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5 Non-American Movies Everyone Should Watch - One From Each Continent

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Too many choices!

We are in the era of streaming platform-such as Netflix,Hulu,PrimeVideo,Disney +, and every month a new platform emerge. Diversity its always a good thing, but quantity not always its. The amount of movies one can watch in any of those platform its enough for months,even years. But lets be honest, not everything you found in those platform its worth watching, so its important to know what to watch. American movies are great, mind you, but they aren’t the only one. So I would like to recommend you this movies, all from different continents, that I think must be watch at least once by everyone. And I also recommend watching this movies in their original languages,(mind you, I would recommend watching ALL movies like this)because you can appreciate the work of the actors better this ways. So,lets start from the continent I live,Europe.

Poster of the movie

Poster of the movie

1. La Haine (M.KASSOVITZ-1995) EUROPE

La Haine is a french movie written and directed by Mathieu Kassovitz in 1995. The story talk about three friends,Vinz,Hubert and Said(Vincent Cassel,Hubert Koundé,Saïd Taghmaoui) and their struggle to live in the banlieues(a suburb) of Paris. In Europe have worked most of the greatest directors of all time, and there are thousand of films that should be watched. So why The Haine? Simple, because of its relevance in the modern times. This movies has 23 years, but its a story that could have been written yesterday and it would have been as relevant as then. The struggle to survive in a poor place, the racial conflict, the riot with the police…all things we continue to see and live everyday. All narrated with brutal honesty for a movie thats as all the rights to be a cult for the ages.

Poster of the movie(italian version)

Poster of the movie(italian version)

2. Rashōmon (a. Kurosawa-1950) Asia

Rashōmon is a japanese movie directed by Akira Kurosawa in 1950. The story talk about three man, a priest, a woodcutter and a commoner, that seek repair from the rain under a city gate. There, the woodcutter begin to tell the two man the story of a murder he claim to have witness, but the priest has another version of the same story. As it was for Europe, even in the asian continent there are thousand of masterpiece that should be seen, but for me Rashomon was the easiest choice. Akira Kurosawa is one of the best director of all time, and this movie its one of his masterpiece-at the same level of The Seven Samurai. The complexity of the story is narrated perfectly in the movie, and all the character are written to perfection. All the diffent point of views are plausible, each story could easily be the true story. But what its the truth? Its all relative. I don’t want to spoil anything, because its a movie that should be seen by all.

Poster of the movie

Poster of the movie


City of God is a brazilian movie co-directed by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund in 2002. The story talk about the growth of organized crime in the Cidade de Deus suburb of Rio de Janeiro, between the end of 1960s and the beginning of the 1980s. For the non-american movie(not made in the USA), I have chosen this brazilian movie, a cult for almost everyone. This movie has a lot in common with La Haine: both talk about the struggle to survive in places filled with poverty, the fights with the police, and the difficulty of remaining honest in place like those. We follow the life of the protagonists from when they are no more than 10 to their adult life, their struggle, their success, their demise. Not an happy movie, but a realistic movie, to educate ourself to what its like living in those places.

Poster of the movie

Poster of the movie

4. Mary and Max(A.ELLIOT-2009) OCEANIA

Mary and Max is an Australian movie written and directed by Adam Elliot in 2009. The story talk about Mary and Max, two perfect strangers who begin an unlikely friendship by pure chance, and how their life begins to change thanks to that. For the Oceania continent I choose this stop motion animated comedy-drama,even though there were films like Mad Max. So why I preferred this movie to those blockbusters movies? Because more than often animated movies don’t get the respect they deserve, only considered as childish movies. Nothing more wrong: animation has proven himself since the beginning of its invention capable of narrating all kind of genres,from the comedy to the horror, perfect for all the ages. Mary and Max its the story of a friendship, a real one, a sincere one, a difficult one. Everyone can see themselves in this characters, as they are as real as a human could be.

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Poster of the movie

Poster of the movie

5. Hotel Rwanda (T.GEORGE-2004) AFRICA

Hotel Rwanda is a South Africa movie,in collaboration with USA,UK and Italy. Directed by Terry Georfe in 2004, the movie talk about the real story of Paul Rusesabagina, an hotel manager at the Hôtel des Mille Collines, during the civil war between the Tutsi and the Hutu in 1994. I have something to admit: I know very little of african movies. I have watched only a bunch of them, so I don’t have much knowledge about them. But I think this movie would have been my recommendation even if I watched hundred more african movie. Why? Because its touching, its hard,its real, and its relevant now as it was then. War its the most horrible thing that can happen to anyone, but a civil war its even worse. How can you fight against someone you were friend with merely hours prior? During the Rwandan genocide, the actions and bravery of Paul saved thousand of lives, while risking its own. Its a story that should be know by everyone, and I hope that with this recommendation the ones who hasn’t seen this movie yet will watch it.

... and Antartica?

I’m afraid I don’t know any movies made there, so I’m afraid I cannot recommend anything. But please, if you know of some movies from Antartctica I should watch, be so kind to leave a comment.

Tell me YOUR movie recommendation

The list ends here. I hope this movies recommendation are to your liking-there are tons more movies that could be recommended for each of those continent, but I think that this movies are a good starting point.

Thank you all for reading, hope to see you all soon.

© 2020 Lucio Pellegrino


Arun28 on September 10, 2020:

You must check out the Norwegian film Oslo, August 31st and French film, Ponette. Great Movies. You may want to read my review of Oslo.

Carlos Henrique from Caracas on July 08, 2020:

For those people who like Kurosawa´s movies, they have to see High and Low, great thriller. Tengoku to Jigoku it's the original title.

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