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4 Horror Films Like Christmas Bloody Christmas With Two of the Same Words In The Title!


It’s sometime in December 2022 or sometime else near or far in the future. You’ve just seen Joe “Don’t Call Me Lou Bega” Begos’ Christmas horror movie Christmas Bloody Christmas and have kept yourself up nights wondering if there were any more horror movies with two of the same word in the title.

The previous night you only got 15 minutes of sleep the previous night. You were thinking if Scream or Scream 2 had two of the same words in the title.

Spoiler alert- It doesn’t.

You wracked your brain while you were driving and you weren’t paying attention to the Johnsons, a family of four who were crossing the street just as you were trying to figure out if Crawl had two of the same words in the title. Spoiler alert- It doesn’t because it’s only a one world title.

Another spoiler alert- Little Timmy Johnson put his foot on the sidewalk just as you were picturing the alligator (Chris Evans) from Crawl. Then you ran over Timmy Johnson and his mother Dee Johnson. But you were so engrossed in another horror movie title (P2- again, no) that you backed up and ran over Judy Johnson and their father Rocco and now you’re in jail.

Good news- here’s a list with four (4!!!) horror movies with two of the same word in the title. If you had this list before you decided to go driving that day the Johnsons would be alive and you wouldn’t be in jail.


Same Word


1) Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

This Christmas classic you watch with your family every December for some reason was called controversial when it came out. Probably because killers dressed as Santa triggers prudes and little b*tches. The movie looks like it cost less than the late fees you accrued when you rented this on VHS way in the day. Managing to offend just about anybody yet your Christmas wouldn’t be complete without it. See it once. See it twice. Billy won’t “PUNISH” you for it. Or will he?


Same Word


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2) Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)

A single location horror thriller has spoiled rich millennials in a night to remember, provided they don’t get murdered. Well-acted with a wonderful twist, though said twist might limit the enjoyability of a rewatch. More character driven than you’d expect considering the premise, with each character getting at least one scene to shine (though Rachel Sennott does steal the movie) before he/she (probably) dies. If you like seeing young people get killed in creative ways, you’ll like how these Bodies are stacked.


Same Word


3) La La La Nd (2016)

This Hollywood set horror movie has people breaking out into song for no f*cking reason while everyone in the background knows the dance routine and is extremely photogenic. No one below a 7 in this movie! Has white club owner Ryan Gosling mansplaining to his Magical Negro John Legend how he will save jazz. Then they break out into more songs while you wonder if the plot will stall while people sing about stuff. Spoiler alert- It does, but you don’t care because the songs are so darn catchy. May be the bloodiest, exceedingly gory horror movie before you saw some of those scenes in Terrifier 2. Now you see where Art gets it. Another day of sun (and entrails) indeed.

"Santa Sangre Santa"- The 3rd Santa is Silent.

"Santa Sangre Santa"- The 3rd Santa is Silent.

Same WordSanta

4) Santa Sangre Santa (1989)

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s arty foreign language horror movie made you never want to visit the circus again. Or talk to your cult-ymother. Filled with violence and more gore (poor elephant) than you’d ever expect from a movie with the word “Santa” in the title. It’s a movie you won’t soon forget, an assault of images and sound that don’t always make sense but you get understand you’re in the hands of a master. You’d give your right arm to see a movie this good. Or your left. Mom doesn’t care.


Thanks to this list of horror movies, your life is now complete.


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