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10 Strongest Fictional Characters Of All Time

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There are many strong characters in fiction, but these protagonists and antagonists stand out above the rest.

As the globe is exposed to hundreds of thousands of stories from all types of media, the pantheon of superpowered heroes keeps expanding. The list of famous and extraordinarily powerful people that comic books and manga have introduced the public to is still untouched.

It is not appropriate to judge a fictional character's strength merely on their physical prowess or accomplishments. Which fictional beings are the strongest or most powerful depends on a variety of factors, including character strength, the capacity to overcome flaws in oneself, and general command of the abilities at hand.

10. Goku


No matter the medium, Goku from Dragon Ball is one of the most frequently used names when discussing the most powerful fictional characters. Goku, who was created in 1984 by Akira Toriyama, is sometimes portrayed as carefree and whimsical, although he is recognised throughout the world for his skill in combat and ability to think strategically in the face of extreme danger.

When discussing the top martial artists in comic books, Goku is frequently mentioned because he is considered to be one of the best in all of anime. In Super Saiyan state, he pulls into his limitless supply of ki, which he has previously utilised to slay actual gods in hand-to-hand battle, greatly enhancing his power levels.

9. Kratos


The protagonist and star of the God of War video game series is Kratos. Kratos, a human warrior who was born in Sparta, tracked down and killed every member of the Titan and Greek God pantheon. Due to his skill with a weapon, he is renowned for being incredibly tough and strong.

Due to a unique once-in-a-lifetime deal established with the Titans to guarantee his victory against Zeus, Kratos has been able to survive death on numerous occasions. Years of conflict have greatly increased his might, which he now exploits to usurp and wipe out the Norse pantheon of gods.

8. Saitama


One of the most nuanced and powerful characters in manga history is Saitama. He has a reputation as a lazy due to his lack of initiative, yet when forced into a fight, he is incredibly tough. Saitama could even defeat Goku in a fight using only his hands.

Saitama is recognized as one of the most powerful fictional characters ever for the simple reason that he cannot be defeated physically and that most of his battles conclude in a single blow or "one-punch," earning him the nickname One-Punch Man. The main reason Saitama doesn't hold the position of greatest power in most talks is his shortcoming of general lack of enthusiasm.

7. Albus Dumbledore


In J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, Albus Dumbledore serves as both the headmaster of Hogwarts and the leader of The Phoenix. Dumbledore, one of the most potent magicians in the world, was born into a wizarding family in 1881.

Albus Dumbledore's full potential is unknown, although it's important to keep in mind that white magic is normally more potent than dark magic, and Dumbledore never used dark. He defeated two of the greatest practitioners of dark magic in the world, Voldemort and Grindlewald, respectively, and was greatly dreaded by both enemies.

6. Reverse-Flash

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One of the most mysterious and well-known supervillains in the world is Reverse-Flash. He has similar strength and talents as The Flash, but instead of using them for good, he frequently harms future generations in ways that are irreparable.

Reverse-Flash is incredibly strong because of his intelligence and in-depth understanding of the Speed Force. Reverse-Flash possesses a variety of amazing speed-based abilities, but his greatest strength is that he is a living paradox who can endure practically anything. He has even escaped an almighty being's attempt to completely wipe him out of existence.

5. Cosmic Armor Superman


The strongest form of Superman in the whole DC Comics Universe, Cosmic Armor Superman was first shown in Grant Morrison and Doug Manke's Superman Beyond 3D. This Superman, also known as the Thought Robot, is propelled by his beliefs, moral principles, and acts of valor.

Space Armor Superman has only made two comic book appearances since his creation because of how overpowered he is. He has the ability to modify any part of the multiverse as well as guard against any multiversal threat imaginable. Because of his ability to access whatever power required to prevail in a battle thanks to his narrative device, Cosmic Armor Superman is even seen as being more powerful than omnipotent entities like Doctor Manhattan.

4. The Creator


The Creator, who serves as the supreme deity of the universe, is the most potent figure in all of anime. In the Umineko no Naku Koro ni universe, the Creator started out as a witch but swiftly rose to become omnipotent due to her capacity to conjure up things out of thin air.

The Creator is infinite and without any real limitations or restrictions since He operates outside the natural rules. Although it is unknown how she became God, something was given in exchange for her freedom. Because of her immensely complicated personality, some people just call The Creator The Writer.

3. Man of Miracles


The reality of the Image Comics universe is managed by The Man of Miracles, also referred to as The Mother of Existence. She created the universe that Spawn is a part of and is the father of both God and Satan. Between the two, the Man of Miracles acts as a guide to keep humanity from being destroyed.

She is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient at the same time, which establishes and strengthens her rule. The Man of Miracles, however, likes to let people with superpowers handle problems in their daily lives rather than getting involved in them.

2. The Presence


The Presence is the greatest power in DC Comics. He also goes by the name Yahweh and is a reincarnation of the same-named Judeo-Christian Deity. The DC Comics Universe was born from a void by The Presence, who also gave rise to a universe and a multiverse.

The Spectre, Phantom Stranger, and Asmodel can never overthrow The Presence because he created all the gods and extraordinarily strong characters of the DC Universe. He is omnipresent and is present in every being in the multiverse. Everything occurs or manifests as a result of the Presence's unwavering will.

1. The One Above All


Similar to how The Presence acts as the top deity in the DC Comics universe, The One Above All plays that role in the Marvel Comics universe. He is the ultimate source of life both within and outside of the multiverse.

The One Above All frequently defers to his minions, such as The Beyonder and The Living Tribunal, in basic things because he is the only architect. The One Above All, unlike other deities in comic books, made The One Below All to balance and counteract his powers. Depending on the author, he frequently functions as a Jack Kirby or Stan Lee avatar.

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