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10 of the Laziest People From Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares First Edition

I've been a fan of Gordon Ramsay since he started his television career with 'Boiling Point.' He has been a star ever since.

Martin Hyde


Martin Hyde was the general manager of Dillons.

The struggling Indian restaurant was truly was a kitchen nightmare as it had slow service, poor sanitation and awful food.

Mohammed Islam is the owner of the restaurant and he has three managers to make sure things run smoothly. However, Martin was the head of the operation.

Martin seems to have taken things for granted as he can frequently be seen on his phone and can even be seen sleeping while the waitress caresses his hair.

Martin kept blaming everyone else instead of accepting responsibility.

In the end, Mohammed fires Martin and hires Vikas Khanna, an excellent chef, to help him turn his business around.

Martin even tried to sue Ramsay for £500,000 for making him look bad on the show.

Peter Pellegrino


Peter Pellegrino looks like an extra from a Goodfellas movie.

He tries to act tough but oftentimes acts like a big baby.

There was a time Peter's was a successful restaurant. However, Peter has helped run it to the ground.

Peter picks up Gordon in his fancy car. He used the funds from the business to pay for it.

He has likewise used business funds to buy designer clothes and to fix his teeth.

When Peter is in the restaurant, he just mooches from it by eating free food and stealing money from the cash register. He also treats his friends to free food.

Peter does nothing to make the restaurant successful as he does not help at all.

The restaurant is in debt and the kitchen equipment is in bad need of replacement.

Peter may act like a big shot but he is nothing more than a bum.

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Jim and Jeff Thiel


Jim and Jeff Thiel are identical twins.

Despite being adults though, they act like little children. They are not only childish in terms of their antics, but also in terms of being responsible.

The twins are very lazy and their staff has thrown them under the bus for it.

Capri, their restaurant, is struggling financially yet they only open at 4:00 pm. and miss out on the breakfast and lunch crowd. They are also closed on Monday and Tuesday. The twins would rather watch television or play poker than actually work.

Gordon inspects the restaurant and it has not been cleaned and maintained for ages. The upholstery is old. Dust is everywhere and the seats have pasta sauce in them. The tables also have chewing gum stuck underneath them.

Not only is the dining area filthy but the same goes for the kitchen.

No care and effort goes into preparing the food either and it ends up being substandard.

It is a shame as Capri has been in the community since 1963 and has gone downhill since the twins bought it.

Jake Konstantinidis


Jake is the co-owner of El Greco, a Greek restaurant.

Despite being an adult, Jake acts like a teenager and lacks responsibility. He has to be told what to do by his mom.

Jake does not exert much effort in the restaurant. The food is just reheated in a microwave instead of being prepared fresh.

Jake also arrives around noon and does not help prepare the ingredients at all. His mom arrives early in the morning to help prepare for lunch and dinner while Jake is still dozing off.

This has caused tension between mother and son and Gordon had to step in a referee the situation.

Natalie Michon Wilson


Michon's was named after Natalie Michon Wilson - the daughter of Al and Gaye Wilson. The couple intended to pass the business on to their daughter when the time was right.

Initially, things went well as Al was a capable leader and businessman. However, due to a medical condition, Al could no longer manage the restaurant and it was up to Natalie to take the reins.

Unfortunately, Natalie is very lazy. She just sits around her office doing nothing and only passes by the kitchen to grab some food.

The standards of the restaurant have fallen as the food is no longer fresh and many guests walk out unsatisfied.

Brian Mazzio


Buddy Mazzio is a retired policeman and has put his life savings into Finn McCool's - an Irish themed restaurant.

His family works at the restaurant. and his son Brian is the head chef.

Brian is very lazy and does not exert much effort in preparing his food. He also does not prepare menus in advance. This is detrimental to the success of the restaurant as they cannot take advantage of special occasions.

He also drinks on the job and does not clean his kitchen on a regular basis.

Buddy himself said that if Brian was not his son, he would have fired him already.

Lisa Bell Caradonna


Lisa is the wife of Marc and co-owns Barefoot Bobs.

While Marc tries his best to keep things afloat, Lisa does nothing to help. She spends her time on the phone and at times goes on vacation by herself.

This has led to theories by the viewers that she is cheating on Marc.

This is truly heartbreaking as Lisa can be seen fooling around the whole episode while the weight of the world is in Marc's shoulders.

Chef Doug


There was a time that Seascape was the talk of the town and was jam packed every weekend. They were doing three hundred covers on a Saturday night easy.

When the original owner passed away, his wife and son managed the restaurant. Things went downhill from then on. The place was filthy and standards have gone down.

To compound the problem, their chef, Doug, had become complacent and lazy. His food is outdated and he stopped cleaning his kitchen. His sous chef Charles is no better and is equally as lazy.

Chef Doug stopped caring and even insulted Gordon by refusing to taste his food.

This led to Chef Dough getting canned as the restaurant needed change.

Michael Millan Fernandez


Antonio Fernandez started the Spanish Pavilion in 1976 and it was a success. He left it to his daughter Balbina and to her sons Michael and Jerry.

Sadly, the brothers were not able to keep the high standards that Antonio kept and the once popular restaurant had fallen on hard times.

To make matters worse, Michael ended up being the head chef and spends his time talking and texting on his cellphone and slacking off rather than actually preparing food.

Michael is also very confrontational and even attacked one of his cooks.

He also overbuys food and it ends up just rotting. He has no idea of proper inventory protocols and how to store and manage food ingredients properly.

Nino Cristiano


Nino is perhaps one of the laziest people to be featured on the show. He claims to exert a lot of effort cleaning the restaurant yet the restaurant is a mess and is filthy.

His siblings threw Nino under the bus and say he watches too much television. They also call him out for his various excuses.

Nino refuses to take any responsibility in the restaurant and would not take any of the blame for the restaurant's shortcomings.

He even argued with Gordon a lot during their episode.

He proved not worthy of having the restaurant named after him.

© 2020 Jan Michael Ong

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