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Jonathan Oksenuik: Young Symphony Composer

3-Year Old Symphony Conductor: Jonathan

Perhaps the world's most adorable and talented symphony conductor, is the three year-old mini conductor, Jonathan Okseniuk. In this video, he is conducting to the 4th movement of Beethoven's 5th symphony.

His talent and musical aptitude is readily apparent. Watch him, and you can see that he is not responding to the music, but anticipating and pre-empting the changes in tempi and mood. At one point, he is even cueing in the first violins. His talent is awe-inspiring.

He genuinely feels the music and allows that enthusiasm to show through his entire body. But the part that brings tears to my eyes, is his un-bridled passion for the music, and the youthful exuberation that only a toddler can show. The giggles at the end, just seal the deal.

Jonathan's amazing conducting videos have given him quite a following and afforded him an amazing opportunity. See here, where he makes his official symphony conducting debut with the Chandler Symphony Orchestra, April 1, 2011.

Here a now four year-old Jonathan is conducting to Johann Strauss's "Thunder and Lightning" polka with the Chandler Symphony Orchestra. It is simply breath-taking to watch this talented young man.

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After seeing his youtube video, Misha Rachlevsky, the Music Director of Chamber Orchestra Kremlin was amazed and astounded by his natural affinity for conducting. During the orchestra's U.S. tour stop in Torrance, California, he invited four year-old Jonathan to conduct the orchestra in an encore performance of the 1st movement of Beethoven's c-minor string quartet, Op. 18, No. 4 and the Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms.

About Jonathan

Jonathan Okseniuk, the child music prodigy, lives with his parents Edwin and Desiree and his younger sister, in Mesa, Arizona. His father works in aviation operations and his mother is a homemaker. Neither parent is very musical.

Desiree noticed very early on that Jonathan had a passion for music at only 8 months old. He would wave his arms to music, and was picking up pencils and sticks to beat to the time before he could walk. She says, According to an interview by The American Spectator, Desiree says, "Music is inside him 24 hours a day."

His grandparents play an entrical part in his life and are very supportive of his passion. His grandfather, Victor is an amateur violist, who grew up in a musical family. He remembers vividly, the moment he played Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for Jonathan. He placed a baton in his hand, and the boy immediately began conducting. It was truly an amazing moment to witness.

Jonathan's Fans

For more information on Jonathan, you can see his facebook page at See what he is up to and follow his music.

Jonathan has quite a few awe-inspiring videos on youtube. This young man has a bright future in music, and is simply a joy to watch.

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