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4 Lesser-Known Kaiju That Need a Comeback

Wanderin Jim is reader of comics, novels, a player of many video games and a watcher of many shows and he has some opinions to share.

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When someone brings up giant monsters into any conversation most people are going ether Godzilla or King Kong and a select few may bring up Ultraman and fewer still Gamera. However there have been plenty of giant monsters or "kaiju" throughout the years and some of them are actually really good. I want tp try and point out some of these giant terrors if nothing else but to peak up interests in these lesser-known monsters. How knows, perhaps one of these guys will come back one day but probably not. Anyway, sit back have a drink and lets see what monsters deserve a dynamic comeback.



Gorgo is a 1961 science fiction giant monster film directed by Eugène Lourié and an international co-production of the United Kingdom, the United States and Ireland. The story is about a ship’s captain and his pearl diving crew who, with other fishermen on an island and an orphaned boy, discover and capture a gigantic amphibious sea creature and take it to London for public exhibition. This results in the creature's much larger mother invading London in search of her offspring, causing catastrophic destruction across the city.

Honestly this is a really good movie, Gorgo has a unique design, good destruction and a good message about respecting nature or at least parents anyway. With modern technology Gorgo would look better than ever and it would be nice to see her come back in something new.



Yongary, Monster from the Deep (Korean: 대괴수 용가리; Hanja: 大怪獸 용가리; RR: Daekoesu Yonggari, lit. 'The Great Monster Yonggary') is a 1967 kaiju film featuring Yongary, directed by Kim Ki-duk, with special effects by Kenichi Nakagawa. The film was a South Korean-Japanese co-production between Keukdong Entertainment Company and Toei Company. The film stars Oh Yeong-il, Kwang Ho Lee, Nam Jeong-im, with Cho Kyoung-min as Yongary. In the film, a giant reptilian monster lays waste to Seoul after being awakened by an earthquake triggered by a nuclear bomb test.

The 67 original would later get a reimagining in 1999, it didn't perform well. However, I think Yongary has the potential to be something bigger if it were allowed a much bigger budget, the concept of a monster consuming like gasoline and oil is very interesting idea and would make him a great threat to our way of life even if he's not targeting us. Yongary needs to comeback with a gas guzzling vengeance.

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Pulgasari (Korean: 불가사리; RR: Bulgasari) is a 1985 North Korean dark fantasy-action kaiju film directed by Shin Sang-ok and Chong Gon Jo. It stars Chang Son Hui and Pak Sung Ho and features special effects by Duk Ho Kim, supervised by Teruyoshi Nakano. The film centers around the legend of the Bulgasari and is based on a lost 1962 film from South Korea of the same name.

Director Shin had been kidnapped in 1978 by North Korean intelligence on the orders of Kim Jong-il, son of the then-ruling Kim Il-sung and was coerced into making several films as a director, with Pulgasari being his final before he and his wife, actress Choi Eun-hee, escaped to the United States.

This movie has a dark history behind it and that's unfortunate, the concept and legend of Bulgasari is definitely something to take not of. Much like the previous Korean monster Yongary, Bulgasari is a monster that consumes some our natural resources, in his case Iron. Pulgasari or Bulgasari deserves a better mark in cinema history and again would be a very interesting foe.



Gappa (Japanese: 大巨獣ガッパ, Hepburn: Daikyojū Gappa, lit. 'Giant Beast Gappa') is a 1967 Japanese kaiju film directed by Haruyasu Noguchi. The film is about a group of Japanese reporters who discover an infant monster called a Gappa on Obelisk Island. The reporters cage the creature and take it to Japan where it becomes a media attraction. This action angers the natives of the island and Gappa's full-grown parents, who head toward Japan to find their child. Its plot virtually duplicates that of the 1961 British film Gorgo.

Gappa might duplicate Gorgo a little too much but honestly other monsters duplicate Godzilla or King Kong? Gappa may not have a new concept, but it does have a very awesome design, and with there being more than one (there was three) in the movie they already stand out from many other kaiju throughout history that aren't meant swarms. If Gappa would come back, I would watch the movie.

All these kaiju started as a means of riding on Godzilla's popularity but i feel each of them offer a very different twist and experience from the monster king, I feel that they all deserve a return in some form or other although the chances of it seem unlikely. But what do you guys think? are you interested enough in these kaiju to see the original movies and if you already have would you like to see them make a comeback, please let me know in the comment section below. I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.

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