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3 of the Best Side Hustles for Guitarist Online

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3 Of The Best Side Hustles for Guitarist Online

3 Of The Best Side Hustles for Guitarist Online

Side Hustles for Guitarist Online

Life for a guitarist used to be very difficult. Before, it was necessary to travel at your own expense if you want to be successful as a new creative artist. People need to hear and see your work personally, so in return, you can make money. Even the avenue to make money was also limited, and if you want to make it big, you need to be signed with a major label.

But, as technology and the internet made a rapid evolution, it brought better ways for guitarists to make money online.

Side Hustles for Guitarist Online - Build a Social Media Community

Side Hustles for Guitarist Online - Build a Social Media Community

Build a Social Media Community

Social media is the best tool you must learn how to use, second to the instrument you play. It allows you to connect with your audience, meet new artists and make money from your skill.

You have artists like Jared Dines and Stevie T, who are doing very very well on Facebook and YouTube. These platforms are offering partnership programs, where a popular video from you can be a source of passive income through video ads.

And on top of your revenue from the Ad Program, social media will open your doors to other ways of making money online. Such as affiliate marketing, brand promotions, and even selling your own merchandise.

In affiliate marketing, promoting products online is easy if you’re a guitarist. The relationship you have with your audience, as an authority in your niche, makes it easier for them to buy through your promotion. Of course, you would only promote products you trust to avoid losing your subscribers. The same story with selling your merchandise. Once you have a community inside social media ,you can sell your own merch and your fans would love to buy them from you.

Finally, brand deals would naturally come if you have a strong following on social media. Especially on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and now TikTok. Your strong influence over thousands if not millions of people is worth a lot for companies looking for exposure. They would gladly pay you big money for a piece of public attention you can give to their product or service.

Building a strong social media community is not easy, and not impossible. Once you have the momentum and understand how social media consumes your content, you should start to double down in producing quality videos for your audience because social media is the best side hustle for guitarist online.

Side Hustles for Guitarist Online - Sell eBooks and Online Courses

Side Hustles for Guitarist Online - Sell eBooks and Online Courses

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Sell eBooks and Online Courses

Selling eBooks and Digital Courses is the second-best side hustle for guitarist online. Online marketplaces like Skillshare, Udemy, and Coursera give you an opportunity to teach aspiring musicians. This may not be for every guitarist, but if you’re someone who loves writing lessons or making video tutorials, you definitely need to give this a try.

The best part about this online hustle is you only need to make Books and Courses once. And for every sale, the selling platform will give you a fair share of your work. This can even be considered a passive source of income when your course or eBook continues to sell inside these marketplaces.

Most of all, you’re not only making money online, but you are also helping the younger generation of guitarists grow.

Side Hustles for Guitarist Online - Make Money on Live Streams

Side Hustles for Guitarist Online - Make Money on Live Streams

Make Money on Live Streams

Live is an impressive feature of social media that artists should take advantage of while the playing field is not yet saturated. Live streams are a preference of interested audiences over uploaded videos because it’s more personal. Engaging with your audience through chat or granting their special requests supports a warm relationship.

Live streams also authenticate your unique skills because they can see you play. Compared to an uploaded video, where they can doubt if you’re actually playing or doing an air guitar stunt. After all, your enthusiastic fans are there because of your talent, and maybe a little on your pretty looks as well.

The live stream algorithm is still a growing feature in any social media platform. And, organic reach is not heavily curtailed. Making it way quicker for you to reach a wider audience without spending money through ads.

And unlike before, you can now monetize your live stream through virtual gifts. These gifts are online tokens from your fans and are convertible to real money. And another option for you to do is share your digital wallet on-screen while you play and ask your fans for generous donations. Either way, if you give value to your audience, they will not be hesitant to share what’s inside their thick wallet.

3 of the Best Side Hustles for Guitarist Online

Those are the three (3) of the best side hustles for guitarist online. We started with building a social media community because it’s the best approach for any musician to make money online. The other practical methods of making money online can be amplified if a guitarist has a strong social media following.

Think of your social media as a deep pool of customers waiting to buy something from you. But of course, offer a real value first before asking them to purchase. Though the number of content creators is increasing each day, the number of audiences is also growing proportionately. Therefore, you are still assured that your supply of guitar music on the internet has a waiting demand.

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