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10 K-Pop Solo Works I Find Myself Listening to Often

For those who don't know K-pop stands for Korean pop music, however, it is not restricted to Korean listeners anymore and has gathered a huge fanbase all over the world. You might definitely have that one friend in your peer circle who just can't get enough of this k-pop music and talking about it all the time.

It is basically a combination of dance routines, songs and live stages that fans always await.The music videos showcase a unique piece of talent and innovation and something not only the younger audience but the adults too are fascinated by .

1.Still with you (Jungkook BTS)

It is a solo song by a member of BTS, the international k-pop sensation.

Wrote and produced by jeon jungkook.

Genre: k-pop song

You can get similar vibes from the song rain by BTS.

It is very heart-touching with the raindrops in the backtrack and amazing harmonies that bring so much more emotions into the song. It is a song for BTS's fanbase i.e. ARMY. He talks about how he misses his fans and is trying his best to keep calm with the situation and that he awaits the moment when he will be able to meet his fans again. The song was released during BTS festa, which was the boy-band's seventh anniversary.


You can listen to this song on Soundcloud

2.Nerves( DPR IAN / Christian yu)

He is definitely one of my favourite soloists out there. The song is from his 2021 album -Moodswings in this order.


3.5 Star (Cl)

She was part of 2NE1 . But is releasing her solo work these days and not the mention it is mind-blowing.


4. Try (Park won)

One of my favourite discoveries from last year is this talented man.


5. So beautiful (DPR IAN / Christian yu)

Give it a listen and thank me later.


6. Ending scene (IU)

IU is really popular overall and has a lot of amazing work out there but this one just touches my heart.


7. Only then (Roy kim)

This is a sweet blessing to our ears, you might end up crying because of vulnerable the lyrics are.


8.All of my life(Park won)

The song has a special significance to me and I would appreciate it if you try giving it a listen.


9.My time (Jungkook BTS)

Did I mention Jungkook is my favourite vocalist in the freaking world, and this song is one of the reasons why. R&b Jungkook is just another level of my taste in music.


10.Maria (Hwa sa MAMAMOO)

This young lady never disappoints. She is part of a K-pop girl group MAMAMOO, all four members possess powerful and soothing vocals. I guarantee you cannot resist her music.


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