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101 Things To Free With Your Tablet, While Social Distancing

Digital Library Systems


Digital Library Systems (Hoopla)

Digital Libraries are connected to your local and state libraries. They are free, when your items expire, they automatically go back and you can take them out again If you have not finished them. From the Midwest system you can get up to 25 digital items a month, per account. There is also a Roku app so you can watch your movies and TV shows on TV, through a Roku device. Now if you have 10 or 15 more downloads at the end of the month, you can borrow all of them. Movies and Shows are only out for 3 days.

1. Audio Books

2. E-Books

3. Movies

4. Shows

5. Comics

6. Music

The city as it once was.

The city as it once was.

Free TV Through Apps

There are a lot of options for free TV through apps. There are a lot of apps for channels, weird internet tv, random old shows and local channels are available for free. Some of the channels you can only get through a Roku device, but many are on your tablets.

7. Local news channels, most have apps that will keep you updated.

8. PlutoTV

9. BYU TV app, you get all their original show, if you sign in you get live TV too.

10. CW app

11. CW Ceed same company different programs

12. PBS app

13. History Channel App

14. Crackle by Sony app

15. Yahoo View

16. Popcornflix

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17. Tubi TV

18. Yidio (it actually shows you where to find the free movies)

19. Snagfilms

20. Vudu free with ads

21. FilmRise

22. Plex

23. Facebook watch

24. has a limited amount of TV and Movies that are fee with ads

25. Kanopy is similar to Hoopla

26. IMDB TV some free shows with ads

27. CrunchyRoll (some free with ads shows)

28. Comet

29. ABC

30. Shout Factory

31. Fox

32. TNT

There are probably hundreds more, but these are all the ones I know about.

25 Free Things to Do On Your Tablet


Streaming Services With Free Trails

If you are out of work during the COVID-19, you might want to suspend your cable or satellite services, or maybe you never had cable, and watched TV with friends. Here are some services that you can sign up for free trails.

33. CBS All Access

34. Pure Flix

35. Netflix

36. Hulu with ads is my current favorite

37. Amazon Prime


39. Sling

40. YouTube Premium

41. Fubo

42. Showtime

43. Starz

44. Sundance Now

45. Disney +

46. Apple TV

47. AT&T TV Now used to be direct tv

48. Xfinity Now

49. Britbox

50. Fox Nation

I didn’t use philo as an option, because you need a cell phone for the seven day trail.

Social Distancing Together


Stay Connected

Staying connected to those you love is important during these troubling times and there a lot of options to chat and even see those you love.

51. Write a letter if you can

52. Email

53. Send ecards and gifs

54. Chat with your family using apps.

Facetime, Portal, Skype, Google Are all ways you can see your loved ones without being with your loved ones. Which is a wonderful way to keep in touch with your elderly family that are at high risk of getting COVID-19.

Little Women

Reading Nook for you and your Kindle

I thought this was perfect, but it wouldn’t paste the url from pixabay

I thought this was perfect, but it wouldn’t paste the url from pixabay

More Things You Can Do online and off

55. Clean (there are apps to help)

56. Exercise

57. Practice a skill (videos can help)

58. Dance like no one is watching (youtube has music)

59. Make crafts from things you own (videos can inspire you)

60. Draw (or watch videos of drawing)

61. Paint (if you have no paint, there are painting apps)

62. Write a book (you can find books to help online)

63. Shower or take a bath ( you’ll feel better, I listen to audio Books from hoopla)

64. Keep a Schedule (apps can help)

65. Make a blanket fort and watch movies on your tablet with your kids

66. Make your own play dough (there are recipes online)

67. Try a new recipe (found online or in a book)

68. Do a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt if you don’t live alone (you could make video clues)

69. Train your dog (online videos)

70. Check out Pinterest

71. Edit your book online

72. Read a book you own, you probably have a few you haven’t gotten around to

73. Play I Spy with your kids

74. Meditate

75. Pray out loud

76. Make a list of things you are thankful for

77. Write a song

78. Write in a journal (online diaries too)

79. Learn Origami

80. Make a collage out of junk mail and old magazines

81. Fix things in your home (use online videos to learn how)

82. Learn one obscure word or phrase a day (can be found online)

83. You can use coloring books (if you have none they have apps)

84. Create a reading nook, complete with a cosy blanket, a light, end table with herbal tea, a stack of books or a kindle, or nook, or any tablet.


Online things to do that are important

85. Do your taxes, if you get a rebate it will help you buy food if you are off work

86. Check your credit score with Credit Karma or other like company

87. Window shop online (my mom found a good deal on grain free dog food)

88. Shop in your home, look through cabinets and see what you forgot about. Maybe you bought beans or rice and forgot about them. Maybe you have paint that you could use to make a portrait. you probably have forgotten things in your home that you can use now. You might not remember that hula-hoop you have in the garage or your new jump rope you got for Christmas, these things will be useful while you are social distancing.

Animals Are Great



Animals Are Wonderful

89. One set of beings is so happy you are home all the time, your pets. Animals such as dogs are wonderful because they bring down your stress levels, since they calm you down. They can also bring down high blood pressure for they same reason. They are a huge responsibility, but can be worth it. During this time you should not let your cats outside, they can contract COVID-19, though they cannot give it to you, it’s better to keep them save. You may have to invest in puppy pads or other creative ways for your puppies to “do their business” if you live in an apartment. If you cannot have a pet, you can watch cute animals videos online.

Warning, your not supposed to let your cat out at this time, they can get COVID-19, but they cannot give it to you.

Working at home


Be Productive

90. Take an online class (most master classes have free trials)

91. Harry Potter Yoga (a lot less weird than Trolls Yoga on youtub)

92. Work at home if you can

93. Learn to Fishtail braid your from youtube Tutorials it’s how I learned

94. Start a business (you research online and checking out ebooks on hoopla)

95. Start an online book club

96. Take virtual tours

97. Learn how to edit videos

98. Film a stopmotion video

99. Listen to podcasts

100. I heard peloton app is free for 75 days, some videos for yoga, bike not needed.

101. Edit photos with

102. Edit photos with PhotoLab can add moving picture effects

103. The Gutenberg project puts old out of print books online

104. Turn the tablet off and hang out with family.

105. Remember if your device dies and you still want to use, you can plug in and watch a video, but don’t hold or touch it, it will break the device.


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. How should you never do?
    • Greet people by hugging them and lick their face like a puppy
    • Way high at a safe distance.
    • Stay at home if you are sick.
  2. What should you always do?
    • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and don’t your face.
    • Hang out in a large crowd like those spring breakers, some of which did get COVID-19
    • Go to work sick and cough on everyone.
  3. If you are over 65 or at risk in other ways, what should you do?
    • Stay at home and try to limit contact with other people.
    • Have a huge party and all your friends
    • Watch epidemic movies all day long.
  4. If you or someone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19
    • Stay at home and avoid contact with others
    • Monitor your symptoms.
    • Call a doctor for advice
    • Go to the hospital if your symptoms get to bad
    • All of the above

Answer Key

  1. Greet people by hugging them and lick their face like a puppy
  2. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and don’t your face.
  3. Stay at home and try to limit contact with other people.
  4. All of the above

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