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“30” by Adele Album Review

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"30" album cover art

"30" album cover art

"30" Album Review

“Divorce babe, divorce” was Adele’s response when she was questioned by a fan on her Instagram live feed on what to expect from her fourth studio album. In an interview with Vogue magazine, she described the album as her most personal album yet, which is quite a statement from someone who has made a career from penning the most heart-wrenching songs drawn majorly from her personal experiences. Being an Adele fan, her description of the album got me hyped up about the album as I had been expecting a new album from her for over six years.

30 takes the listener through some sort of voyage through Adele's emotions after she called off her marriage with her ex-husband. It encapsulates the tumultuous feelings of heartbreak and sadness that she went through and how she got over herself to find happiness again. “My Little Love” saw Adele at her most vulnerable as she tries explaining her struggles throughout the ordeal to her son. She reveals how emotional she felt the time with the aid of recorded voice notes of her conversations with her son at the time.

Adele’s vocal performances on her albums have always been glorious but on 30 she takes it up a notch as she hits notes she had never attempted on tracks such as “To Be Loved” which I consider as Adele’s most audacious vocal performance ever and dare I say it, one of the best of all time. As she hits every note on the chorus, she evokes different feelings in me as the listener which drives the message deep into my heart, this makes it one of my favourites off the album. “Easy on me” which was released as the lead single off the album hit number 1 on the Billboard 100 and rightfully so despite being a piano ballad due to Adele's magnificent voice.

Another major highlight of 30 is how different it is from her previous albums in terms of style. Adele wasn’t hesitant to switch things up on this album. From nuanced production that compliments her singing thanks to the work of longtime collaborators such as Greg Kurstin, Max Martin, and Shellback amongst others to the adoption of voice recordings on certain tracks which was influenced by the works of Tyler The Creator and Skepta. This has been Adele’s most experimental album which indicates her growth as an artist and her ability to adapt to the ever changing pop scene. Tracks such as “Oh my God” and “Can I get it” clearly indicates that.

"Easy On Me" Official Music Video

Worth a listen?

30 is probably Adele’s best-ever album due to its subject matter, style and songwriting. With relatable and heart-wrenching lyrics deep enough to make every fiber of one’s being relate with what she was going through while penning down that track, Adele succeeds in making one hell of a cohesive project which details how she got over the anguish of her divorce to her ex-husband brought her. While there might have been a few cliché lines, 30 certainly makes Adele more relatable as a mom and as a person who like everyone else craves companionship and “something real” while keeping it authentic and original. It is worth a listen and is one of the best albums I have listened to this year.

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Essential Tracks

  • “I drink Wine”
  • “To be loved”
  • “Oh my God”
  • “Easy On Me”

You can purchase the album from Amazon here - 30

Album Review

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