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How to Watch 3d Videos on YouTube With or Without Glasses

3d Technology will be the New Standard

If you enjoy watching 3d feature films at the theater, then chances are you will like to watch your youtube videos in 3d also. 3d adds a new dimension, no pun intended, to any picture or video that is at least as enhancing as color was from black and white.

Historically 3d has been around for quite a while.  Mostly 3d movies had been novelties and it was difficult to get people in general to expect great looking 3d in their media.  This, however, is about to change.  3d is ever increasingly easy to produce and technology is allowing you, anyone that is, to go out and acquire what you need to make simple 3d videos.

Fortunately, 3d videos are beginning to appear on, and the youtube people are encouraging more 3d videos uploaded from people like you.  3d videos aren't totally easy to produce because there are many things you can get wrong when hoping for great results.  Here are a few great looking 3d youtube videos for your enjoyment, as well as some info about how to record your own 3d videos.

How to View the 3d Videos

The beautiful thing about what youtube offers is that you have many options for viewing 3d videos now. You can use anaglyph, or red and blue, glasses if you want, or you can cross your eyes. That's right, possibly the best way to view 3d is to simply cross your eyes.

Think about how your own eyes see two separate images. If you only had one eye, you'd see in two dimensions. Fortunately we humans have two eyes and two ears, that way we can hear and see in stereo. It's called stereophonic if you are listening to sound and stereoscopic if you are looking at something.

For the sake of simplicity and to preserve full color and not have to have glasses, the youtube videos on this page are presented in cross-eyed technique viewing option. Here's the simple viewing directions:

  1. Cross your eyes slowly and gradually
  2. Watch for the left and right images in the video to converge in the middle into a 3d view. If the two images don't seem to match up, try tilting your head slightly each way to get the images to converge.
  3. Hold that focus while you watch the video

You should keep your head still once you get the 3d working, because if you tilt your head, you might throw the alignment off. And, yes, your eyes might get stuck that way. Just kidding. Now try it yourself.

3D Picture from My Wedding

My brother took this picture of my wife and I cutting our cake.  Cross your eyes and you will feel like you were there. (click for larger) Photo by Darin Flannery

My brother took this picture of my wife and I cutting our cake. Cross your eyes and you will feel like you were there. (click for larger) Photo by Darin Flannery

Do you Agree that 3d is Better?

If you weren't able to get the 3d to work for some reason, chances are you are pretty bummed out.  You will however, soon enough, probably be saved by technological advances in 3d technology.  There's glasses to wear if you need them and more cool stuff out there you probably don't know about.

Your Vote on 3d

Enjoy More 3d Youtube Videos

Here are some more 3d youtube videos for your enjoyment.  A couple of my favorites are the slow motion water one and the rollercoaster.  These are videos that would be cool in 2d, but are all the more awesome in 3d.

Make Your Own 3d Videos

If you are as pumped as I am about going 3d, then chances are you want to start making your own 3d videos. In the past 3d pictures have been fairly easy to do. You snap a couple pictures at the exact same time about an eye width apart. But video is a little more complicated than taking 3d pictures.

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You can buy two cameras, mount them on something and take video from each eye's perspective. The problem is going to be editing. You will probably spend a ton of time editing and syncing the video perfectly together. If one view is off even by a split second, the 3d won't work.

Possibly the easiest solution to all this editing nightmare is to buy an attachment for your SLR camera with movie mode and use it to record your youtube videos. You can use to buy an attachment that will split your scene into two parts automatically. Then you will not have to worry about syncing the video because there will only be one video file. Then you can simply upload the video to youtube.

New 3D Video Cameras will be coming out soon and sold on This solves many of the frustrations of trying to get your 3D videos on Youtube. The camera automatically syncs the video together. The FujiFilm Finepix Real 3D W3 camera is scheduled to come out in September of 2010.

Use a Streaming Smart 3D TV

As technologies such as 3D smart televisions catch up with the 3D content on YouTube, more 3D content will become available. One of the best ways to watch 3D Youtube videos is on your own 3D TV. If you have either active or passive glasses that came with your T.V., chances are you have a 3D TV.

Use the 3D setting on your remote control to activate 3D mode. Select the type of 3D signal that you get from YouTube. Then all you need to do is sit back, put on your glasses, and enjoy the user-generated YouTube 3d videos. Especially check for movie previews and videos shot with specific 3D cameras which create great looking 3D.

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Sonali Singh on April 16, 2013:

Nice article. Crossing eyes gives a 3d experience, but doing it for a longer time causes headaches.

ReuVera from USA on June 21, 2010:

Oh, my! Crossing your eyes did give you an excellent 3D picture! It was a funny experience. Thanks for entertainment and great info!

Errol Flann on June 10, 2010:

Great article. I'm afraid that when 3D becomes super-popular, humankind will begin to resemble a more 3D shape themselves. (Have you seen what 2D TV has done to us already?) Well, until the price of all this technology comes down, I'm stuck with experiencing real life in 3D, which is technically in high definition, but rather boring nonetheless. By the way Blake, in case some of your readers accidentally get their eyes stuck, they may consider wearing an eyepatch for 3 days to rest their eyes. Not only will that will fix the problem, but build quite a lot of school-boy anticipation for their next 3D crosseyed experience. Question: Will a red and blue eyepatch work? I must admit, I'm taking a time-out, but I'm hurting for some 3D already.

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