruits, this one has only been seen one time, during the Battlle of Marineford, and has no apparent weakness aside from the standard Devil Fruit weakness. Also note, when Sengoku first used his powers, nearby Marines noted that they had never seen him use it before, suggesting that he very rarely transformed.


Jeremy Gill from Louisiana on July 08, 2017:

Nice! Much as I love anime, the only magical fruit I can think of is the Paopu fruit from Kingdom Hearts, said to connect people's lives. Of course, that's a video game, although it encompasses some anime-esque qualities.

Then there's the senzu beans from Dragon Ball Z, but they're technically not a fruit.

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