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Ani-Vers: 5 Anime Genre about History and World War

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Ani-Vers is our new segment, which is all about anime. starting from anime films, anime series, anime music, and others about anime.


Anime is a two-dimensional animation originating from the Japanese, usually anime is adapted from manga or novels. Surely you are no stranger to the action, mecha, fantasy, or ecchi anime genre. However, not many people know about history and world war anime. And here I will give a list of anime themed history and world war.

1. Youjo Senki


This anime which tells the story of an atheist loli named Tanya Von Degurechafu, who does not believe in the existence of God and even taunts him as being X. This anime is set like World War 1, but according to the narrative from the studio this story is not related to any events.

However, the story in this anime is the same as in World War 1 that is about the German Empire fighting against France. For those of you who like anime with war and military backgrounds, this anime is perfect for you.

2. The Wind Rises / Kaze Tachinu


This Anime Movie comes from the story of an Japanese aerospace figure named Miro Hikoshi. Are you familiar with the Mitsubishi A6M Zero? That plane was a well-known aircraft after successfully bombing the American military base at Pearl Harbor. And he was the one who designed the aircraft design.

And this anime tells the story of Jiro Hikoshi's career and love, with additional spices of romance and drama. This anime will make your heart sad when watching it. The message in this anime is very inspiring, which is to always try and don't give up on your dreams. This anime is suitable for those of you who are looking for inspiration.

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3. Harifuri / High school fleet


This anime has a story that is quite unique, which is about female students who go to marine high schools who drive ships during World War2. In this anime you will be shown ships during the First World War, such as IJN Musashi, IJN, IJN Harakaze, KMS Admiral Graf Spee.

And you will also feel the sensation and tension of being ships captain like in the Hollywood films. For those of you who like shipping or about war, maybe this anime is right for you. As information on the characters in this anime are cute.

4. Girl und Panzer


This anime is the opposite of Harifuri. This anime tells about high school students who take extracurricular activities with tank, this anime is not much different from Harifuri. If Harifuri is about warships, while this anime is about Tanks, even though they are not set in world wars.

And for those of you who like German tank like Tiger, Panther, or Maus tanks and also tanks from other countries in World War 2, this anime is perfect for you. And also in this anime you will feel the sensation of driving a tank and the duties of each crew member in the tank. This anime also suitable for those of you who like Alutsista in World War 2.

5. Golden Kamuy


This anime tells the journey of a young girl from a local nail named Arsipa and a veteran soldier from the 1904-1905 Russian-Japanese war, named Sugimmoto who is looking for treasures, on the island of Hokkaido. The story in this anime is very interesting because there are elements of politics and betrayal that are guaranteed to make you very upset while watching.

And for those of you who like action thrillers, this anime is perfect for you. And also this anime is very badass and sadistic. The graphics of this anime is so cool and nice, such as the scene when the head is cut off or the hand is cut off looks very real. Anyway, you have to watch this anime, guaranteed that every episode will make you curious about the storyline.

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