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5 Classic Halloween Specials You Must See

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Halloween is full of candy, ghosts, and of course, Halloween specials.

Halloween is full of candy, ghosts, and of course, Halloween specials.

1. Halloween With the Addams Family

Addams Family is an all-time classic series that you cannot overlook. Having produced a total of 64 episodes, this series is one of the many classics that has rightly earned its enormous popularity over decades. The show was so tremendously popular at its time that even today, it manages to engage many viewers thanks to being remade and remastered in many forms.

Halloween With the Addams Family delivers pure gold of entertainment and fun. This highly odd-looking family regales us with laughter as they decide to be very friendly towards the arriving "trick-or-treaters" on Halloween night. Little did the Addams family know about the unknown visitors, who had one or two things they would have rather hide from the family – for example, a bag full of money.

Aired on October 30, 1964, and being the seventh episode of this first season, this classic just needs to be viewed during the Halloween season. It's not super scary, but it's hilarious, and that's why I gladly get back to it during the Halloween season.

2. Garfield's Halloween Adventure

Was this the very best cartoon Halloween special ever made? I do think so. After all, Garfield does not need any introduction, does he?

This lazy, orange-colored cat has entertained kids and adults for a long time. Garfield made a debut on screen as a cartoon character in a one-hour special called The Fantastic Funnies.

But Garfield is most known for the Garfield and Friends series launched in 1988. Late on, Garfield would even make it to the movie scene with two big movies made. These were released back in 2004 and 2006. The young audience knows him most from The Garfield Show featured on Cartoon Network.

Garfield is by his worldwide audience widely known for being a fat, lazy, and hilarious cat who does everything to get some tasty food and watch his lovely television for days long. But on Halloween, everything is different. He decides to go out and do some trick or treat with his fellow companion, dog Odie. Leaving the house, Garfield and Odie have no idea what they will encounter during the scary Halloween night full of ghosts, candy, and even pirates.

This Halloween special made its debut on October 30, 1985.

3. The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

Such a classic this is! Comedian Paul Lynde had a special gift to make you smile no matter what. So does he even in his Halloween special. While Paul Lynde is the main protagonist of this great Halloween show broadcasted on October 29, 1976, on ABC, there are other star appearances on the show worth mentioning, such as Billie Hayes and Margaret Hamilton.

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The scenes shift quite often, so you're up for a crazy ride. Arguably this special could have been a little slower-paced, but Lynde's lovely sense of humor breaths through it and hugs you with open arms. No matter what, I always came back to see it every year.

Paul Lynde's Halloween special is, besides its top-notch humor, also well known for having hosted the iconic hard-rock band KISS, who performed their all-time classic song called Detroit Rock City. And I can see why because the KISS does not disappoint with adding some Halloween spirit thanks to their appearance.

4. Disney's Halloween Treat

Disney just cannot be overlooked when talking about Halloween specials. Disney's work has become such a legacy that likely no one will ever conquer it. Of course, even Disney has made some proper, high-rated Halloween appearances worth mentioning.

One of the most iconic ones is, without a doubt, Disney's Halloween Treat. Being aired on October 30, 1982, and being approximately 50 minutes long, It contains some of Disney's iconic villains through time and is, of course, surrounded by a creepy, nerve-chilling atmosphere.

No matter your age, you will have a great time watching Disney's Halloween special as it perfectly celebrates this peculiar season and its scary yet festive elements.

5. Halloween Is Grinch Night

Wait for a second here. What? Isn't Grinch related to Christmas? Well, yes, he is, but this prequel situated in the autumn atmosphere of Whoville and its uncozy surroundings is everything but not about Christmas. But that does not change the fact that Grinch himself makes a stunning appearance here that is worth seeing.

This prequel story to the main How the Grinch Stole Christmas was written by none other than the American author Theodor Seuss Geiseln. He was by his audience known under his pseudonym, Dr. Seuss. Seuss has many children's classics to his name. Probably the most known one, besides Grinch, is The Cat in the Hat.

In this Halloween special first broadcasted on October 28, 1977, Grinch decides to terrorize the Whoville and its inhabitants, the Whos, on the so-called Grinch Night. This special contains a vastly weird atmosphere throughout. In other words – it's perfect to see during the Halloween season.


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