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3 Libras by: A Perfect Circle

Mer De Noms (2000)

Mer De Noms (2000)

3 Libras by: A Perfect Circle

3 libras was performed by the American Rock Band A perfect circle 22 years ago it was released by that time I was so not aware about rock bands until I reached 5th grade. That time Rock bands started to enter me, everything loud and heavy. I did not know at first but there was a soothing feeling. Rock music is not just about screaming, bashing instruments and worshiping the devil. There is a part of every rock music that pull from the every essence of pain, grief, and darkness. That vastness of bleak facade of emptiness a song is born. There was a music video that was made and I basically never knew what it means and also the lyrics of the song.

One day, when I was in my senior years in high school; was having my lunch, I was listening to youtube on a bunch of music I have to choose for my mp3 player when this song suddenly played after a song I kept repeating on playing. I instantly went in trance as the song finally entered my ears. I was suddenly succumb to that moment of that vastness of song’s melody. At first I never knew the meaning of the song I just kept on listening and listening to it. At home, at school, in every boring class I was in, and when I walked home. There is this attachment to this song that made me realize that this song is now a part of me and it will be with me for the rest of my life. For 15 years I have been through many things in life. Every horrible things, pain, sadness, rejection, and betrayal but every now and then I am being pulled back to the music which I never knew the meaning.

What Does It Means?

I am yet to understand the meaning of the title “3 Libras” as the singer Maynard James Keenan never tried to tell us what and why this song came up. I tried to find every meaning of it on his interviews but none, I searched for people who knew the meaning of the song and there are some mixed opinions which eventually becomes confusing to what exactly means. For yesrd I tried to do so but nothing so I ended up just listening to it over and over again until one day I finally get the chance to tell my own version of its meaning. As I have repeateadly listen to the song I realized that it is about rejecting an undying love.

“Threw you the obvious, and you flew with it on your back.”

“A name in your recollection, down among a million same.

This means that there ia feeling that needed to be seen be of love, affection, care, or infatuation that is just carried by the one who is shown it to as he/she just flies and does nothing to see or react to it.

She knows about him but she rejects him as she reject the others that threw her the obvious.

“Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed and passed over. But I look you right and through see you naked but oblivious and you don’t see me.”

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The feeling of so much love and affection to a person whom you have shown the said feelings though seeing the door vulnerability and the obvious need of love and affection but just too blind to see from the one who offered.

“Threw you the obvious, just to see if there is more behind me. Eyes of a fallen angel, eyes of a tragedy.” “Here I am expecting just a little bit too much from the wounded but I see you, see you through it all, see through, see you.

Again the person who offers shown more of his love to remind the other that he is more than what she can see but again too blind to see. But why? Because she is a fallen angel, fallen from a tragedy. She is in pain that is the reason she is blind. He expect that the pain of the one he loves stays in every things he has done but he sees through it because he sees her, his love.

“Apparently nothing at all.”

“You don’t see me at all”

The lover is bound and will be bound by the blindness of person he loves which leads to nothingness. He can never be seen by the one he loves because of the tragedy she had that led to her blindless. Her pain blinded her even with the amount of obvious acts the other has shown.

There are many interpretations of this song but whatever interpretation they show it will only lead to the idea of rejection. There are so many times in our live that we have rejected who hasn’t. This song has been part of my life for so long now and until now I have such attachment because of the constant rejection I have had in the past which led me into this imaginative world of writing. During the darkest times of my life there was music that light my way, as well as poetry. You can create your own world in which you are the author. Ideas like this is like a flower that blooms in the times of darkness it shed light on the road you are walking on. This is how I found the meaning of this song. At first I have not because the way Maynard James Keenan sings give me a miunderstanding on how the song really means but as you infuse yourself to the song and what it means it will clear the path for you and you will finally understand what it really means.

© 2022 John Artchie Rivera

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