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10 Movies You Can Watch With Your Kids This Halloween Season

Camillia has BA in University Studies with a minor in English. Has enjoyed writing reviews since her sci fi/fantasy class in high school.


Casper Meets Wendy(1998)

Hilary Duff plays Wendy this quirky and fun good little witch in this classic Halloween movie. Even though her aunt witches have some reservations regarding ghosts, Wendy meets Casper and they become fast friends. She meets Casper, the friendly ghost and they end up having a fun adventure together and team up against a evil warlock. Some stuff in this movie is silly but that is what makes it fun. It is rated PG and is made for all audiences.


Corpse Bride(2005)

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride has been overshadowd by Nightmare before Christmas(1993) but is also a good Halloween flick to watch with the family. Victor, the main character, is forced to marry a timid lady named Victoria but is sadly dragged down to the underworld of the dead. This is were he meets the corpse bride and has a connection with her. The movie's animation is uniquely different and we see a lot of Burton's influence in the film. It could be somewhat dark but overall has a good message for the audience. It is rated PG and is made for all audiences.


Under Wraps(1997)

Under Wraps is a Disney Channel original movie and is about a group of friends stumbling upon this mummy and they end up having this crazy adventure with him after they accidently make him come to life. This movie has a lot of heart and is one of the best movie to TV adaptions Disney Channel has done. It is one of those movies you wish did not end because of the story and characters. They sadly do not have this movie on Disney Plus but is one of those movies you should own because it is so good. It is rated G and is a super family friendly.


James and the Giant Peach(1996)

If you are up for it James and the Giant Peach is one of the creepiest animation style I have seen. It really puts an imprint on your mind and would be likely talked about to having a weird plot. Besides this, the movie does a fantastic job at bringing the audience into this unique world with fleshed out characters. It is an overall a good movie. This movie is about James who is having difficulty living with his horrible aunts. One day he finds a huge peach and sets sail with a bunch of insects for New York City. This movie is rated PG and may be too creepy for small children.

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Don't Look Under the Bed(1999)

This movie is another Disney Channel Original movie and it may have the creepiest scenes at the end of the film. Older children may enjoy this film more than younger children. There are some parts to this film that are weird but that is what makes the story overall interesting. We are introduced to Frances who seems to be framed as the person that have been doing practical jokes in the neighborhood. The silliness comes in when the jokes include the pool becoming like jello. Frances has a younger brother who believed the boogeyman is real and is very much afraid of him We meet France's imaginary friend who helps her see that the boogeyman is real. This movie has an interesting concept relating to imaginary friends and how they play a role in the growing up process. This movie is rated PG and older audiences may enjoy it more because of some of the intense scenes especially towards the end of the film.



The gist of this movie is that the main character James comes to the castle haunted by Casper and his uncles to try to communicate with the spirit.James brings his daughter Kat to the castle to bond with her and she and Casper become friends.This movie is pretty cute and the bad guys are quirky but what do you expect from a children's movie. It is rated PG and is considered a Halloween classic. Especially during a part of the movie were we see Casper's physical form for the first time. It is a fun ride for the whole family.


Haunted Mansion(2003)

Eddie Murphy plays Jim Evers who a real estate agent that is so caught up in his job he does not concentrate on his beautiful wife and two children. When Jim and his family take a detour from there family vacation to sell another house, the owner Master Gracey and his butler have other plans. This movie has some fun humor and is relatable to the whole family. It has a great message of not taking loved ones for granted. It is rated PG but has some scary scenes that may be unsuitable for younger individuals. It is advised to watch it with older children as they may be able to handle the scary level of the movie.


The Witches(1990)

This is a movie about a boy named Luke who finds himself anciently spying on a witches convention and ends up being turned into a mouse. It is a silly movie and is based on a book by Roald Dahl. After watching both the 1990 and 2020 versions, the 1990 version stands out as better regarding acting of the high Witch and a more comforting ending for children. It is oberall a better movie with undoubtly creepier lements than the newer version. The movie is rated PG but can be super unsettling for younger viewers. It is important to talk to your children regarding the intense scenes in the film and to make sure they will be okay with the scary level of the movie.


The Addams Family(1991)

This movie is about the Addam's family and the plot is about f Gomez's missing brother Fester showing up one day. We find out that Fester is not who he seems. This movie is funny and has some fun nostalgic elements if you have ever seen the Addam's family TV series. The characters in this movie are fleshed out and have some unique personalities. This movie is rated PG-13 but does not have as many intense scenes like other movies on this list. It is consider family friendly for everyone in the family.


Hotel Transylvania(2012)

This movie is about Dracula and his daughter Mavis who own a hotel for monsters. No humans are invited until and unsuspecting human named Jonathon crashes Mavis's birthday party and undoubtly falls in love with her. There are sequels to this movie but the first movie seems to outshine them. Dracula is voiced by Adam Sandler and provides some comedic relief. Mavis is voiced by Selena Gomez and Jonathon is voiced by Adam Samberg. The movie is rated PG and all audiences would enjoy it.

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