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5 Films in Which Godzilla and Kong Are the Best of Friends.

This Movie Review is the Brain Child of so many different personalities!!!


To be fair, I am only allowed a certain number of words for the title, but the real title of this article is 5 Films In Which Godzilla and Kong Are The Best of Friends And Are So Much More Than That Because They’re Go Through Thick and Thin and Throughout It All They Know They Can Depend On Each Other, Even That Time One Of Them Had Testicular Cancer.

But I guess the edited title will have to do.

Wrong. It was Godzilla.

I’m having a very emotional time writing this because going back to these movies when Kong and Godzilla were the BFFs brings a tear to my eye. To see them fight in the upcoming Godzilla V Kong (out March 31 in theaters and in not theaters) makes me wistful for what was and possibly will never be…

That’s because I am pretty sad. These movies represent an era never to be seen again.

It’ll take a miracle of Godzilla-sized proportions for them to be friends again. But I hope it can happen. For Karen’s sake.

*starts crying*

1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Alternate title- Rain Man.

Alternate title- Rain Man.

King Kong Played

Andy Dufresne

Godzilla Played

Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding

It’s hailed as one of the greatest movies of all time. It’s played on TNT in constant rotation. It makes people want to go to prison just to see what kind of friendships might form there. A lot of the love people have for the movie can be attributed to the undeniable chemistry between Godzilla and Kong in the lead roles.

It’s rumored writer/director Frank Darabont ruined takes because he would cry while Godzilla and Kong were acting (it’s in the audio commentary). It’s during this movie that offscreen, Godzilla and Kong cemented their friendship. On their days off they would find a random town and destroy it. Kong would always want to take home a white girl, but Godzilla told him, “You’re not supposed to take home white girls. Bad stuff happened that one time.”

There were no white girls, but there was a white hot friendship that was born from the grey walls of that prison. Get busy living or get busy dying to watch The Shawshank Redemption again. That’s God(zilla) dang right.

2. Bandidas (2006)

Morgan Freeman is not in this picture.

Morgan Freeman is not in this picture.

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Godzilla Played

Maria Alvarez

King Kong Played

Sara Sandoval

This time, Godzilla and Kong head out the old west to play bank robbers in order to save their town from a ruthless dictator. This marks the first time onscreen that both Kong and Godzilla wore cowboy hats.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that whenever Godzilla rides a horse it’s elaborate CGI. Why? Not only because Godzilla had no experience horseback riding, but every time they brought a horse to Godzilla he would eat it. They went through 4 horses before Sam Shepard suggested they just use special effects. Kong, however, had been riding horses ever since Skull Island.

Fun Fact: The scene where Steve Zahn is lying naked in the bed took three days to shoot because Kong ate most of Zahn’s torso. His bottom half is completely CGI as well.

3. White Men Can’t Jump (1992)

The shirt makes it look like he can't jump. But he'll show them.

The shirt makes it look like he can't jump. But he'll show them.

Godzilla Played

Billy Hoyle

King Kong Played

Sidney Deane

Godzilla and Kong’s first movie together. Kong was a natural basketball player---

No, because Kong was All Skull Island in the Skull Island intramural league when he was younger. Godzilla had issues playing basketball---

No, because he’s got tiny little arms and it made it exceedingly difficult to shoot a basketball with his mini-digits. Godzilla would get so frustrated that he would find the nearest horse and just eat it.

For ambience.

4. WAP (2020)

Williams and Peters.

Williams and Peters.

Godzilla Played

Meagan Thee Stallion

King Kong Played

Cardi B

Godzilla and Kong tried their hand at rap music while providing handy cooking tips (involving macaroni and pots) and waxing philosophical about drenched kitties.

We are pals.

Unfortunately, this was the last time Godzilla and Kong worked together as friends. We’ll never know if it was this video specifically that splintered their relationship so much that they had to have a tentpole film to settle their differences. But we’ll always be able to park that big mac truck right into this little garage.

5. Another Round (2020)

"Intoxicating" seems an odd blurb about a movie involving drinking a lot.

"Intoxicating" seems an odd blurb about a movie involving drinking a lot.

King Kong Played


Godzilla Played


In Thomas Vinterberg’s Oscar nominated Danish dramedy, King Kong plays Martin, a teacher who’s lost his lease on life. Godzilla plays his teacher friend Tommy. 4 teachers make a pact to drink during school hours as an experiment. Needless to say drunk hijinks ensues. It’s one of King Kong’s liveliest performances in years and more than a couple of people are saying he got robbed of an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. I tend to agree as I honestly believe it was anti-ape prejudice.

While filming, Godzilla requested he drink fake alcohol because of his history with drinking.

He decimated Japan after one shot too many.

We wish Godzilla and Kong would be friends for another round.


There you have it. 5 films to prime you before you see Godzilla V Kong. Even if the movie ends badly for one of them, we’ll always have these films to remember more contented times even though a lot of horses were eaten and a lot of buildings were stepped on.



Noel Penaflor (author) from California on March 27, 2021:

True. In my life, I've seen 3 or 4 white men jump.

Sam Shepards from Europe on March 27, 2021:

White Men Can’t Jump, so racist;

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