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10 Songs About Drug Addiction

Joe is a writer, music composer and guitar teacher. He has been writing professionally for the last 10 years. He resides in New York City.


Sadly, a lot of musicians have to deal with drug addiction. Either from personal experience or from watching a family member or friend deal with it. They aren't too shy about it and it shows in their music. It has inspired a lot of songs ranging from being pro-drug use to showing the terrible effects it can have on people.

10. Neil Young - The needle and the damage done

This song is written by Neil Young and performed by him solely. You can almost hear him cry as the song was written about two friends of his that were battling addition at the time. It really conveys the message of loneliness that one finds from using drugs. If you need something to inspire another to quit and clean up their act then this might be the song for them.

9. Aerosmith - monkey on my back

This song reflects a personal battle that the band endured using drugs and that they were able to get clean. They wanted to spread the message of living clean so they cursed in the song to get people to listen closer. I'm sure this song deterred a few people from continuing their drug habit.

8. Third eye blind - semi charmed life

This upbeat song actually has a bad and sad story about using crystal meth and losing pretty much everything that a person had in life. Knowing that the person who is with you is only pretending to be happy and that you're struggling to get through the day would certainly take a good bulk of the charm out of your life as well.

7. Black Sabbath - snowblind

The 70's, infamous for disco, bell bottoms, bad hairdos and drugs. Cocaine is especially one of them. And this song definitely delivers the message of cocaine use. Ozzy's personal experience with the drug helped this classic song lyrics be penned even though they were written by the bassist Geezer Butler.

6. The Mars Volta - De-Loused In The Comatorium

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So this is actually an entire album about a drug induced coma. A man by the name of Cerpin Taxt takes too much morphine and rat poison and ends up in a week long coma. Even though the story itself is fictional it does stem from a real life situation of a friend of the band members who committed suicide.

5. Kickstart my heart - Motley Crue

The story behind this song is that the bassist Nikki Sixx had overdosed on heroin. His heart actually stopped. The paramedics came and gave him a shot of adrenaline when they saw his heart wasn't beating. He was immediately revived and he got up and left to get more heroin. This song was written due to this experience.

4. Master of puppets - Metallica

Those who aren't familiar with the lyrics wouldn't realize that this song is about shooting up drugs and snorting drugs. With lines such "veins that pump with fear" and "chop your breakfast on a mirror" it becomes apparent very quickly that this song shows the dark, manipulated side of drug addiction. James Hetfield went to a party and saw people using drugs and it inspired the whole band to write this song. This song takes on the perspective that the drugs are controlling the user and not the other way around. It shows the insidious deception of drugs and how they control people and slowly kill the user.

3. Hurt - Nine inch nails

This song was written by Trent Reznor and is about heroin addiction. The tone of the song is perfect for conveying the feeling of drug addiction. Johnny Cash heard this song and because of his own experiences with drugs related to this song and covered the song himself. Many people say that his version is better but it's up to the listener to decide. Either version you listen to has that tone about it. Dark and erie. Just like the addiction itself.

2. Should be higher - Depeche Mode

This song deals with the troubles of alcoholism rather than drugs. But anyone who's had a problem with either knows that the addiction problem is still the same. In Depeche Mode fashion they play dark sinister synth sounds To convey the emotion of uncontrollable addiction. One of the few Depeche Mode songs that was written by the lead singer it depicts his own battles with alcohol addiction.

1. Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song was originally written as a poem by the lead singer Anthony Kiedis when he was feeling a separation from him and his bandmates due to him being clean from drugs and them still using drugs. In the song he talks about how he's very much alone due to him getting clean. But it said the ends up with him caving in and going back to using drugs. It's no secret that the Red hot chili peppers had a lot of struggles with drugs over their career. But the honesty in this song is truly conveyed and not just the music but the singing and the lyrics as well. Making it one of their most memorable songs.

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