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10 of the Most Luxurious Houses of the Rich and Famous

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It is beyond doubt that the rich and famous live in mansions that most people dream and work hard to own. This is one of the pros of being wealthy. However, there is a group of rich and famous individuals that have surpassed the expectations of many by building/purchasing luxurious houses. These homes are not only spacious but feature a lot of amenities and exceptional designs. Here is a list of the ten most luxurious celebrity homes.

1. Bill Gates - $125 Million

At the top of our list is Bill Gate’s home which is estimated to amount to a whopping $125 million. This may not be shocking news since, over the past few years, Bill Gate’s has amassed an enormous amount of wealth. It is only obvious that he ranks high when it comes to the list of owning luxurious houses.

Gate’s home extends to over 66,000 square feet. It boasts of having 7 well-furnished bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, 6 kitchens and a state of the art library that uses up 2,100 square feet of his property. The $125 million home also consists of a sauna fitted with a steam room, trampoline room, and an underwater music system. As if that’s not enough, Bill also built a human-made stream within his compound and stocked trout and salmon fish.

The gate’s mansion is also equipped with modern day security. The floors are pressure sensitive, and all guests who visit are furnished with microchip pins that are used to monitor their location and regulate temperatures to suit their preference


2. Oprah Winfrey - $88 Million

Over the years, Oprah’s Home in Monecito, CA has been referred to as ‘The Promised Land.’ And, just by the look of it, it really is the Promised Land. The 42-acre estate features a Neo-Georgian home style with 6 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. It also entails a gourmet kitchen, a wine cellar, and two theatres both indoors and outdoors. The landscape is well designed with covered and uncovered terraces. There is a human-made lake stocked with fish, a koi pond, rose gardens, an entertainment section. The guest house is also built with a separate swimming pool.

3. Jay Z and Beyoncé – $88 Million

The two celebrities boast of having one of the best homes compared to other musicians. The property had an initial asking price of $135 million. It entails six different structures. The main house uses up 30,000 square feet of the entire property. It has 11 bathrooms and 8 bedrooms. There is also a gaming hub that has been set aside for entertainment. On the far end, there is a 15 car garage, 4 swimming pools evenly distributed all over the compound and a basketball. The house has been equipped with smart technology. To top it all up, there is a helipad and an in-house spa.

4. Tom Cruise - $59 Million

Unlike other rich and famous people, Tom decided to build his home far from busy towns and cities. Tom’s $59 million home is located on the outskirts of Telluride. The house covers up 10,000 square feet. It features a simple yet elegant design. The walls and ceilings are made of timber flanks, and windows start from the floor up to the ceiling. This allows an easy panoramic view of the mountains and forests. Outside the house, there is a private motocross track, a hockey pitch and much more.

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5. Tiger Woods - $55 Million

The home on Jupiter Island was initially designed for both Tiger and his wife, Elin. It is strategically located next to the ocean front. It is a 4 bedroomed house and features a glass-fronted elevator. The outdoors is also lavishly decorated with 4 putting greens with bunkers. There is a running track, a basketball and tennis court, 2 swimming pools and a spa. There is also a gaming room and a wine cellar. Back in 2013, there were reports that the house was sinking due to the soft soil in Florida, but 7 years down the line, Tiger’s house is still standing.

6. Cindy Crawford’s - $50 Million

It is everyone’s dream to own a beach house in Malibu. Well, we can say that Cindy is living the dream. She owns a $50 million house in Malibu. The property is estimated to be 3 acres, and it directly faces the Pacific Ocean. It embraces a hacienda-style and was built back in the ’90s. However, Cindy has renovated this house over the years, and she has given it a modern look. It currently features sliding glass doors and a wraparound deck.

7. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith - $42 Million

The Smith’s 25,000 square feet home sits on 150 acres in Malibu, CA. This home is beyond spectacular. It is the only residence that has its Zip Code. The entire structure was built by hand. It features 9 bedrooms and an exceptional recording studio. On the outdoors, there lies a humongous pool which is designed to look like a lake. There is also a basketball court and three golf holes. The couple has referred to their home severally as a spiritual endeavor. It’s probably why they also included a meditation room.

8. Dr. Dre - $40 Million

Dr. Dre is one of the few artists that has been in the music industry for a long period. Not only as he succeeded in music, but his beat by Dre headphones made him millions of money. His 14,000 square feet home in Brentwood, CA was sold to him by Gisele Brundchen and Tom Brady. The 5 bedroomed home features a moat and an infinity pool that directly faces the Pacific Ocean. It also has an outdoor kitchen and bathtub.

9. P. Diddy - $40 Million

Despite Diddy having many homes, in 2014, he decided to make this European Style Villa his family home. It is located in Holmby Hills, CA. The house has a 35 seat theatre, 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and an underwater tunnel leading out to the grotto. There is another house built next to the main house. It is reserved for guests and also houses a spa pavilion.

10. Mel Gibson - $29.74 Million

The Playa Barrigona is one of Mel’s most treasured properties. It is located in Costa Rica. The house is built on a 500-acre piece of land which has over 2 miles of the pristine beachfront and hundreds of acres of jungles full of different wild animals. Mel’s house has 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The house is built from coral stone and ornate stone carvings. It also features an open-air dining room, kitchen, and pools.

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