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11 Thrilling Movies Like Now You See Me That Everyone Must Watch

Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.


Illusions are fascinating. What’s real and what’s not? Our mind fails to come to terms with what we see in front of us as magicians perform one act after another.

No wonder we love movies like Now You See Me and Catch Me If You Can. They engulf you in their world for a while, bringing a whole new world of deception and trickery into the picture.

You’d either love it and recommend it to others or see the problems that come with it, and loathe it. No matter how you see it, though, there’s no denying that it’s full of jaw-dropping action and plot-twists (a bit too many).

Take a look at the list I’ve compiled. They should fill the Now You See Me-shaped hole in your heart.

The Illusionist


The Illusionist is the story about a kid in love with a royal girl. He comes back to the village a few years later. Only now, he has a few mind-numbing illusions at his disposal. How far would he go to free his childhood love from the captivity? In an attempt to finally escape with her, he gets ready to perform an ultimate illusion – Something that almost impossible to do. What’s the trick he’s hiding under his sleeve?

I can’t spoil it anymore for you. You would want to experience the grandeur majesty first hand. It’s simple yet touching movie with a brilliant screenplay that leaves you with a big shocker to digest.

If you’re looking for good movies like Now You See Me, The Illusionist should be your best bet.

The Usual Suspects


It is said that Keyser Söze (a ruthless criminal) never forgives those who wrong him. When 4 con men are brought at a police station for questioning, they all turn out to be innocent. But then they find out something about each other – each one of them has wronged Keyser Söze in the past.

A few weeks later, only one crippled survivor remains alive. Reluctantly, he begins to tell the story of the horror he came face to face with. How much of it is true, though? Who really is this guy?

I have been watching thrillers for the past 10 years. And there are quite a few good ones amongst them. Nothing, however, comes close to The Usual Suspects in terms of delivering the shock value. From the casting to flawless direction; everything is perfect.

The Prestige - One of the best movies like Now You See Me


The Prestige is a story about the rivalry of two street magicians who’d cross all the lines to compete with each other. When one of them succeeds in creating an illusion that looks too unbelievable to be true, the other becomes obsessed with learning the trick behind it. How far will he go? Could it be real magic? With all that in mind, he delves deeper to find out the truth, spiraling things out of control.

The Sixth Sense


When a child physiatrist decides to help a kid who claims that he sees dead people, things soon start to spiral out of control. He starts questioning his own identity and sanity, leading him to a heart-breaking truth about his own life.

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No, it’s not about magic or heists. There are no jaw-dropping action sequences to keep you on the edge of your seat. The plot twist, however, would take your breath away. You never see it coming.

The Sixth Sense helped bring twist movies in light – films that focused on delivering a great plot twist somewhere between the story. Since then, films like The Others, Shutter Island, and a few others have used the same tried and tested formula to great effect.

Fast forward 17 years after its release, I’ve yet to see a movie with better plot twist. One of those rare movies that has withstood the test of time.


Inception is a movie about playing with minds that plays with your mind. It deceives you to believe that you’re in the driver’s seat all along, only to hit you with one shocker with another.

The plot revolves around a group of men, who make money by stealing people’s million-dollar ideas by invading their dreams, and selling it to interested parties for loads of money.

The protagonist, haunted by the dreams of his dead wife, wants to complete his last job and go “home”. This job, however, proves to be more difficult and life-threatening than the ones he’s completed in the past.

Instead of stealing an idea, they have to plant one. This would require going deeper into the subconscious of the victim. The deeper you go, the harder it is to keep track of time and return back to the real world. With everything at stake, how far would he go along with his team?

It’s one of those movies that’ll stay with you for a very long time. If you’re looking for some good thrillers like Now You See Me, you must try Inception.

Fight Club


The plot revolves around an insomniac ordinary worker, who’s looking to change his otherwise mundane life. Things turn upside down when he meets a soap seller, a young guy who doesn’t care much about anything. These two develop a bond with each other, forming an underground fight club that goes viral, leading to a chaotic revolution all across the country. When he finally confronts the soap seller about all the chaos, he learns the truth about himself.

Spilling anything else relating to the plot would mean giving up the whole story. You need to go in without knowing much about the plot or twists.

If you’re looking for some plot-twisting movies like Now You See Me, Fight Club should be right up your alley.

21 - An underrated movie like Now You See Me


21 is a real life story about a bright MIT student with a gift in mathematics. He needs $300,000 to get into Harvard, but he doesn’t have much money. His life changes when an unorthodox professor invites him to join a small group that’s planning to make millions in Vegas using hand signals, code talks and car counting techniques. Things, however, go awry as his greed and arrogance starts consuming him.

It’s not a perfect movie by any means. For starters, background music never felt as if it was meant for this movie. It can be distracting. It takes a lot of time in picking up the pace and developing its characters. If you can ignore these minor flaws, though, 21 is one of the most underrated thrillers like Now You See Me.

The Game


What would be an appropriate birthday gift for someone who has everything in life?

When a wealthy loner gets a membership card as a gift from his brother, he reluctantly joins it. His life turns upside down as the game starts consuming him. His organized life goes haywire in a few days as everything and everyone around him starts putting him in harm’s way.

What’s happening to him? Is it all just part of a game?

Filled with more than a few twists and turns, The Game is going to take you on a roller-coaster ride for a few minutes. It feels like a puzzle with only a few minutes to solve. You’d spend the whole time wrapping your head around it, trying to catch up with its rapidly evolving plot. Apart from the first few minutes, you won’t have any chance to take your eyes off the screen. Once his life goes to hell, it keeps descending further in chaos. Even if you’ve seen your fair share of thrillers, this one would stay with you for a long time.

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)


The plot revolves around a retired car thief who used to be pretty good with his job. When his old friend visits him, it becomes very clear that he has to get back to it once more to save his brother’s life. Can he steal 50 cars in one night?

Anyone who is into cars mustn’t miss this underrated gem. From Mercs to Eleanor; there’s a lot to feast your eyes upon. Not to mention, a good soundtrack, which is an icing on the cake.

Of course, it has its own set of problems. Not every movie has to be Oscar worthy. It’s just meant to be something that would entertain you for a while.

The Italian Job (2003) - A very good movie like Now You See Me


The Italian Job is about a group of robbers who plan a heist of 35 million dollars worth of gold bars and execute is successfully. Everything goes well up unlit one of them turns out to be a betrayer, leaving the rest of the crew for dead.

Any year later, the surviving members create a clever plan to take revenge by stealing what was theirs in the first place.

Being a remake of the original movie that came out back in 1969, there’s nothing unique about it. If you haven’t watched the original, though, I suggest you give this remake a shot. Yes, it’s another heist movie, but certainly one of the best of its kind. From stunning special effects to a thrilling story, everything is so well done.

If you’re looking for some good movies like Now You See Me, you should give The Italian Job a go.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone


The plot revolves around a duo of superstar magicians, who’ve made it big in Las Vegas. Things, however, have gone south for them because of a new street magician who’ve stolen their thunder. With every passing day, the gap between the two partners widens as the street magician continue to build a followership. Can they get back on track before it’s too late?

While the story is not meant to be taken seriously, it has an underlying message that would make you think.

Overall, a pretty good movie to watch right after a boring day at work. Give it a shot.

Da Vinci Code - A controversial movie like Now You See Me


Da Vinci Code is the story about a mysterious murder with almost no clue about the perpetrators. All they have to go on is an ancient code that could unravel the mystery behind it.

When a historian is summoned to work along with a cryptographer and a government agent in their quest of finding out the murderer, things soon spin out of control.

The movie and the book that it’s based upon have stirred controversy in the past. Despite its shortcomings, one can’t deny that the book was a page-turner. While the movie has its fair share of issues, you’d still love it for its fascinating script and flawless direction.

If you’re looking for some controversial movies like Now You See Me, you should give Da Vinci Code a go.


Megha Ginnare from BHOPAL on August 26, 2020:

Is Da Vinci Code in any way related to Dan Brown Da Vinci Code? Because I have already read the book.

Rahul Pandey (author) from Delhi, India on June 25, 2020:

Oh.I concur.

Jodian Patterson from Jamaica on June 03, 2020:

loved Inception, the constant wonder of it

Ced Yong from Asia on September 28, 2016:

I watched 21 on a plane and it was surprising engrossing. Must say I learned some "things" from it too. Ahem.

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