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10 Cutest Minguk Moments in Return of Superman


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Minguk, the middle child or the triplets, is known for his charming personality. In fact, it is well accepted that he is the most popular of the triplet among all the staff and, arguably, among the viewers at large. He has a naturally charming, naturally sweet and naturally thoughtful that captivates people.

Below are ten instances that will generously prove Minguk's explainable charm.

10 Cutest Minguk Moments#1- Minguk Talking like Dad


Daehanie might be the one that is most like Song Il Kook but Minguk can do impeccable impersonation of his father. Remember, he is not even four and he already has enough intelligence and observation skills to know how to pull off a Song Il Kook.

Watch the clip below and observe how even Daehan is caught off-guard at Minguk's Song Il Kook impersonation.

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10 Cutest Minguk Moments#2- Running an Errand


It's easy for us grown ups to take for granted things that we pretty much do everyday like shopping. We can pretty much go around Macy's, Target or Walmart and find what we are looking for. If we do have some trouble finding it, we just ask store assistants or check out the store directory to know which floor and which area to find what we are looking for.

What we need to realize is that for a 3-year-old kid, Walmart, Ralpha's or even Trader Joe's can seem like a jungle. It's full of people that are at least 3 feet taller than they are. There are signs everywhere with letters they are not capable of reading yet and full of things they want but can't automatically have.

When Song Il Kook asked the triplets to go buy some stuff on their own, he didn't expect much from the triplets. After all, they are just 36-year-old kids. Manse went on a free-taste binge while Daehan ended up buying some healthy supplement but Minguk broke the code. With modern jungle in front of him, he approached a store clerk and asked where to find what he is looking for.

Just like that, first mission accomplished.

10 Cutest Minguk Moments#3- Another Errand AGAIN


Episode #86

With one errand, Minguk has been dubbed the errand master. Now, the boy needs to prove that was not a fluke. He jumped on it the next chance he got. That happened in the Sauna. Song Il Kook asked Daehan to buy some sweet rice drink. Daehan, ever the shy one, couldn't bring himself to ask people where he can buy some. Minguk, however, is the experienced one. This is his turf.

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He asked a woman where he could buy the drink. He found it right away and called out Daehan. As a bonus, he even reminded Daehan not to buy eggs, which Daehan wanted, because they are there for some sweet rice drinks.

When his turn came to buy something, he accomplished it easily. Sure, there was a hiccup in losing the change but he resolved it with the help of Daehan.

10 Cutest Minguk Moments#4- The Porridge Incident


Episode #86

Everyone knows how much Minguk loves eating. The other thing he loves is singing. One morning while having breakfast, he started singing and just couldn't stop. He was in his element and he was having a moment. When his dad asked him if he was going to eat his porridge, he said no but he is 3 years old. He actually meant "not yeat". Besides, he didn't want to lose his momentum. Dear Appa decided to eat Minguk's porridge.

When Minguk was done singing and discovered his porridge has disappeared, he cried and it was the cutest sight. He wanted his porridge! He was just singing but he was going to eat it after! Why was his porridge taken away? Why!!!!!!!

10 Cutest Minguk Moments#5- Dinosaur Expert


Episode #66

I know T-rex and Raptors. That's the extent of my knowledge about dinosaurs. Well, that and whatever the dinosaur god Steven Spielberg says in his multi-million franchise. Minguk, apparently and luckily, has a bigger brain than I do because the dude named every dinosaur in the book his dad showed him. And man, those dinosaurs are rarely mentioned. They are no t-rex or raptors. They are the least mentioned but dear Mingukie knew them

10 Cutest Minguk Moments#6- Children's Song Expert


Episode #: 49

English is not exactly an easy language for Koreans to learn because the two have nothing in common. I think the Korean language was made specifically to be impossible to learn by native english speakers and vice versa. Mingukie, however, seems to have no problem with it because he just belted out an english song with good diction. Even Song Il Kook was surprised.

10 Cutest Minguk Moments#7- Minguk's Peacekeeping Strategy


Episode #: 71

Song Il Kook said it himsef, Minguk does not lose to Manse when they fight but it's a different story when it's Daehan. It seems, Minguk doesn't even put up a fight. When Daehan wants something, he gives it. We don't know why but I have a feeling it's simply because he likes maintaining peace.

When Daehan went all gangsta on the other two while they wait for their Dad to finish his driving test and refused to let Minguk and Manse to look out the window, instead of fighting with Daehan, Minguk went all cute and created a train to break the ice. Conflict ended, problem solved, peace restored.

10 Cutest Minguk Moments#8- Minguk's Infectious Laugh


Episode #: 76

Have you ever broke down in laughter that you can't stop even when you wanted to? Have you ever broken down in laughter that it made others around you laugh so hard even when they didn't want to? Have you ever broke down in laughter that people thought it so cute? Well no matter how hard you laughed and how cute you were, that is nothing compared to the Minguk's uncontrollable laughter when he went fishing with his Dad.

The kid just laughed simply because there was an ahjusshi in the water. I know, right? Makes no sense but it doesn't need to make sense. Minguk is laughing. The world stopped.

10 Cutest Minguk Moments#9- Powerful Enemy vs Minguk


Each triplet takes certain things seriously. For Daehan, anything related to his father is a serious matter. For Manse, it's Sarang. For Minguk, it's food. Seeing him fight for that mulberry will give you an idea on the amount of thought he gives to food. Food is his thing. That's why when another kid almost twice his size came in swagging spoonfull after spoonfull, Mingukie just wouldn't have it!

Our Minguk proved that he might be smaller than the guy his tummy is bottomless.

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10 Cutest Minguk Moments#10- Minguk and the Noonas


Episode #: 49

Manse's love for Sarang is one for the books but even Song Il Kook attests that Minguk is the most popular among noonas. He said that whenever they are out and Minguk wants something, he manages to find a noona that will give him what he wants. We have witnessed this so many times. One of the most memorable moments is when they visited the monks. Not one, not two but three noonas went to take care of him. One even covered up for his naughtiness that saved him from getting scolded.


Fairlane Raymundo (author) from Los Angeles, CA on November 17, 2015:

@kkukkuk noona, what episode is that?

kkukkuk noona on August 06, 2015:

The Sungkyungkwan incident should be included! The part when Kkukkuk cried while being scolded. Though I hate seeing him cry, he's still adorbs as ever.

Fairlane Raymundo (author) from Los Angeles, CA on August 05, 2015:

@Ska you may leave comments but do not put links.

Ska on August 05, 2015:

Ehh i just read below that i should not be promoting other sites. I'm really sorry if i appeared to be promoting. My intention is not promoting the site actually, it's to make people see that side of my baby Mingukie. Maybe i'm a bit overthinking about this, but i wish people would see what i see in him. Thanks.

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