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3 Reasons Why I Prefer Youtube Over Other Social Media Platforms.

image of Youtube thumbnail

image of Youtube thumbnail

In today's day & age social media has become an integral part of everyone's life. The reason for that being is platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter have all kinds of content available on a platter for you. Be it fun, informative, factual, or any other type of information, it is accessible for your consumption. But the point here is, there is a certain preference for people when it comes to absorbing content. in other words, some people like to get their daily dose of news, videos, or humorous stuff from other social media platforms as compared to one.

For instance, I like to stay up to date about current events, watch sport-related or humorous stuff on youtube rather than on Instagram or Facebook. It's because I find it more comfortable watching videos on youtube. The trend of video content started from youtube and was the chief platform that made it viral. The massive success and hype around it forced Facebook & Instagram to also adopt and deliver video content on their respective platforms.

Many now use these platforms to consume every medium of content that is doing the rounds. Be it image posts, video posts, reels, or articles, Facebook & Instagram has become the go-to platform. But talking about consuming content, people like it best when it's done through videos because of the visual & informational factor that it brings to the table and that is where youtube sets itself apart from Facebook & Instagram.

The superior quality of Video content on offer.

  • Let be honest, the Quality of video content is far superior to Facebook & Instagram. I find it less comfortable viewing videos on Facebook and Instagram because of the low quality & speed of the videos as compared to youtube. in youtube, the suggestion for the content you prefer watching is usually spot on.& you get much detailed & longer versions of videos as compared to videos of a similar brand, person, movie, sport, tv-show, current events on Facebook & Instagram.
  • The resolution & sound quality of the videos are much better than Facebook & Instagram making it a much better & smoother experience for viewers to view content.

The articulation & illustration of subjects is very detailed on Youtube.

  • Another reason why I like to watch videos of my favorite subjects is because of the detail-oriented nature of the platform as well as the vast number of subjects that are covered in a youtube video as compared to an Instagram or Facebook video. If you notice every brand or organization has a youtube channel & the purpose of it is to serve the curiosity of the general public . Youtube does that in a very informational manner allowing the channel owner to post videos without as many restrictions as compared to Facebook or Instagram.
  • Another reason is people tend to like viewing their favorite piece of content through videos & youtube is the hub of it. You can either watch highlights or live streams of your favorite matches on youtube, movies as well as snippets of your favorite tv shows. Youtube has also become the go-to place for different Genres of Podcast & talk shows as well, which are not available at their full element on Facebook & Instagram .

Youtube is the closest thing to a time travelling machine.

  • This is the upper hand youtube has on Facebook & Instagram. Whether it is an old or new piece of information, youtube has got you covered with every piece of content that is pertinent to the current & the old age. It is a jukebox of songs or a collection of your favorite videos of old, one thing is for sure there won't be a lack of it.
  • In youtube, you also have the luxury of downloading your videos & viewing them offline at your convenience, a feature that Facebook & Instagram don't offer. and to add to that there is also the feature of playing your videos on loop.

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Those were my views on why I believe youtube is still the go-to place to consume video content & is still going to be the future of video content going forward. Also, the fact that it has a headstart on Facebook & Instagram in terms of the availability of the content, new or old, itss content creation policies and the vast superiority of video quality

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