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3 Games That Could Be in Squid Game Season 2

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The Netflix show ‘Squid Game’ has been one of the greatest series of its kind. It has been a sensation in TV shows enabling it to become the most popular program of 2021. Season 1 has received critical acclaim and a global fan base, becoming a cultural phenomenon in presenting Korean games to people. The success of Season 1 has been huge, and many people are asking for a second season. Although Netflix did not have plans for a second season in the works, the huge demand will definitely lead to a second season.

There have been many speculations on the kind of competitions that could be in the second season. There have been suggestions such as rock-paper-scissors and other fun sports. Although the show's first season focuses on Korean childhood games, several other competitions could feature in the second instalment.

The Rise of South Korea

South Korea has been on the rise recently, displaying its culture to the world. The show puts the nation on the map and has become the center of attention in recent years. K-pop, K-drama, Korean barbecue, and other Korean delicacies have been some of the recent export from the country to the rest of the globe. The world has received South Korean culture, and people continue to want more of it. In late September 2021, South Korea blessed the world again with its culture through the show ‘Squid Game’.

The support for the show is huge. Although the creator and director of the show, Hwang Dong-hyuk, did not anticipate making a sequel, there has been a huge demand for the second season. There are many concepts made for season two, and many people are having fun. Season 2 might be far away, but some new sports could feature as the director seeks to focus on other Korean pastimes.

Korean Games in Squid Game Season 2

The upcoming season of the series could feature some of the following competitions. Three games might make an appearance in the sequel. Although the sports might not be exclusive to South Korea, they might feature in other Asian cultures, and there is a likelihood that they could appear in the sequel.

Jegichagi (제기차기)

One children game that might appear in the second season of Squid Game is Jegichagi. It is one of the most popular Korean children pastimes. It involves kicking a bundle of coins covered using paper or clothing tied together using rubber bands or string. The bundle can be coins or pebbles and resembles a shuttlecock used to play badminton. The name of the bundle is 'Jegi', and 'chagi' means to kick. It shares similarities to other pastimes like hacky sack and Keepie-Uppie. The aim is to kick the bundle without dropping it. The person who kicks the 'Jegi' for the longest is the winner. There are many variations of the game.

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The sport is suitable for teams or individuals where they can play against each other. It would be perfect for the sequel as it could involve a challenge like using only one foot to kick without dropping the ball. It would be fun to see participants trying to play. It would be challenging and in line with the theme of the show of eliminating many contestants simultaneously. Instead of using the traditional 'Jegi', the director could make it fun by adding other twists to challenge the participants for the audience's enjoyment. Many international viewers would appreciate the sport because it shares similarities with their childhood games. In the world, many cultures have a similar sport and can appreciate its inclusion.

Tuho-nori (투호놀이)

Tuho-nori or Tuho is another game that might feature in the second season of the series. The other name is ‘Pitch-pot’. It involves throwing an arrow or 'Hwal Sal' from a distance into a long, narrow pot or 'Tuho Tong' made of ceramic or wood. The activity has its origins in China. It is a favourite Chuseok and New Year’s pastime in Korea. The participants receive several arrows to throw, and the person with the most arrows in the pot wins. Traditionally, it is a drinking game where the losers have to drink for each arrow missed. It will be a great addition to Squid Game Season 2 because of the Korean drinking culture. Drinking is popular in the region, especially during the holidays, and Tuho-nori is a staple during festivities. The sequel would be fun to see players trying to keep their balance and play while drunk. It will be entertaining to see a drunken master kind of Tuho with intoxicated participants making impossible shots while drunk.

Biseokchigi (비석치기)

A game that might be in Squid Game Season 2 is Biseokchigi or ‘hitting the tombstone’. Although it is not the most popular, it will be a good replacement for the marble game (구슬치기). The gameplay involves two teams opposite to each other trying to knock over a pile of rocks or a small wooden block called a tombstone. The players have to play rock-paper-scissors to determine their team. The sport will be a great addition because it can have plot twists like in marbles where players with an alliance have to be on different teams. There are many cultures with a similar contest like India’s Lagori but without the dodge ball characteristics. The team or individual that wins is the one whose tombstone remains standing.

Other Games

Another contest that could make an appearance in the show is Yut-nori (윷놀이). A Korean board game played using wooden sticks as dice to move pieces on a paper or cloth board. It is similar to Trouble or Ludo having the same rules to the two pastimes. It is popular among K-pop stars and features in some of their videos. However, the gameplay is chess-like and might be unsuitable for the series, but there can be modifications to include it.

In Conclusion

Squid Game has made history setting new standards in cinematography. The show has been one of the best pieces of storytelling in recent years. Many people appreciate the use of Korean childhood games to depict serious situations. The first season is a hit, and there is anticipation that the second will be better. The best part of the show is the contests.

Though the competitions in Season 1 are not bad, it would be entertaining to see new games in the sequel. The director now has the resources to create more plots and storylines, entertaining to the audience. Squid Game Season 2 might take some time to hit our screens, but people will wait patiently for it. In the meantime, we can all have fun with the various comedy skits and mock trailers while speculating on what will happen in the sequel.

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