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10 Movies Like Superbad

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Superbad is anything but a super bad movie, and if you are looking for other movies like Superbad that you might enjoy after watching it, I have a whole bunch of recommendations!

There are quite a few movies like Superbad out there, whether you like the overall plot of Superbad or the cast members themselves. The best part is that many of these movies also have sequels which will keep you busy watching hilarious comedies for hours or days! So grab your popcorn, candy, and soda and call it a night (or weekend) in!

Here are my favorite movies like Superbad:


"Ask me about my wiener!" When senior Bartleby Gaines is rejected from every college he applied for, desperate to be college-bound, Bartleby, along with his similarly rejected buddies open their own fake university to fool their parents, but end up fooling more than just their parents, as tens of hundreds of accepted students show up for class!


Not your typical zombie movie, this American horror comedy is about a zombie outbreak and a group of people seeking refuge from the zombie outbreak. Woody Harrelson “Tallahassee” stars in this film, with an undying desire to find some Twinkies. Will the group find their safe spot and will Tallahassee find his Twinkies?

Pineapple Express

"Couscous - the food's so nice they named it twice!" Pineapple Express is a hilarious stoner comedy where two men carrying a rare kind of marijuana become witness to a crime scene and end up dropping their stash only to later find out that it is traceable back to them!

21 Jump Street

Two underachieving cops, played by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, are sent undercover back to high school, to try to bring down a high school drug ring, but to do so, they have to blend in with the popular kids.


Ever wanted to be a superhero? Well so did comic book fanatic Dave Lizewski, and he did! Kick-Ass is his name and kicking ass is his game! Despite his lack of popularity in school, Kick-Ass becomes an internet icon in this superhero comedy! But it isn't until he teams up with some extra super badasses that things really get interesting!

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Easy A

Olive tells her BFF about losing her virginity to a college student, and even though it’s not the truth, when the word gets out and rumors are spread around school, she uses it to her advantage! When her reputation begins to spiral out of control, Olive must find a way to save her face before it’s too late!

Hot Tub Time Machine

A man, his two friends, and nephew soon uncover a portal for time travel after learning that they’ve been taken back to the 80’s to a night that can change the future forever! This portal happens to be a hot tub at a resort. Will they change the future for good? Only time will tell.

The Hangover

A bachelor party gets crazy the night before a wedding and the men wake up without a single recollection of the night before, and notice that the groom-to-be, Doug, is nowhere to be found! This movie is sure to spark a bunch of laughs as the men attempt to piece together their night and find their friend. And why was there a baby in the wardrobe? And Stu married who?!

Role Models

After energy drink salesmen Danny and Wheeler trash a company truck and damage property, they're giving the option between going to jail or doing community service, in the form or mentoring kids. Thinking it's the easy way out, they're paired with two kids, a foul-mouthed fifth grader and a live action role-playing teen. Think - Lord of the Rings mixed with Big Daddy, of course, with McLOVIN!

21 & Over

Jeff Chang’s 21st birthday falls the day before a potentially life-changing event, the interview for medical school, but his two friends insisted on bringing him out for a real American 21st birthday celebration! As Jeff lets loose, so do his morals despite his friends trying their best to get him back in one piece before the big interview!

Check for These Titles on Netflix

Now, these are in no particular order, so be sure to check them all out! Many of these can be found on Netflix or Amazon for instant streaming, so you might not even need to leave your house or spend extra money to see them

Even if you do have to spend some money, it will likely be minimal unless you are also looking into watching the sequels, but any movie like Superbad will be worth the money spent!


Pat Mills from East Chicago, Indiana on August 14, 2015:

I voted for The Hangover because I liked the way it unfolded and the twists the movie took as the friends looked for their buddy and wonder what happened in the night. The two sequels were not in the same league as the first one.

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