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5 Musical Films I Reccomend

Camillia has BA in University Studies with a minor in English. Has enjoyed writing reviews since her sci fi/fantasy class in high school.

For Sad Days: Singing in the Rain (1952)


With singing, love, and dancing, Singing in The Rain provides a fun and endearing musical experience. The main premise of the film is about a silent actor, Don Lockwood, played by Gene Kelly having to start talking in movies. He is thrown into this new world where he has to take voice lessons and talk into a microphone on set. It is silly when the main actress, Lina Lamont, who has a high pitch voice, starts having to talk in the movies. This leads to the upcoming film starring Lina and Don being a complete disaster. This leads Don and his friend to come up with a plan to save the film and the movie studio. The film has quirky and endearing music sequences with Debbie Reynold's starring an aspiring actress and Gene Kelly's dancing and singing abilities. The film is pretty family friendly and overall is a good musical. Singing in the Rain is likely to raise your spirits if you are sad because of its positive messaging and uplifting music.

For lazy days: The Sound of Music(1965)


If you are able to spend time watching a good film, The Sound of Music checks all the boxes. With tons of great actors and amazing songs, the movie is over a 2-hour film. The overall plot of the flim is about a woman named Maria, who is about to take her vows as nun. It is possible that Maria is not suited for the nun lifestyle and the nuns send her to be a governess for the Von Trapp family. Maria meets Captain Georg Von Trapp who treats his kids like they are on Navy ship. Then the story really starts off from that point. This film is pretty well-made regarding cinematography, singing, acting, and story. If you are not into long movies or musicals, this would be a hard pass. But if you enjoy a good story with some positive musical numbers, this is a good movie to watch.

For when you want a good cry: West Side Story(1961)


West Side Story has a lot to offer with it's drama and romance. It is based on the play Romeo and Juliet but is a modern version. It is about star crossed lovers who are part opposing gangs in New York City. The musical numbers are a fun watch but as it inches closer to the final act, it gets more serious for all involved. Recently, West Side Story was remade in 2021 but there is something special about the original version. This musical is recommended for those who want a good cry for both the loss of life and love.

For when you want inspiration: The Greatest Showman(2017)

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The Greatest Showman is based on a guy who takes advantage of people with disabilities and deformities. You cannot deny the musical numbers are upbeat and fun which contradicts this ugly realization of its orgins. This movie is supposedly about acceptance of those who are different but in reality, it is about a man profiting off of people's disabilities. If you can look over this fact, The Greatest Showman is a good musical with a lot of heart. The music in this film is pretty enjoyable and the cast is quite good including Zenadaya, Zach Efron, and Hugh Jackman. It is difficult to not enjoy Jackman's acting and singing because is very talented and has played in other musicals like Les Misérables. If you think the story as fiction rather than fact, it is more inspirational than disheartening. The music is enjoyable and the characters are dynamic.

For when you want to experience a Broadway performance: Hamilton(2020)


If you want a Broadway performance, Hamilton is a good recommendation because it is filmed on the stage. Hamilton has been praised for its acting, singing, and musical numbers. It is about the life of Hamilton and the story of America. The score has been praised for its blend of show tunes, jazz, hip-hop, and R&B. People really enjoy the story and the music of Hamilton and this is shown with its highly rated IMDB score. Hamilton is recommended for those starting out watching musicals because of the diverse music and interesting story.

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