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10 Movies Like A Beautiful Mind

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If you have never seen A Beautiful Mind, then you are missing out. The film was released in 2002, and since then it has formed a proper cult following. Directed by Ron Howard, the film follows the events of John Forbes Nash Jr, and is also based on some of the work that comes from Sylvia Nasar’s biography, A Beautiful Mind. The film itself is a very exciting story, showing us the highs and lows of the life of Forbes Nash Jr.

A deeply interesting and exciting man, the mathematics mastermind was one of the most exciting names of his era. However, when on the brink of discovery that would have made him a legend for all-time, Nash found his own hubris and arrogance to be his early undoing. It’s a story that is very much worth seeing, and one that always puts us in the mood for other films charting the rise and fall of great minds.

One of the reasons many of us enjoy these rise and fall stories is that it reminds us that everyone can go through success and failure equally. It’s a unique and interesting storyline, and one that should go a long way to giving us lessons that we can take into our own lives. The problem with movies like A Beautiful Mind, though, is that there are simply not enough of them!

That’s why we have a good little listing for you to follow along with below. Each movie should give you a good idea of what you are coming up against, and what you are dealing with. A very interesting and satisfying series of movies waits below. While not all are going to be just like A Beautiful Mind, each one helps us to follow interesting tales.

Similar Movies Like a Beautiful Mind

  1. Seraphine
  2. The Imitation Game
  3. Searching for Bobby Fischer
  4. Amadeus
  5. Good Will Hunting
  6. The Theory of Everything
  7. The Man Who Knew Infinity
  8. The Aviator
  9. Temple Grandin
  10. The Bet Offer

Seraphine is a deeply popular movie that shows us how many of the greatest minds of humanity are often celebrated after they should have. Follow the life of Seraphine Louis, who spent most of her life working as a maid and a servant to the wealthy. However, she’s also one of the most fantastically gifted primitivist painters that you are ever likely to see – someone who was only ever recognised long after her own demise.

Sadly, the first inkling of success brings with it immense mental pressure, eventually leading to a distressing end to someone of such immense and natural talent. It’s a film that we recommend you watch, as it shows how many great minds are never given the respect they should until it’s too late.

One great mind who should be revered for the rest of human history, though, is that of Alan Turing. Turing is the focus of The Imitation Game, the 2014 film that bases itself around the man who managed to ‘crack the code’ and decrypt German intelligence communications for the Allies during the Second World War.

The film is a fantastic watch, but also a distressing one. Be prepared to find yourself spitting venom at his many colleagues who never give the man the recognition that he deserves. It’s a tale of intelligence and human quality, but also of a man who was badly let down by his contemporaries.

An interesting watch, Searching for Bobby Fischer is a 1993 release that follows the path of Joshua Waitzkin. A mastermind of the game of chess, he looked to set off in the steps of the legendary Bobby Fischer (hence the name of the movie). It’s a very endearing tale, and one that shows us just how important it is to tread the line between genius and chaos easily.

It’s great for making sure that you can see the harshness and the reality of being a genius. It’s not always wealth, fame, and an easy life. Instead, it’s often a blend of personal conflict, strife, and even a loss of recognition of who we actually are ourselves.

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While you will need to go back a while to find Amadeus, this 1984 release is one of the most popular films of this particular kind and genre. It follows the story of the great musician Mozart, who is to this day one of the most celebrated musical minds of all-time.

The story is wonderfully written and it shows us a more double-edged side to the great musician. While many see him as a god-given musical genius, his conflicting personality and contrasting nature makes a deeply interesting person to learn about. Amadeus manages to capture this perfectly, giving us an exceptional viewing of the kind of person that Wolfgang was, and what he actually stood for outside of music.

A very endearing film for many reasons, Oscar-winning 1997 movie Good Will Hunting is a fine watch. It’s a movie that brings two of the biggest stars of the modern era – Matt Damon and Ben Affleck – to the widest audience. It’s a film that follows not a genius, but a simple man. The story follows a man who is a janitor at Harvard, but in his spare time he solves complex and confusing maths equations.

Will Hunting is an interesting guy, but a very complex and challenging man to understand. However, it’s a story that brings to life the importance of being able to handle our own challenges and complexities, and is a very striking, intellectually challenging movie.

A deeply interesting and at times complex watch, 2014 movie The Theory of Everything is definitely one to watch when you are in the mood for a mental push. It follows the story of Stephen Hawking, viewed as one of the most intelligent men of all-time.

As motor neurone disease forces immense strain on his brilliant work and even his personal relationships, the story follows the story of one of the most important people in modern history. It’s a fine, if often upsetting, depiction of the life and the work of a man who should always be revered as one of the most important in modern human history.

Great minds are often not noticed until after their passing. Thankfully, the late, great Mr Hawking was not one of those.

2016 release The Man Who Knew Infinity is, like The Theory of Everything, a fantastic watch about a genius. It follows the story of Srinivasa Ramanujan, who is a fantastic mathematical mind. It’s a film that follows his incredible control over numbers, but also his personal life and his relationships.

It also does not miss when it goes into the dark and challenging subject of the racial abuse that Ramanujan suffered from when he came to England. A tragic early death thanks to tuberculosis brought to an end one of the greatest minds of his era, but this film chronicles his greatness in the fairest manner possible.

The Aviator is a story that follows the life of Howard Hughes. Hughes was a major pioneer in the world of both filmography and aviation. In his time, the genius managed to help make many inventions and ideas of immense challenge come to be, and the movie manages to capture his rise to success – as well as his battles with mental illness – perfectly.

A fine film and one that reminds humanity of a great innovator who is too often forgotten, The Aviator is a fine example of what can be done when we wish to remark upon the experiences of people who changes in the world in a way that is positive instead of hypercritical.

While this might not be for everyone, the 2010 release Temple Grandin is very much a film that you should look to add to your collection. A fun and enjoyable movie, it follows the story of the scientific genius of Temple Grandin.

Grandin was an autistic scientist of remarkable thought and ideas, and who became a major part of the world of livestock handling. A proponent for more human handling of the animals, she became a major voice within the agricultural world, helping to improve standards beyond recognition. It was her work and her approach that helped to reshape the industry and, today, plays a crucial role in helping us to better understand humane livestock handling.

Lastly, we recommend that you take a look at a movie called The Best Offer. It follows the story of Virgil Oldman, a recognised name in the antiques and auctioneering world. A genius to many, Oldman is seen as a fine example of what can be done when we put our mind to it. However, his social challenges and his desire for a more solitary lifestyle means that the story takes some interesting swerves and turns.

Its’ a captivating story, and one that you should enjoy if you can resonate with the idea of someone who is so attuned to their academic studies that they have little desire or time for dealing with humans in any meaningful capacity.

Go ahead and explore the full list of movies about geniuses here, a collection of 26 (and growing movies that feature a genius mind set). Let us know if there are any other movies like a beautiful mind that we might have missed, list them in the comments below and we will watch them and see if they are worth adding to the list.

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