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10 Ugliest Pokémon (With Pictures) Sorry Poke Fans!


I love Pokémon and have been watching the anime/cartoon ever since I was a little child! Pokémon is still popular!

1. Stunfisk

Omg, what is it? It's very flat fish that knows electric attacks. And that smile, sorry, Stunfisk, but I just have to say you are very ugly. I know it will hurt your feelings, but at least Cilan likes you. Maybe the Pokémon creators was inspired by the cute Milotic fish Pokémon to create an ugly version like you. Again, sorry Stunfisk and Stunfisk trainers!

Cilan's Stunfisk


Pokemon Battle - Stunfisk vs Swanna

2. Probopass

This is a big nose Pokémon that's just not attractive at all. I guess its looks are okay if it's a boy. But Probopass comes in both genders. That means some of them are girls. Horror face! Sorry Probopass, I'm sure lots of trainers still want to catch you no matter what.



Probopass in Action!

3. Garbodor

This fully evolved trash Pokémon can pack a serious punch. However, it looks like a torn up trash bag with trash spilling out and it smells bad too. Sorry, such a horrible combination. It almost redeems itself in Pokémon Card Games because it can pack a serious punch with its trash attack even big tag teams are afraid of it. So, not all is bad for our Garbodor.

Garbodor is Ugly but Strong

4. Raticate and Alolan Raticate

Rats are ugly. This rat Pokémon is not powerful and it's ugly. The Kanto version is at least just okay but the Alolan region Raticate is even worse. Rats are just so dirty. The Alolan Raticate looks like it lives in city sewers.


Alolan Raticate on the left and Kanto Raticate on the right. Which one is uglier?

Alolan Raticate on the left and Kanto Raticate on the right. Which one is uglier?

Check Out Rats in Action!

5. Bruxish

Omg, this fish Pokémon is so ridiculous looking. What's up with that face, those lips, that hideous smile and that color scheme? This poor Pokémon has no way to escape its ugly looks. It can't evolve. More terrifying, this part psychic Pokémon will emit its psychic powers by grinding its teeth.


ready to release psychic powers?

ready to release psychic powers?

6. Feebas

This fish Pokémon is not only super weak but also very ugly looking. Fortunately for this fish, it will evolve into one of the most beautiful Pokémon of all time under the right trainer. Not all is bad, it just have to endure its hopefully temporary ugliness and weak fight powers. Oh wait, what if it never evolves?

Feebas Evolution Line

from ugly to beautiful via evolution

from ugly to beautiful via evolution

7. Tangrowth

This grass Pokémon is stuck with its looks because it doesn't have any evolution. That's too bad because it looks like it's having a bad hair day forever. Other than its underwhelming looks, it's not strong. So, Tangrowth is just forgotten.

Bad Hair Day?


8. Minior

This is a rock Pokémon or what is it? It has two forms, the meteor and the core. Both look very similar and not cute. Not sure who wants to train a rock but it might be powerful in some cases? I'm not sure, but just looking at it, I'm not sure if I want to train it.



9. Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn is a grass and steel type Pokémon that is based on a durian. What is a durian, you ask? Well, it's a famous Southeast Asian fruit that smells like gasoline but tastes like heaven. This Pokémon has some okay moves but will be demolished by any Pokémon that knows powerful fire moves. So, it's not cute and not strong against one of the most common type moves in Pokémon. Sorry, Ferrothorn, please run when you see Charizard.

Ferrothorn in Action!

10. Pyukumuku

This water Pokémon looks very peculiar. I think in the future generations, it might get an evolution because it just looks like it would have one. What's more disturbing is its info from the Pokedex, it will eject its internal organs to engulf its prey or fight enemies. This is just weird.



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