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5 Animes That Will Surely Make You Cry

#5 Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day


A group of six children drifted apart after the death of their friend Honma Meiko, her nickname they called her Menma. Five years later, Menma appears in front of Jin-tan their group leader and demands him to grant her final wish before she goes to heaven. All five of them reunited again to grand Menma’s last wish. The ending of this anime is so beautifully scripted and heart-touching.

#4 Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms


The Iorph lived far from the human world spending their days weaving hibiol. A special cloth that serves as a written chronicle of time. A young girl named Maquia who is an orphan is the assistant of the clan chief, Racine. When their home has been disturbed by a flying creature called renato, all that’s left of Maquia is now gone. You should watch this beautifully created anime because it tells the story of how she survived and how the Iorph became a humanoid race again.

#3 Your Lie in April


A piano prodigy named Arima Kousei is unable to play the piano as he used to after the past of her mother until he met a violinist who helped him to get back on his feet and started playing the piano again. This anime got me bawled my eyes, I won't spoil anything else but I could say that this anime is worth watching.

Violet Evergarden, who used to be a young soldier now became an auto memory doll. After 4 years of a great war, she now got a job at a writers’ agency which she works under Claudia Hodgins a best friend of a major in the leidenschaflich army, Gilbert Bougainvillea. This story tells the story of violet as an auto memory doll and her experience as she travels around the world and her tragic past. This heart-warming and heart-felt anime got me crying in every episode and movie.

#1 Assassination Classroom

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Students of class 3-E are asked to assassinate an octopus-like creature who is also their class teacher, Koro Sensei. If the students didn't kill him once their school year is over, he will destroy the planet earth. This may sound weird, but how can a group of students from the lowest rank class who killed their teacher be a sad anime or make someone shed tears. well, you better find out yourself!

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