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15 Song Titles Containing a Kitchen Accessory

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Bill Anderson Needed a Saucer As Well As a Cup For His Classic Country Hit


Beautiful oblivion is the image that always appealed to me, but most listeners have long associated Eve6's hit with a heart in a blender. Neither of these lyrical phrases figure in the song's title, which is actually "Inside Out."

Frontman Max Collins of that Nineties band, according to the December 20 issue of Rolling Stone, has asked the various celebrities of Twitter if they like the song that hit the charts back in 1998.

No matter which way you would answer his query, there is no denying one fact about "Inside Out." By mentioning a blender in the chorus, Eve6 has left its mark with one of the most well-known songs associated with a kitchen item. Here are fifteen more tracks that follow the same theme, each one mentioning a culinary accessory in its title.

1. Pot Kettle Black by Wilco
Jeff Tweedy alludes to the adage involving the two items of cookware in the title, which boasts a half dozen other catchy tacks from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

2. Pan and Broom by Bright Eyes
Their most recent record, 2020's Down in the Weeds Where the World Once Was, stores this track about cleansing.

3. Pink Wine Sparkles in the Glass by the Guess Who
Sounding a bit more psychedelic than many of their later hits, this delicious ditty follows "These Eyes" on the Wheatfield Soul album.

4. The Needle and the Spoon by Lynyrd Skynyrd
The album from whence it comes, Second Helping, sounds like a perfect fit for a kitchen-based theme.

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5. Two Forks by Squeeze
Co-founders Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook represent the eating utensils for the tune that closes out their most recent studio album, The Knowledge.

6. Dishes by Pulp
From 1998's This Is Hardcore, Jarvis Cocker serves up a tune worthy of bigger hits like "Common People" and "Disco 2000."

7. Talking Dust Bowl Blues by Woody Guthrie
Arlo's dad wrote over three dozen songs about the Midwest dust storms from the Thirties, but this one is probably the most memorable.

8. Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin
Sharks are probably more relevant analogies in this huge standard, known mainly by the title's character's pearly white teeth.

9. Cat's in the Cupboard by Pete Townshend
Its title track could be included on this list, for an Empty Glass can usually be found in a kitchen.

10. Sink to the Bottom by Fountains of Wayne
Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlessinger hinted at their potential songwriting magic on this unsinkable single, the first from the self-titled debut.

11. Lazy Susan by Laura Nyro
That spinning storage cabinet makes an apt metaphor for the title girl, just one of many of the unique characters the folk songstress managed to paint.

12. Pantry by Lyle Lovett
Long known for his lyrical observations, Lovett for this single found inspiration from the kitchen closet.

13. Tables and Chairs by Andrew Bird
Bird establishes two dining room necessities in this title, coming from the similarly culinary album The Mysterious Production of Eggs.

14. Cup of Wonder by Jethro Tull
Songs from the Wood saw Ian Anderson harkening back to his late Sixties association with the folky Fairport Convention, but this track holds more electricity than album mates like "Solstice Bells" and "Jack in the Green."

15. Drinking from My Saucer by Bill Anderson
Refreshment holders are suitable for this religious classic, whose best line is "As I have journeyed down life's road I have reaped a lot more than I sowed, and I'm drinking from my saucer because my cup has overflowed."

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