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13 Lyrics Why Nicki Minaj is A Solid Inspiration

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There’s a reason after over a dozen years in the spotlight, she is yet to fall off as one of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry.

Scoring a spot beside Lamar, Drake and J.Cole on the ‘Mount Rap-more’ of the 2010s is one of the major indicators that even in a field of men, she could still match and even surpass their prowess


Nicki Minaj is a rapper, singer, actress, television personality, business woman, mother and wife.

This description already presents her as amazing but hearing her tell us through her music is all the more exciting.

Yes, she has had dips and falls in the course of career but it has never made her lyric game sway and that’s why we love her all the more.

This love we get to show by using her lyrics as captions, lip-syncing to her songs all the way back from her mix tape days or even yelling out the lyrics to her songs when we hear them play and even creating little fun challenges to her tracks

Having one of the strongest fan bases established i.e. the ‘Barbz’ she has proved that when you give the people what they want, they will ride for you (probably make others die for you too)

Well below are thirteen lyrics proving she is an inspiration and gives us reasons to love on…

1. “I’m the best, best, best, best”

This lyric is taken off of ‘I’m the best’ from the Pink Friday album. And I don’t think there is a contestation to that fact.

She was able to come up to the rap scene with something fresh and succeeded, carving a niche for herself and creating a way for others as well

Singing and rapping on the same song which she said on ‘Can anybody hear me?’ wouldn’t be acceptable by people got her on top.

That sure is material only from the best


2. “If I hit you then you probably gon’ sue”

Taken from ‘Chun Swae’ off the Queen Album Nicki has always had a brash approach especially in her songs sometimes talking about her goons like on ‘Out of my mind’ where she says ‘goons come through and start shooting stars’

She says that even as a woman she won’t let anyone treat her any less as she is always ready to ‘bust guns’

This is seen in her approach to the pickle juice which was once given to her when she got on set

3. “You’re like a candy store and I’m a toddler. You got me wanting more and more… of your love”

From one of the songs ranked as one of Nicki’s best songs, ‘Your love’ continues to warm hearts over 10 years after.

This showed that even though Nicki might want to rough up everyone. She still had an emotional side to her

Comparing herself to a toddler who has a craving of love like candy is not just the sweetest thing but the cutest

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4. “I, I, I, I am Zolanski”

‘Wave your hand if you look good’ on this song, she states that she is Roman Zolanski one of her many alter egos

Over the course of her career we have met quite a number of them; Nicki the harajuku Barbie, Nicki the ninja, Nicki Lewinsky, queen sleaze, Nicki Hendrix among others

This gives her fans something new to look out for in her music as she shows the different sides to her

Stating that as a child she had a lot of fantasies to escape her situation, this kind of gives us a peek into what that was like for her

5. “I don’t gotta talk, the Lord defends me”

On ‘I’m getting ready’ we see a spiritual side to Nicki as she reaffirms that she is a child of God and therefore untouchable

This showed that while Nicki might look or act superficial she did have deep connections that kept her grounded.


6. “Una chica mala”

On one of the biggest songs in Latin music history, Nicki slays as always.

She shows us a mastery of Spanish which just expresses her versatility in incorporating other languages to her raps

Just like in ‘Itty bitty piggy’ where she adds in Arabic; I don’t f*** with pigs like as-salamu alaykum

Her use of accents especially the British cockney makes things all the more fun as it sounds like someone else got on the track but it’s all her

7. “Plates say Chun-li”

Nicki has confirmed she is part Asian from her great-grandfather. I feel like Nicki pays tribute to that part of herself in her songs and music videos especially ‘Your love’ and ‘Chun li’

She also has a tattoo in Chinese characters that mean ‘God is always with you’

From Queens New York, she has also many times given a shout out to New York rappers and even the city as it’s where she grew up.

An example is on ‘Moment for life’ where she shouts out ‘Southside Jamaica Queens’ giving recognition to her Jamaican heritage as well


8. “Some call me Barbie. Yes, I’m lifesize”

Embracing the nickname Barbie due to her love for pink and colorful wigs

She has turned it into a staple and identity as other female rappers have started to compare themselves to dolls as well. An example is Shenseea’s Dolly

She has also stated that this pointed towards women empowerment, raising the stakes of beautiful from just slim girls to the thick ones too

9. “Only argue with him, when the Lakers on”

Basketball references are more than a common occurrence for Nicki known especially for her use of LeBron and Steph Curry in her lyrics. Which shows it doesn’t matter if she’s girly, she’s sporty too.

She said so herself on Boyz ‘still a bad b*** whether I’m sporty or I’m dressy’

10. ”I got my own Moscato”

Myx Moscato is a brand of wine beverages launched by Nicki Minaj launched in 2013

She hasn't missed an opportunity to advertise this brand of hers through her lyrics since then

Stating it in songs like Megatron, bang bang as well as no broken hearts

11. “I told him Black lives matter, im’a riot”

Basketball references are more than a common occurrence for Nicki known especially for her use of LeBron and Steph Curry in her lyrics. Which shows it doesn’t matter if she’s girly, she’s sporty too.

She said so herself on Boyz ‘still a bad b*** whether I’m sporty or I’m dressy’


12. “Spittin’ like Weezy, Foxy plus Lauryn”

Nicki has always given her influences their flowers and on the ‘Say so remix’ she does so quite nicely.

Comparing her game to Lil Wayne (whom she had called herself the female version of), Foxy Brown as well as Lauryn Hill, a major name in female rap

13. “Gotta come off IG so they can’t stalk me”

On Barbie tingz in 2018 after a long hiatus she came back with the singles Barbie tingz and Chun li

On Barbie tingz she clearly states she had to come off IG so they can’t stalk her which means even as she loves the attention she takes time for herself and stays out of the public eye valuing her privacy

She proves this even more by protecting her family from the public eye announcing her son as ‘Papa Bear’ rather than actually giving his name

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