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10 of the Worst Dishes in Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

I've been a fan of Gordon Ramsay since he started his television career with 'Boiling Point.' He has been a star ever since.

Pantaleone's Sausage Pizza


Pete Fafalios claimed to have the best Pizza in Denver. He even shows off accolades he gained decades ago.

Gordon orders a sausage pizza to sample the so called "best pizza in Denver." What he discovers is a colossal disappointment. He gets a thick gigantic pizza enough to feed two families.

Waitress Celestina tells Gordon that what he got was the "thin crust" version and this astounds Gordon.

Because the crust is so thick, the pizza dough ended up being undercooked and parts of it were raw and doughy.

There was so much grease in the pizza and the cheese and sausage toppings were falling off.

To prove how bad the pizza was, Gordon did a taste taste among the locals. He pitted Pete's pizza against a popular local Italian pizza and a store bought frozen pizza. The Italian pizza restaurant placed first with 75%, the frozen pizza placed second with 15% and Pete's pizza was third with a mere 10%.

Pete was surprised to be beaten by a frozen store bought pizza.

So much for the "best pizza in Denver."

Sushi Ko's Sushi Pizza


Gordon meets the owners of Sushi Ko - Akira and Lisa.Akira recommends Gordon a curious fusion dish - the sushi pizza.

This immediately elicits a negative reaction from Lisa and she says she does not like the sushi pizza.

This reaction from Lisa further arouses Gordon's curiosity.

Gordon then proceeds to look over the menu and order. He sees the sushi pizza in the menu and decides to order it. Ashleigh then warns Gordon about ordering it.

The sushi pizza is a concoction of rice, salmon, crab and mayonnaise. Gordon says it is rancid and immediately decides to see the chef. Gordon gets triggered.

Gordon then lashes on Akira and the kitchen staff. He tells them how bad the food was. Gordon describes the sushi pizza as hideous, disgusting, an insult to Japanese culture and an insult to pizza houses.

Gordon then reprimands Akira on how he can serve such gunk.

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Park's Edge Grilled Caesar Salad


Making a salad is maybe one of the easiest things to prepare for a chef. All you need to do is mix the ingredients and the dressing. You do not even to cook most types of salad.

Gordon is surprised at the grilled lettuce and immediately calls the attention of the diners. Gordon makes fun of the grilled lettuce and then proceeds to taste the salad.

Gordon is not happy with it as the chicken is dry and the salad is too spicy for his taste.

Trobiano's Chicken Wrapped Shrimp


Anthony Trobiano convinced his future father-in-law to help fund his dream of having his own restaurant. Even with no restaurant experience, Anthony thinks he can do nothing wrong in the kitchen.

Anthony is not devoid of culinary skill. He just thinks he has more skill than he actually has. He comes up with a strange dish called a chicken wrapped shrimp.

Gordon tastes the dish and thinks the dish does not make sense. The dish has a nice presentation but it looks like chicken and tastes like shrimp.

Gordon then tells Joe, the future father-in-law, that the shrimp is like a rubber bullet.

Joe then relays the information to Anthony and Anthony is in disbelief that Gordon does not like his food.

Burger Kitchen's California Burger


A typical California burger is a standard cheeseburger with avocado or guacamole and bacon. It is supposed to be sweet, savory and salty.

The burger kitchen's version looks like a common cheeseburger with a gigantic one pound patty. Having such a thick patty makes it difficult to cook thoroughly.

As Gordon Ramsay fans would know, Gordon loves his meat medium rare. This burger however was raw. The bread was also no good as it was sweet and doughy.

The burger is not appealing either as the buns seems to small for the sheer size of the burger patty. The burger goes not look properly proportioned.

Chappy's Steak and Lobster Rocket


The steak and lobster rocket was supposed to be a good combination of surf and turf. You have a cut of fillet mignon and it is topped by a piece of lobster tail.

The execution was not that good however. The fillet mignon was buttefly cut and pounded. The waiter TJ says that Chappy beats the crap out of the fillet.

Gordon thought this was a waste of good fillet as it was the best cut of beef.

Gordon is suspicious of the lobster tail and asks TJ to sample it. TJ could not even swallow it as it was too chewy and rubbery.

Gordon wanted to have Chappy take a rocket back to New Orleans.

The Black Pearl's Lobster Rolls


The Black Pearl had a great concept. It aimed to be a premier seafood restaurant in the heart of New York City.

The signature dish in the restaurant were its three lobster rolls - the Connecticut, Maine and New York lobster rolls.

The bread in the lobster rolls was soggy and the lobster itself was tasteless. Gordon reprimands David for the tasteless food and David says that these are exactly how it is done in Maine.

Davide's Eggplant Involtini di Melanzane


Gordon is an advocate of using fresh ingredients. Frank, however, does not share in that belief.

Frank is a very lazy cook and prepares his eggplants way in advance. This batch was made three weeks ago and he merely reheats them. Frank does not work hard and does not come early to prep ingredients .

Heck, his parents are even the ones who fry the eggplants.

The Eggplant Involtini di Melanzane is served to Gordon and he senses that they are not fresh. He suspects they are a week old. Much to his surprise, it was not one week old but three weeks old.

Hot Potato Cafe's Baked Potatoes


When you would go to a place called the "Hot Potato Cafe," you expect to get freshly cooked potato dishes. This is not the case however.

Gordon tries out the baked potato and finds out that it is a three-week old potato that was already scalped of its flesh as it was already sold as a mashed potato. So basically Gordon was eating three-week old potato skins.

Blackberry's Chitlins


Gordon Ramsay knows that chitlins are the intestines of a pig. However there is no reason for the chitlins to have a funny smell.

The waitresses have a pray over so that Gordon does not get food poisoned by the chitlins. After sampling the chitlins, Gordon immediately goes to the restroom and throws up.

Instead of seeing if Gordon is okay, the restaurant's owner Shelly laughs at Gordon's predicament and infers that Gordon is simply not used to soul food.

Worst Kitchen Nightmares Dishes

© 2018 Jan Michael Ong


Jan Michael Ong (author) from Metro Manila, Philippines on November 25, 2018:

Gordon commented that the chitlins smelled funny.

Neil B Roberts from Brighouse, West Yorkshire on November 25, 2018:

It has to be the chitlins. You can't have worse than making Gordon Ramsay vomit.

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