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5 K-Drama OST's You Will Love

The world of kdrama introduced me to a whole new dimension of undiscovered comedy, romance and fantasy.

1. Timeless - Bibi (Beyond Evil)


Beyond Evil was the year's best psychological suspense thriller involving around serial murders and it's investigation. The epic deliverance of the drama and its storytelling had us all swoon. However, it's not just the actor's and directors who deserve all the praise. Some amazing music in the background intensified the emotions being delivered through the screen. Timeless by Bibi added an unexplainable sadness and desperation to the drama.

2. Stay With Me- Chanyeol & Punch (Goblin)


This masterpiece by Chanyeol and Punch will always top the list of most popular OST's. Goblin was a wonder in itself and if that wasn't enough, we got this as a bonus. The song oozes longing and love.

3. Somewhere- o3ohn (The Guest)


For those of you who have watched the kdrama, The Guest, it needn't be explained. If the drama wasn't heartbreaking, tragic and sad for you, here's a song to make you feel every bit of the said emotions. o3ohn has other amazing songs like Milkyway between us from WWW.

4. Good Night- Jeong Sewoon (Touch Your Heart)

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Touch your heart was the answer to our desperate prayers to see the story we were deprived of in Goblin. And it absolutely lived up to our expectations. Making it worthwhile is also the OST, Good Night with a feel good vibe. Listen it to replenish your heart with love.

5. When Love Passes by- Ji Chang Wook (Melting Me Softly)


There is not one kdrama fan unfamiliar with the charms of Ji Chang Wook. Melting Me Softly is one among the all the works of Ji Chang Wook as the main lead. This song had also been rendered by IU. The feel of this in Ji Chang Wook's voice soothes the soul. This will keep replaying in your head for a long time.

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