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5 Fantastic Isekai Anime

LJ Milan is an anime fan from 2005, and he never shuts up about them.

If you're looking for a good isekai anime with the overpowered main character, don't worry. I got you covered. This list will help you with that.

Isekai genre is really popular in Japan. You only have to look at their light novels to come to that conclusion. I mean almost every third is isekai genre. But some classic anime have paved the way for the resurgence of the genre, like .hack series, Log Horizon, and of course much newer SOA series.

On this list you won't find my three all-time favorites, Overlord, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, and Saga of Tanya The Evil. Simply because I already wrote about them to great detail. And plus it could be a bit boring if I only talk about them.

When I started watching this genre I didn't even know that it was a separate genre. Silly old me thought that it falls under a fantasy. Now I just can't live without a good isekai anime. And if the hero is overpowered, it's even better. There is something immensely appealing in overpowered character. Most of all the deliciousness of him/her smite his enemies.

If you're like me and love these kinds of stories, I prepared this list for your viewing pleasure.

1. Arifureta: From Commonplace To World's Strongest


This anime follows a 15-year-old boy Nagumo Hajime. Along with his entire class, he is transported to a fantasy land. But in a twist of fate, he's as common there as he was in Japan. So, he is dubbed useless. During a training exercise in a dungeon full of monsters, he's betrayed and pushed into its depths. Where human foot has never been.

This anime has a different story than generic isekai. Our hero is just a regular old Joe. With all of his classmates being overpowered he is the weakest of the bunch. I love this anime just because he has to work hard to become strong, or as Japanese call it bakemono. His arc is amazing, from a good-hearted boy to a hardened warrior, who only cares for himself, and his companions. He doesn't even care about his classmates

The hardships he endured are immeasurable to his fallow students. His road is vastly different than theirs. And that road changed him, for the worse or the better? You will have to decide on your own.

I will say this, though, this anime certainly deserves to make your watching list.

2. The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me


Shingo Ichinomiya is just an ordinary, single, salaryman. Until one day he falls asleep and finds himself in unknown fantasy land. His family is a poor noble family and as the 8th son, his future looks bleak at best.

That is until he finds out he has an aptitude for magic. He's trained by a world known mage. After which he joins the Adventurers Academy, hoping for a thrilling life far away from anything noble. But, life doesn't think so. I mean, does it ever?

This anime is such a treat, it's one entertaining thrill ride after another. Sure, you will see plot twists coming from a mile. But this anime is pure fun to watch. It will have you laughing out loud. Don't miss it.

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3. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord


Sakamoto Takuma is a shut in, and gamer to a booth, who gets transported to fantasy land, as his game character, Demon Lord Diablo. He is summoned there by two girls, pantherian Rem, and elf Shera. They were trying to enslave him, but instead got enslaved by him. If only karma would work that fast in this life.

This anime is spectacular, it will have you glued to your screen until you come to the final episode. The thing I like most about this one is our hero's talk with himself. As a shut-in, he's not used to daily interactions of a human species. So, he has to practice it. Which is just priceless.

It also should be noted, that it's best to watch this anime alone, far away from prying eyes. Because it's full-on ecchi.

4. Wise Man's Grandchild


A salaryman died and got reincarnated in fantasy land, again. But, if you thought it's all roses and peaches, think again. His family gets attacked by a demon, killing all but him. He was found and saved by a hero 'Sage' Merlin. Yeah, I know.

After his family's demise, he's adopted by Merlin and was thought magic. His talent in it was far greater than his new grandfather's. To the point, it amazes even the great Sage. Unfortunately for him, his grandfather didn't thought him common sense.

This anime is more entertaining than anything else. If you expect some complex story and the overcomplicated world don't. At least we are not privy to it, yet. But it really is worth the watch. It takes an interesting road. Yes, our hero is seriously overpowered, but he has no jack click clue about the real-world or life in general. That is the focal and the fun point of the show.

5. Demon Lord, Retry!


Ono Akira started to shut down the servers of his MMORPG Infinity Game, when he finds himself in a body of his character. In an unknown world. There he meets a girl who is being attacked by a demon.

He successfully defends her, with one attack, I might add. After befriending her, he takes her with him. On his quest to find why he was brought to this world. Also, on his quest to get rich. When needed he summons other characters, his minions, from his game to this world.

This anime has it all, discrimination, socioeconomic problems, Holy Kingdom and Satanists, that are in constant combat. Three beautiful warriors dubbed saints. Who are more than a little perverted. And who are all in love with him. Well, most of them. This anime is immensely entertaining, and certainly worth your time.


And that was my list. It's worth noting that all the above-mentioned anime are adaptations of light novels. I mean, what isn't these days?

Of course, they are not on the same level as my three favorites mentioned in the beginning. They are level or two below them, but still, they are plenty of fun. Anyways, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Authors note: It occurs to me that it's about time I explain my rating method. Just for future references. So, here it goes:

5 - awesome

4 - fantastic

3 - good

2 - meh

1 - utterly bad

Hope this helped and makes things easier.

© 2020 LJ Milan

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