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5 Peaceful Piano Songs for Overcoming the Crisis of Coronavirus Pandemic

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Peaceful Piano Songs for Overcoming Hard Times

Peaceful Piano Songs for Overcoming Hard Times

In this article, you will get to know the most inspiring and delightful songs that you have never heard before. Dive into the greatness of these musical notes.

5 Peaceful Piano Songs

  • "Tallis One"—Samuel Lindon
  • "Gone"—Gavin Luke
  • "Olancha Farewell"—Harold Budd
  • "The Sorrows Of Young Lacie"—Max Richter
  • "Some Sand"—Ibi

"Tallis One"—Samuel Lindon

Album: Tallis One

Release Year: 2017

Genre: Classical

Samuel Lindon, is a pianist and composer who is not receiving the recognition he deserves for his musical works, one of the most peaceful and beautiful themes that I have heard in recent times has been his song called: "Tallis One" where musical notes will undoubtedly run through your body with a vibration full of peace and tranquility.

"Gone"—Gavin Luke

Album: Breath of Life

Release Year: 2018

Genre: Classical

Gavin Luke is an American artist and musician from Minneapolis, Minnesota. From a very young age he immersed himself in the wonderful world of music. At the age of 7 he began taking lessons for piano lessons, following in the footsteps of his family. Something genetic could be said. Gavin, although he is not a well-known pianist, has more than 25 million plays on Spotify. This artist has practically from the cradle been practicing to show his admirable talent to the world.

"Olancha Farewell"—Harold Budd

Album: Lovely Thunder

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Release Year: 1986

Genre: Classical

Unlike the last two great musicians on my list; Mr. Budd is a pianist who has spent much more years in the world of music. The genre ambient in this song, is one of the most spectacular and elusive sounds we have ever heard. In this particular song, we can enjoy atmospheric and delicate harmonies. The artist shows us that he was ahead of the time. It could be said that he is one of the few visionaries of today's new minimalist era.

"The Sorrows Of Young Lacie"—Max Richter

Album: Black Mirror - Nosedive (Music From The Original TV Series)

Release Year: 2016

Genre: Classical, New-Age

Max Richter, is a German pianist and composer. This fabulous producer is one of the geniuses of contemporary minimalist music of nowadays. His songs have been used for the big screen, such as the song below that was used for the series: Black Mirror. However this artist has also collaborated on other series such as The Leftover and worked as composers on filmographies such as: "Arrival", "Mary Queen of Scots" and "Ad Astra".

"Some Sand"—Ibi

Album: Some Sand

Release Year: 2018

Genre: Alternative / Independent

Ibi, is a little-known pianist and deserves more recognition, since he has more than 23 million views in his compositions uploaded on YouTube. It has been active since 2011 and they constantly continue to create extraordinary pieces for our ears. I chose this particular song for its simplicity and feeling.

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