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10 of the Laziest People From Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares Second Edition

I've been a fan of Gordon Ramsay since he started his television career with 'Boiling Point.' He has been a star ever since.

Sebastian Di Modica


Sebastian Di Modica has a lot riding on his restaurant as he and his wife put a lot into it.

Sadly, Sebastian's mind was filled with delusions of grandeur and was thinking of franchising his restaurant even before it became successful, he was also so focused on his gimmick of menu combinations rather than focusing on producing food people would love to eat.

The pizzas were supposed to be a highlight of the restaurant but were lazily made. Sebastian used frozen crusts instead of fresh hand tossed ones. The ingredients in the toppings were not much fresher either.

Sebastian took a lot of shortcuts in food preparations instead of doing it from scratch as many prestigious restaurants would.

Chef Ricky Brewer


Chef Ricky Brewer worked for a restaurant called Lela's.

Ricky acted like someone from the hood instead of acting like a proper chef.

Most of the menu was made processed frozen ingredients instead of fresh ingredients. This has led to the food being substandard.

The only benefit of this is that the food arrives in record time as the ingredients are premade.

Because of this, waitress Tabitha has become embarrassed to serve the food and this has led to a squabble between her and Ricky.

Joseph Cerniglia


Joseph Cerniglia bought the Campania just a year and a half ago but already the restaurant was in the brink of bankruptcy.

Enter Gordon Ramsay.

Despite the future of Joseph's family depending on the success of Campania, Joseph treated the business like a frat house instead of a proper business establishment.

The crew of the Campania would be fooling around most of the time and there were no standards in terms of food quality and speed of service.

Everything was done without much effort and care.

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How Joseph can be so lazy when his family's future hangs in the balance is anyone's guess.

Chef Michel Bardavid


Chef Michel Bardavid is a French Chef and France is known as a country that produces great chefs. In fact, some of Gordon's mentors were French chefs.

While Michel exerted more effort than many chefs featured in Kitchen Nightmares, he was very lazy in terms of cleaning his kitchen and walk-in freezer. He was a very filthy chef who did not maintain his kitchen properly and did not manage his kitchen inventory well.

Michel thought of himself as a greater chef than what he actually was.

Anthony Trobiano


Anthony Trobiano studied to be a chef but never paid his dues and never worked at a restaurant.

Working at a restaurant would have done wonders for Anthony.

Instead, he chose to take his father in-law's money and put up a restaurant of his own.

Anthony was so confident of his ability that he did not even taste his food. He also thought that it was beneath him to clean his own kitchen.

This was clear laziness on his part as most chefs cook and also clean their kitchen.

David Leonard


David Leonard spent majority of the episode antagonizing Gordon Ramsay which is ironic since it was David's idea to bring in Chef Ramsay to help save the Black Pearl.

When Chef Ramsay was there, David pretended to care and was even expediting at one point.

Normally though, David does not do this.

He is seldomly in the restaurant and does not communicate much with the two other owners. He did not exert enough effort to keep the restaurant going.

When Chef Ramsay renovated the place, David spent the time criticizing the changes instead of thanking Chef Ramsay and his team for their efforts.



Body builders, Jim, Tanner and Scott owned Jack's Waterfront in St Clair Shores, Michigan.

While the area is a party place in the summer and is jam packed with people, it is a desolate wasteland in winter.

The three friends hired AJ, Tanner's father, to be the general manager. He did not do a good job in the kitchen so they put him in front of house.

AJ drinks and socializes but does not do anything to improve the bottom line of the restaurant. They are paying him $100,000 a year to do nothing.

In AJ's stint as manager, the restaurant has lost money and has gained a reputation as a place with bad food.

He has not exerted effort in improving the restaurant and making it profitable.

Sammy Settembre


Sammy Settembre claims to have a nice place with good food and wonders why his business is not doing so well.

Gordon soon discovers that Sabatiello's uses a lot of shortcuts in terms of food preparation as the food is just reheated instead of being prepared fresh daily.

He orders a Wedding Soup, lasagne and the New York Strip steak. All three are a disappointment as they lacked freshness and flavor.

Gordon learns that the food was made days ago and that the food was not properly seasoned.

The restaurant also used low quality ingredients.

Using reheated food is a lazy way to run a proper restaurant.

Sammy Settembre was guilty of this.



Vic ran a failed restaurant called the Fiesta Garibaldi. He marries Yolanda and she and her daughter Patty provide him fresh capital and he restarts operations. He rebrands his restaurant Fiesta Sunrise.

Vic uses the exact same concept, same recipes and same way of running business.

Now, he is back at square one. His business is in debt, owes taxes to the government and is facing closure. He has also ruined Patty's credit.

Vic does not clean his kitchen on a regular basis and makes buckets worth of food which sits there for days or even longer.

This is health hazard as some of the food starts smelling.

Vic apparently does not care about cleaning or serving substandard food. His lack of effort or care is ruining his business.

Chef Pinto


Chef Ramsay calls people who are lazy and incompetent "donkeys."

It appears the description fits Chef Pinto to a tee.

He relies on freezing food and just reheating them when they are ordered.

He is also not very creative and buys out of season produce and this costs more.

A good chef must be creative and be able to also help the restaurant's bottom line.

Chef Pinto's food is not very good either as it is not prepared with effort, passion and care.

© 2020 Jan Michael Ong

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