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The Most Terrifying Final Destination Death


Death is an artist.

Fans of the franchise will know this information, but for the newbies lets briefly break down the main theme of the series. Each of the Final Destination movies follow a simple plot. The main character of each film has a vision or premonition of a tragedy, which ultimately leads to his or her gruesome death. In each film, the main character is accompanied by a group of friends at the time of the premonition/tragedy, in which they all share the same fate. The vision begins with a series of random occurrences that eventually link together, leading to the catastrophe. The main character is the only one in the group who suddenly notices these events, and starts to feel a dreadful vibe surrounding them. The tragedy begins and ends in mere minutes, showcasing everyone's death in detail, including the main character. At the conclusion of the scene, the main character suddenly awakes from a daydream, moments before the accident. They begin to experience deja vu, in which they use the clues given to attempt to save everyone's life. Consistent throughout the entire series, only a select group of people are saved from the catastrophe, whether they are friends or strangers. Shortly after the horrific event each survivor begins to die in weird and random ways in some sort of order. That order changes between each film. In my opinion there are some death scenes that are very realistic, far-fetched, and silly. I'm going to highlight what I consider to be one of the most painful to watch scenes in the franchise.

Tod's Strangulation in detail.

The first film is the original and in my opinion offers some really gruesome death scenes. Tod's death is not easy to watch. Obviously I'm a huge horror movie fan, but to this day I cannot watch that scene comfortably. Some people would say the opening plane crash scene is the scariest, and I agree. Scary is just one part of the formula. Tod's death isn't only scary but it was real enough to believe that guy was actually strangled to death. Here's the scene in detail.( for those who haven't seen it)

The scene begins with Tod heading to the bathroom to perform his private duties. While in the bathroom he heads to the mirror and begins checking his face and hair for whatever reason.The door gently closes behind him, even though he left it open. Then he notices the bathroom window is open and goes to close it. Then he sits on the toilet to do his business. While doing so the camera pans around to the bottom of the toilet where we see water leaking from the pipe. The scene then skips over to Alex sitting at his computer studying news articles on catastrophes, then he begins to read a Penthouse magazine. The next shot is of Tod standing in front of the mirror while attempting to shave his neck with a golden razor. ( which is odd since his face is hairless) Doing so, Tod's obvious inexperience using a razor leads to him cutting himself in the neck. At the same time the water leak from the pipe (which is blue for effect) begins to flow directly to where Tod is standing. Suddenly he notices an ominous dark presence creeping past him through the mirror. He disregards it and proceeds to sticking a small pair of scissors up his nose to clip the hairs. Simultaneously, the leaking water is quickly inching its way towards his feet giving the audience the idea that he will slip and stab himself with the scissors. He suddenly puts the scissors on the sink and plugs in an old school 90's cd player. Soon as he plugs it in he hears the same John Denver song from the airport, then he yanks the cord out of the socket while stepping out of the path of the path of the leaking water. The water begins to change its course to follow him. Then the scene jumps back to Alex reading the same Penthouse magazine. While doing so, an owl startles him by landing on the windowsill in which he reacts by tossing the magazine at the window. The magazine hits the working fan and shreds into pieces, leaving one piece of paper with the word "TOD" to fall gracefully on Alex's lap. Then we go back to Tod, who is removing the clothes drying on a clothing wire inside of the bathtub. While he is sorting the clothes, he leans in closer to grab the last one. Suddenly the trailing water catches up to him and he slips falling head first towards the wire, causing it snap and wrap around his neck very tightly. Tod attempts to brace himself but instead he falls completely into the tub with all of his body weight, with his but dangling inches above the bottom of the tub. In a panic he tries to place his fingers in between the cord and his neck but has he struggles, the cord tightens with every movement. During the struggle he knocks over a shampoo bottle which causes the porcelain in the tub to become obviously slippery as he attempts to stand up. At this point the cord has wrapped it self deep into his neck and only tightens as he bounces up and down fighting for his life. Then we see a gruesome close up of the cord tightening beyond recovery, in which the pressure causes the capillaries in his eyes to burst turning them red. While Tod is facing death, were shown a quick shot of his dad sleeping on a chair with a drink in his hand and a newspaper falling out of his lap in the next room. The next shot shows Tod's continued battle against death as he desperately attempts to grab the small pair of scissors he left on the sink. The scissors are far out of reach, and with his last moments he tries to unravel the cord from his neck as he continues to slide around the tub. The realism really comes into play within his last few seconds of life, we see him curling his feet as he experiences the horrific pain associated being strangled to death. Soon after he drops his hands and sits lifeless dangling in the bathtub like a pinata hanging from a tree.

To this day, Tod's death haunts me in my dreams. I tend to imagine "what would I do in that situation?" I made sure to never use a clothing wire in my home, especially in the bathroom. Out of all the gruesome deaths, Tod's is #1 in my opinion mainly due to the fact that he actually suffered a great deal, leading to a slow painful looking demise. A majority of the death scenes through out the franchise are quick and to the point aside from maybe 2 other scenes off the top of my head. Tod's seems to be the most personal and the longest of them all.

You don't have to agree, but share with me your top scene.

Hang in there Tod

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Bill Duncan on May 11, 2015:

why do you his toes curled in his final seconds

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