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5 Awesome Wuxia TV Shows

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LJ Milan is a fan of movies since he was a kid. He loves them all, no matter the genre. Sometimes he just won't shut up about them.

Chinese Dramas are on the rise now days, although not as much as Korean dramas. They have their own appeal. As a history buff, I mostly watch historical Chinese dramas. But there is one special genre amongst them, that is unique for China which had great appeal to me, and that is - Wuxia.

Wuxia means martial hero, although it's about martial arts, it is a form of fantasy literature. Contrary to Western fantasy, this genre is usually set in certain periods of Chinese history, you can find stories set almost in every dynasty before Qing.
The main hero in them is usually fighting injustice, they are righteous and have their own moral code, something like Knights in Western fantasy. In them martial artist are usually the ones that maintain balance in the world.

Some westerners say that in them you won't find anything supernatural, and that may be true to some degree. But you can find a lot of fantastical elements, like demi-gods, special Kung Fu technics that would usually be impossible in our world. Like jumping across houses. Or sometimes the main character can achieve immortality if he's righteous enough, of course.

But, its best not to dwell on such things and just enjoy this awesome genre. In any case everyone will take from them what they want.

One of the most prolific and popular author of this genre is Louis Cha. His work is held in high regards by fans of the genre. Which can be ascertain by the numbers of copies sold, 100 million. In any case he left an undeniable mark on this genre. So, here is my list of awesome shows based on his work.


1. The Legend Of Condor Heroes (2003)

No. of episodes: 42

The story follows two boys whose father's were close friends. They even made a pact about them. After the demise of their fathers, one boy is taken to Mongolia and is under the protection of Genghis Khan. And the other is taken to Jin Empire. This show is about the trials they faced throughout their life.

This show is based on Louis Cha's novel of the same name. And it's the first part of the trilogy.

This show has a great story, and even better fight scenes. The show is full of plot twists that will have your heart racing. And leave you wanting for more.


2. The Return Of The Condor Heroes (2006)

No. of episodes: 41

The story follows Yang Guo, An orphan boy in mid 13th century China. It's a story about a boy who just wish to learn martial arts. But since he's a son of notorious villain. None of the masters are willing to teach him anything. Until he meets Xiao Long Nu, the woman who becomes his master, or sifu.

This show is also based on Louis Cha's novel. And it's second part of the trilogy of Condor Heroes.

This is a beautiful story about two people shuned by society for who they are. The first couple of episodes will break your heart. They depict the gro of the discrimination the boy is subjected to. And it's awesomely acted by a child actor.

He knows something bigger is driving people to shun him, he just don't know what it is. You can feel his pain with every expression on his face. It hurts how good this boy played the part.

But this show is also a love story. Love story that people don't approve. It's about love that transcends human understanding.

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3. The Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre (2009)

No. of episodes: 40

This show is takes place in 14th century China during Yuan Dynasty. After decades of struggles, martial arts sects start rebelling against the corrupt government. Each sect is searching for the titled swords, because it's said whoever owns them will rule the martial arts world. This show is about Zhang Wiki and his rise in status in martial arts world.

This story is the third and final part of Condor trilogy. It's also based on Louis Cha's novel. And it's a fantastic conclusion to a fantastic story.

This show brings us the story of a valiant hero with unyielding spirit, and hope for better tomorrow. His adventures are both sad and funny, and it will take you on an adventure of epic proportions.


4. Sword Stained With Royal Blood (2007)

No. of episodes: 35

In this show we follow Yuan Chengzhi. He is the son of great and honest general, who was killed by the Emperor. He meets a girl and they embark on many awesome adventures in martial world. They later meet another girl who joins their ranks. But she harbors a great secret. As his adventures mounts, our hero yearns for revenge.

I started this show simply because it's a revenge story. And, I'm a sucker for those.
But this show blew me away. The inner conflict of our hero is a beautifully written masterpiece. He's struggle between being a filial son or chosing love is the story that will leave you breathless. Plus, the name of the show is awesome.


5. Demi God's And Semi Devils (2003)

No. of episodes: 40

This show is a story about Qiao Feng quest to find what happened to his parents 30 years ago, and to find out who he really is.

This show is set during the Northern Song dynasty, and it brings us the epic tale of three man. Whose stories are inexplicably intertwined. It's a story of their search for their place in martial arts world.

This is a beautifully written story that depicts just how cruel is that pugilistic world, or martial arts world. It's not easy to find your place in any world, as we all know, but this one certainly takes the cake.

Honorary Mentions

There are two honorary mentions, and both are the remakes of the previous shows.

The first one is The Legend Of Condor Heroes from 2008. It has 50 episodes. Many Chinese didn't like this remake simply because it deviates too much from the original novel. But I liked this show nevertheless. And I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

The second remake is The Romance Of Condor Heroes. This show is from 2014, and it has 52 episodes. This show is the remake of a second book, The Return Of Condor Heroes, but it has some parts from the first one incorporated in it. This show is just visual treat every fan needs.

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