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5 Ways to Promote Your Twitch Stream in 2021

I am a current content creator on all mainstream platforms and have a lot of experience with the algorithms of these said platforms.

The best ways to get live viewers on Twitch is probably in your hands right now

In this article, I will quickly explain how to promote your streams to millions of possible viewers, all while breaking down the different algorithms in a simple yet effective manner.

Before You Continue

One more thing you need to know before you begin your new purposeful journey on Twitch is that it is best to focus on promoting your stream first and streaming second. Twitch doesn't have a normal discoverable algorithm like YouTube and TikTok so it's best to build a schedule you can stick to every week, and using your off time to promote instead of streaming!

Number 1: TikTok

It is by no surprise that TikTok makes this article. It is one of the most popular social media apps out right now and is ahead of Twitter in active users. One of the main reasons TikTok is so popular right now is due to the discoverability. TikTok takes your video and shows it to a select number of users on their homepage. If they interact with the video in any way, it gets pushed to more and more users. Basically, take your Twitch content, alter it for interaction, format it to 9:16, and post!

This is my Twitch Starting Soon Overlay!

Scenes and overlays are very important when creating a professional and unique stream!

Scenes and overlays are very important when creating a professional and unique stream!

Number 2: YouTube

If it isn't obvious, well, then it should be. Because YouTube is the platform for you. I'm going to keep this short and simple. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE YOUR STREAMS ON TO YOUTUBE. Make original content on YouTube that compliments your stream. Once you start to build a following, you can then offer your audience your awesome Twitch streams.

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Number 3: Friends & Family

This is going to sound crazy but, if you really believe in your stream then you should be okay with telling the people around you. If you can just get a few viewers on your stream from your friends and family, that can boost you far up the list of whatever game you're playing on Twitch and be possibly seen by thousands of potential viewers. To make it easier on you, if you stream with a group of friends, have each one of them activate an extra device and have them connect to your stream!

This is my Twitch Offline Banner!

I make all my overlays and scenes myself!

I make all my overlays and scenes myself!

Number 4: Social Media

It's time to pick up more social media apps. I suggest giving Twitter and Instagram a try. But we need to go over some ground rules, these apps are not the same, and you should not treat them as such. So here is how they both work!

Instagram: I recommend posting your BEST pictures here, it could be a selfie, a travel or food picture, maybe a gift? Just think outside the box and get a good picture that represents you as a person

Twitter: Here we are a bit more open to anything, and the audience is different. The best way to tweet is with purpose. Make them short, and they should be informative or funny to the reader. Add images/videos when appropriate as that shows to increase interaction rates.

This is my Twitch Intermission Screen!


Number 5: Twitch

Now, this might blow your mind, but, you can promote yourself through the platform Twitch itself! It just takes time. It is as simple as finding more streamers about your size that interest you, watching their streams, and building a relationship with them. Don't self promote, but instead chat with them and their chat. Help moderate chat and occasionally host the streamer. Trust me, they will return the favor!

So What Did We Learn?

Twitch is a very unique platform. To grow on Twitch you almost always need an outside source to provide that growth for you. Hopefully, after reading this you now understand where to put your content and better understand the algorithms of the different platforms. My only goal is to help all gamers, streamers, content creators, editors, and so on with creating the best content, finding the most growth, and living the healthiest life.

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