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.38 Special Wild Eyed Southern Boys


Wild Eyed Southern Boys was released in January 1981. The band was fronted by the brother of Lynyrd Skynyrd singer Ronnie Van Zandt, and the southern rock roots show through a little on the album. Mostly though, it sounds like typical 80's radio rock. It's mostly unspectacular except for a few gems that continue to heard daily on classic rock radio.

Hold On Loosely is the best song the band ever recorded. It kicks off with a great guitar riff, has the catchiest chorus, and has the biggest impact. There's a reason this is the one that ended up on all the compilation albums. First Time Around is dull by comparison and suffers by following directly after it on the record. The title track is okay, a little corny but not bad. It's catchy. Back Alley Sally is forgettable and doesn't impress much either way. Fantasy Girl is another classic rock radio staple. It's a good song, though not as good as a lot of songs that have been forgotten by radio programmers over the years.

Side 2 of the record is less impressive, with generic riifs, forgettable lyrics, and just a mediocre feel in general. It's not bad, it's enjoyable. It's just not grab you by the throat and make you pay attention rock and roll. The highlight of this side is Honky Tonk Dancer, which isn't exactly a classic but it's fun enough to stand out from the bland offerings that surround it. Overall I'd give the record a B minus, a score that is definitely boosted by how good Hold On Loosely is. Also, the record cover features a hot ass, so there's that.

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