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How to Become Famous: Top Tips + Valuable advice, Information and Contacts

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It's not always about talent, or what you know or who you know. It can be how hard you work - or how lucky you are.


Everyone wants to be famous right?..... wrong! I wouldn't want fame for all the money in the world. I'll be keeping my privacy. In fact, thinking about it, most people I believe don't want fame, but if you are one of the many people that do, then here's some help to get you on your way. Becoming famous can be possible for anyone, including you.

Table of Contents

  • Become Famous - reality & talent shows
  • Become Famous - being you - natural raw talent
  • Your Likeability - personality
  • Being famous is one thing, but being famous and successful is another
  • Contacts - take the first step today.

Become Famous - Reality & Talent Shows

One of the easiest ways to become famous is by entering a reality show. We all know someone famous just for appearing on one. It's hard to turn on the TV without seeing one of those shows. You don't even need to win to be successful. Appearing and being seen — is all it takes. Contestants who were awful or very funny (Jedward) have also become famous for their "lack" of talent.

Susan Boyle became an overnight worldwide sensation from her first appearance at the 'Britain's Got Talent auditions. She came second and still went on to achieve international success. Members of the boy band 'One Direction' appeared on the UK version of 'X Factor. They came third.

Stay-at-home mum Nadiya Hussain rose to fame after winning the sixth series of 'The Great British Bake Off'. She now appears on every show with the word "celebrity" in it. She has her book and food range. All these people were unknown before entering those reality shows.

Video; Singers who Shocked the World: Britain's Got Talent

American singer, songwriter, and actress Mandy Moore was 13 when she started working on her music, when one day, she was overheard by a FedEx delivery who sent a copy of her demo to his friends at Epic Records.

Anyone can become famous without ever leaving their bedroom. Justin Bieber came from a small town in Canada. He started singing in his bedroom and decided to upload his songs to YouTube. It didn't take long for him to be signed up and become a global superstar.

Don't worry if your voice is not perfect, because many well known singers can't always sing in tune and often rely on auto-tune and other tools on stage and in the recording studio.

Do you have the 'X' factor? Luckily for some, they're born with it — most people have to acquire it. So find something you're good at and share it with the world. No matter where you live, all you need is a computer, an Internet connection — and that something special.

Become Famous - Being You - Natural Raw Talent

Are you good-looking, with beautiful eyes, good teeth and body proportions? If so, become a model like one of the world's richest supermodels. Very easy and without any skills other than looking beautiful.

However, some people may think they're unattractive, but they will have something special or some quirkiness about them and be very photographic. Some people don't look like much, but take their photo, and you'll see something special. If that's you, enter beauty pageants and competitions. You don't need to win to be spotted by a model scout.

Award winning actress, Anya Taylor-Joy was scouted as a model while she was walking her dog.

If you win a local beauty competition, you can become Miss England or Miss World. Being a part of the competitions can open doors and be a stepping stone into acting.

Ashton Kutcher had no intention of being an actor while studying at the university of Iowa. But while at a bar, he was encouraged to enter a modeling competition which he won. That led to all his TV and film roles.

New contacts give you a better chance of doing what you want. Because maybe, your real passion and desire in life are not just to look good.

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Not keen on modelling and want to be a music star? Every band and group has at least one good-looking member who cannot sing very well but look the part (Posh Spice). Is that you? If you can't sing and don't look good but have a great voice, be a voice actor. Maybe you can imitate famous people's voices? If so, become an impressionist.

Become famous by being a freak of nature. You will need to have an extremely large or small body — be very tall or short — or have an extraordinary disease or condition which shocks the world, like conjoined twins or the elephant man.

Perhaps you are covered from head to foot in tattoos or body piercings. Or your entire body is covered with hair like the famous wolf boys. You could end up being a World Record Breaker.

Many people have become famous online for being the world's ugliest people, but that won't pay the bills. Or get you the VIP treatment, and not something worth bragging about.

Freaks of Nature - Extraordinary Human Body Records

Are you naturally athletic, faster or stronger than everyone you know? Can you kick, throw or even hit a ball better than the rest? If so, sports can be a great route to fame and success, especially If you can run that millisecond faster or throw or jump that millimetre higher or further than anyone.

If you love playing PC games, then make a career out of it by being a famous pro gamer, also known as 'elite athletes'. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the youngest professional gamer is 'Victor De Leon III', who signed a contract when he was seven. He got his big break for playing Halo, which he started when he was four.

Muscular guys (and women) are often wanted for parts in the film and entertainment industry, so get pumping, especially if you already have a great structure and look.

With a built-up body, you could be a security guard for someone already famous. Imagine, hanging around with one of your idols while being paid for the privilege to protect them.

Continued - Natural Raw Talent

Do you have excellent writing skills and imagination? If so, you could be the next successful author. If this is your chosen path, a high school degree helps. Perhaps painting is your thing. You could be the next 'Van Gogh' or 'Banksy'.

Are you inventive or creative? If so, inventing something is a sure way to become famous. Just like 'Erno Rubik', the inventor of the 'Rubik's cube'. Sometimes, inventions are created purely by accident, so keep experimenting with anything and everything.

Many people have found fame by making cosmetic tutorials and reviewing video games and films online. Even cooking tutorials can lead to working on one of the many cooking TV shows.

If you love doing crazy, weird, or ridiculous things, record yourself doing them and upload them to YouTube or TikTok. If any become viral, or when you have millions of subscribers and views, TV, radio, magazine, and media companies will all want a piece of you.

An easier way to become famous is to marry, date, or be a relative of someone famous. Any female who marries a footballer will automatically become famous and rich. Having a friend who knows someone famous can help get your foot in 'the backstage' door.

It doesn't matter how fat, thin, tall, or short you are. What you look like or your disabilities, there are roles for everyone in soaps, stage shows, comedies, documentaries, and films. Whether you're young or old, experience is vital.

The more skills you have, the more opportunities and doors will open for you. Lessons in singing, acting, and dance classes will help you gain experience (and be seen). Music videos, films and TV shows all need extras and walk-on part roles. Great for experience, feedback and the potential of being spotted while mingling and working with famous people. Many famous actors spent years starring in minor roles until getting their big break.

It's not just the training or skill that changes you, it's who you are as an individual (your mindset), because everyone's taught the same, but we all do them differently because our personality and individuality comes across. That's what makes some people stand out from the rest.

Acting is the ability to convince your family, friends and teachers you're telling the truth when you're lying — a career favoured by con artists.


Gain experience in acting, performing arts, and drama will help. You don't even need the x-factor. Just having the qualifications or being suitable for a role is enough

George Clooney's first role was as an extra in the television miniseries 'Centennial' in 1978. His first major role came in 1984 in the CBS sitcom 'E/R'.

The more skills you have, be it dancing, singing, skateboarding, parkour skills, or martial arts, the better your chance of being employed. Sometimes, professional gymnasts and dancers have been hired before a trained actor because they can already do back-flips, somersaults or other unique talents required for action films.

If you're a "one-trick pony", you'll need to excel in that one talent, or area of expertise to stand out.

Many casting calls/auditions are looking for a type of character for a role in a show, film, or screenplay. It might just be you. Even famous actors have to audition for film roles (unless they are an extreamly famous, established actor) and they don't always get the ones they want.

Your Likeability - Personality

If you're one of the thousands of people with talent but lack the likeability (personality) factor, it may cause problems as you'll need to work with many people who may not want to work with you.

Like most things in life, it's not what you say and do. It's how you say and do it that's key. If this sounds like you, you'll need to change your ways.

Getting along with people is very important in gaining success. Your personality, reliability, and punctuality should accompany your talent.

Many untalented people think they have talent because they have been lied to by family, friends, and acquaintances who praise them by giving them constant positive feedback when showcasing their (so-called talent). Giving a friend, family member, or even a stranger honest feedback is hard, but honesty is the best policy, especially when paying for expensive acting, singing or music lessons.

Do you sound good? Try recording yourself and play it back. Play your songs to strangers (without telling them it's you) and see their reaction. Does practise make perfect? No, practice makes better. Hiring a coach can be a good investment.

However, there are many deceitful singing and acting coaches who will continue teaching you (happily take your money), knowing "full well" you don't have a million-dollar voice, and you'll never have the voice or acting abilities to be successful

Uploading videos is a good way of promoting yourself for honest and sometimes brutal feedback.

Video: Bros - When Will I Be Famous

Being famous is one thing, but being famous and successful is another

Do you have what it takes? If so, don't let anyone or anything stop you. Never give up on your dreams because nature will/may eventfully take its course. Work hard for your talent/gift to be recognised and rewarded.

Don't let your passion become an obsession. It can take a moment or a lifetime to become famous. Patience and resilience are vital.

Being famous is not just about being a music or film star. Why not be a quizzer, magician, politician, film director, clothes designer, or gardener, including many other professions that require talent, and in some situations, an education. So think about your future.

Because as you age, your personality will evolve and change. The things you like today, you may not like tomorrow. What you were passionate about one year may have changed within the next.

Whether your dream is to be a local celebrity in your town or country or to have worldwide fame, the road trip and journey will lead you down many avenues and crossroads — from Hollywood to Bollywood and everywhere in between.

There is no specific or direct route to achieving fame. Some people are just luckier than others. No matter how unique or talented you think you are, you are certainly not alone.

Never take it personally if you are not what they are looking for. Have the mindset of boxers and comedians who always came back better and stronger each time they were knocked down or booed off the stage.

Look at famous people's Wikipedia 'early life" and 'career' pages and read about their early life and career to see how they made it. Their roads to success are not always the same route.

While looking for your big break, try not to appear too desperate. Believe in yourself. With perseverance, anything is possible (with or without help, encouragement or support of your family, friends or agent). In the meantime, don't quit your day job or studies, as you may need something to fall back on.

Showbusiness IS business.

Contacts - Take the first step today

I hope the above additional information has helped.

If you're ready to take the next step, the following websites are free to access, join, sign-up to and use. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse. Are you ready?

In the words of Clint Eastwood, "You've got to ask one question. Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk"?


  1. How to Get Into Acting
  2. How to Get On a TV show
  3. How to Get in a Band / musicans - Create Auditions
  4. How to get into modeling
  5. How To Be a Sportsperson
  6. How To Be a dancer
  7. Be a Celebrity Lookalike
  8. Promote Yourself on Social Media
  9. Final heads up

People who have 'experience' and 'qualifications' will inevitably have a higher chance of gaining work than someone without, as they may be easier to work with (more professional). However, exceptional talent (and fresh meat) can override the need for those assets, so 'show' them what you're capable of to get into 'show business'.

1. How to get Into Acting? Film. TV. or Theatre. The following are trusted websites to get acting, presenting or music video work. Some companies can have "remote" performance jobs, and some auditions you can now do from home. Sign-up, create an account and receive notifications of casting calls or roles that fit your search criteria. You may need to check your junk folder.

2. How to get on a TV Show. Contact your local TV companies directly to participate in one of their shows. You may or may not become famous, but you could win a big prize on one of their old or new shows, like 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'?. TV contacts below.

2a. How to get on a Reality TV Show. TV companies are always looking out for new contestants for their new TV shows. Apply for the ones best known for making people famous singers, and you will be guaranteed at least 15 minutes of fame or hopefully a lifetime. Contacts below

2b, How to Get on a TV talent show. For shows including talent show, singing, cooking, paining and DIY shows, apply online at their website — long before the new series starts.


Musicians - Bands - DJs - Music Venues

3. How to Join a Band and Create Auditions. Musician classified websites are great to connect with the right person for your musical talents. Make new music and meet like-minded friends.

3a. Occasional Practice Session. Complete a Line-Up or Gig, someone somewhere right now may be looking for that missing jigsaw to complete their picture. This could be you.

3b. Online Classified Advertisements and Community Websites or Newspapers to search or advertise for musicians from singers, drummers and music producers who are all looking for people with talent. Gumtree have partners in 30 plus countries.

4. How To Get Into Modelling. Beauty/Glamour. Commercial. Editorial. Fashion. Print or Editorial. Runway. New faces and bodies are always wanted — all ages and sexes, from plus-size to petite. Find the agencies that cater for what type of modelling you want. Or what category of modelling your physical attributes (face & body) has. Meaning... if one glass slipper does not fit, there are many other sized slippers on the shelf that could. Experience or a portfolio is not required, although a portfolio can be handy to show what your body looks like if you're looking for glamour modelling (without stripping off), and how different you can look in photos. Upload your photos today.

5. How To Be a Sportsperson. Professional sports people are usually spotted early at school or college by PE teachers. If you're a late developer and have just discovered your exceptional physical capabilities, join a sports club, academy or organisation. Take part in local and national competitions. If you have talent, find a sports coach starting out and also looking for their big break. They may be willing to help you for free until you make it. Note; in the sports industry, be prepared to work hard and be prepared to shed blood, sweat and tears.

  • Contact the sports agency companies related to the sport you're interested in pursuing.