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5 Awesome Chuck Norris Movies

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LJ Milan is an action tv show fan and connoisseur since the early '90s.


We all know the man, the myth, the legend, that is Chuck Norris. At the beginning of the 21st century there were even jokes about his invincibility, that were running amok on the internet. We all know them, we even laugh at them. But, before them, Chuck Norris was a true blue action star.

Growing up in the '80s and '90s he was the man. Everybody wanted to meet him, or in some cases be him. But, that's whole other problem. Allow me to tell you some facts about him that are interesting. He married his childhood sweetheart when he was 18. At the beginning he thought martial arts to Hollywood stars, so he could support his family. At the end of the '70s he was invited to play one of the main villains in The Way of the Dragon, by one other action star, Bruce Lee. In the beginning he wasn't serious about his acting career. Until his friend and student Steve McQueen didn't convince him otherwise. And the rest is history.


1. Good Guys Wear Black (1978)

John Booker is the leader of the CIA's elite group of assassin's. At the end of the Vietnam war they barely make out of Vietnam alive. Five years later he is a political science professor at local university. When someone starts killing his team members, John is forced into action.

What's good about this movie is it's plot. Where senator is playing God so he could be elected for the President. Not a lot action movies has this kind of the premise. Not even today. This movie will certainly make you ask yourself just how much can you trust politicians?

Sure, we can also draw parallels to today's political climate and discuss how much things changed, or in this case didn't. Anyways, this movie is a rare gem among action flicks. Highly recommended.


2. Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)

McQuade is a lone wolf, he likes working and beating bad guys alone. Until he meets the titular bad guy Wilkes. Then he join forces with young ranger and FBI agent to save his family and catch a bad guy.

In this movie Norris plays Texas Ranger some fifteen years before Walker, Texas Ranger. Good thing about this movie is it's stars Norris and David Carradine as the titular villain. It must be said that both of them are fantastic in this movie. But, this movie has one problem, and that's that the main villain is two dimensional. He is also a copy of all other villains in movies of that period. Nevertheless, Carradine did a fantastic job with that character, even with all the flaws.

The fight between the two of them in the climax of the movie is just spectacular. Also it's worth nothing that Robert Beltrán plays McQuade's young partner, way before his stint on USS Voyager.

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3. Missing In Action

James Braddock is a former soldier, who spent seven years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. The movie begins when the government ask him to be part of new negotiations team that is to go to Vietnam. To try to get the rest of soldiers to freedom. When the Vietnamese government denies their existence, Braddock must go in alone.

Although this movie had some controversy over him. Like the inspiration for this film was Rambo's script, that was floating around. The studio even had to release this movie in a hurry, so they could avoid copyright infringement.

Despite all that, this movie really deserves to be seen. It's an full fledged action flick with lots of explosions and bad guys dying in agony. But, it is also a story of a tortured human in search of redemption. And, I'm just a sucker for those kind of stories.


4. Code Of Silence

In this movie Norris plays straight and narrow cop, Eddie Cusack. When a drug bust goes wrong, and many cops are injured, he goes in search of a culprit. But, as things progress, he realizes that the line between the good guys and bad are blurred. And, not at all what he thought.

This movie is a welcome departure for Norris. After a lot of action flicks this movie is more of crime drama, then action. With a lot of sub plots and a lot more juicier character to play. And Norris did a fantastic job in this movie. But, it has to be said that the script was equally well written. This movie explores what it is in humans that makes them bad.


5. The Delta Force (1986)

After terrorist hijack American plane in Athens and fly them through the Middle East. Until finally land in Lebanon. Norris plays a member of elite Delta Force that are sent to save the hostages.

This movie was inspired by real events. More specifically the hijacking of TWA Flight 847. And it's one thrill ride after another. It's plot is easy to follow and not get a headache from it. It's a straight up shoot 'em up kind of movie. But, boy what a ride.

It is also worth nothing that in this movie costars Hollywood legend Lee Marvin. In his last role. And he did an amazing job as head honcho of Delta team.

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