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10 Korean Celebrity Non-Couples That Should Date (1-3)

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One of the most ridiculous parts of being a famous idol is that the public feels they have the right to meddle with their idol's lovelife. When a celebrity with mediocre success dates someone on a pedestal, you can be assured death threats will rain a plenty.

Although I think celebrities' love life is but their own, I have to confess to also noticing how certain idols would be a perfect match with other idols or actresses. Below are 10 pairs that I think should be couples.

All in the interest of fun.

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I pity the girl Yunho will end up marrying. DBSK's fans are known for being protective and combative about their idols. Yunho and Changmin are royalties and no mere mortal will be deemed deserving by the devoted cassiopeianss.

That being said, it is only a matter of choosing a woman that will get the least death threats and hatred. No better choice than Han Hyo Joo.

About Jeung Yunho

High IQ. Undeniable talent. Unprecedented work ethic. Stunningly good looks. Yunho is the true king of SM and arguably the whole Idol world. The best part is that nothing was handed to him in a sliver platter. He worked his @ss off to get to that position. He endured disapproval from his family and ended up sleeping on the streets just to pursue his dreams.

He may be supported by SM but he sure as h3ll made his success on his own.

He is an alpha male who continues to pursue perfection in his craft. Everyone in SM attests to just how dedicated Yunho is to his art.

About the Han Hyo Joo

Han Hyo Joo is a made woman who is successful in her career critically and commercially. Her dedication to her craft shows on her work. She is her own person and does not need a man to complete her. She is a fighter who does not back down in any fight even if it is against a man. In fact, she is the only female guest that Running Man admits to never hold back on. But she also embraces her femininity.

She is beautiful, with or without make up. She is kind and the whole Korean entertainment industry attests to that. She has raw acting talent and the discipline to hone it.

What Makes Them Compatible

1. Understanding towards Each Other's Craft

They are both self-made and dedicated to their craft. That's why she will understand the kind of dedication Yunho has for his craft and he will understand her too.

2. Equal Partnership

Yunho is a smart guy and needs someone that can stimulate him intellectually and emotionally. He needs someone that he can talk with, make plans with and grow up with... someone who will listen and understand his views, plans, observations and opinions.

Han Hyoo Joo is also smart well-traveled woman who does not hesitate speaking her mind. The last thing she needs is someone who does nothing but spend hours in the gym. What's the use of being gorgeous if you are dumb?

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Yunho and Hyojoo are equals. They will grow up together and have conversations that are both fun and full of substance. They will be each other's partners and for a relationship to work, that's what a couple needs to become.

3. Private People

Both are very private people. They are devoted to their family and charity works. They are most especially dedicated to their craft. They will be able to date in private, away from the public and just nurture the relationship.

4. Common Past

Both moved to Seoul alone during high school to pursue their dreams. Yunho famously slept in train stations having not enough money to pay for rent. Hyo Joo, on the other hand, lived independently jut to pursue her dreams.

Both have younger siblings and are protective of them.

Both bought their parents houses and cars from their first financial harvest when they were starting out. Talk about compatible values.


One of the benefits of being YG is the great PR support that the celebrities get. They have the ability to protect their artists' personal lives or cover up their mistakes. Take for example Sandara's sexy photos from where she was in the Philippines. It was a contradiction to the timid image she has in Korea but YG managed to make it disappear.

GD and CL are two of YG's prized talents. Although it seems their dating ban is not in effect anymore, the two are fiercely protective of their private lives. You can't blame them, it's hard to know whether someone is with them for their status or for love. Exposing it to the public wouldn't benefit them unless they are certain of the person.

That's why GD and CL are perfect for each other.

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About G Dragon

Rumored to be with Japanese model, Kiko, GD has always been marketed as the artist among the idols. He seems to have a predilection towards strong women. He doesn't seem to be attracted to timid ones. He obviously likes them pretty but not necessarily soft.

He loves challenging boundaries and employs an attitude of a gangsta. He says what's in his mind regardless of how people will react to it. He feels no need to explain himself even if there is a public demand for his statement.

About CL

CL's image was ccreated to become everything Taeyeon is not. SNSD was launched first and they took the sexy girly image. CL took the opposite route. She became the "baddest" female and lived that image to the core.

What Makes them Compatible

1. Leaders from the Same Agency

Leaders of the most successful groups from the agency, the two will have some advantage in being able to get the support of the agency so they can have some privacy, coordinate their schedule and enjoy the privileges of having the same home base.

2. Artistic Icons

Both are known for breaking boundaries. Although I'm not sure what boundaries they have broken, I am at least certain that it is how they are being marketed. That will become each other's artistic ally. They can bounce off ideas and help each other hone their art.

3. Devoted to their Music

Both are active in pursuing individual careers and are trying to break the international market. They will have each other to share dreams.

They will understand the hardships each are facing for being leaders and solo artists who are trying to capture such an insurmountable odd of going international. It is important for them to be in a relationship with someone that can sympathize and empathize.


JYP is one agency who has gotten down handling of their talents' dating life down to a tee. When Nickhun and Tiffanny were rumored to be dating, JYP admitted it graciously. Suzy is now openly dating Lee Min Ho. It is likely that other talents in the agency are also dating but no one has been caught by the public yet.

Nonetheless, it will still be interesting to see who the others will end up dating, Taecyeon especially. The guy has been a poster boy for perfection. Everyone knows he is smart and has even given up his green card so he can serve in Korea's military. He does not get into a lot of controversies and has impeccable variety skills.

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About Taecyeon

Teacyeon is the rapper and face of 2PM. One of the main "acrobats" of the group, he has taken the beastliest image in the group. He is known for his "angry" emotions during performances and music videos.

He is also an entrepreneur. He created OK Cat and turned it into a company that sells different merchandise, from shirts to dolls.

About Uee

Uee originally wanted to be an actress but debuted as a singer first. She is known for her determination having grew up with a father that coaches a professional baseball team, she has been trained to face failure and use that as inspiration to continue moving forward.

She is now juggling acting and singing and has been recognized for her natural talent on both fields.

What Makes them Compatible

1. Tall. Dark. Beautiful. Smart.

Korean entertainment is saturated with good looking people but one of the things Koreans are obsessed about is height. Almost everyone wears heels inside their shoes, especially men. Uee and Taecyeon are perfect for each other in the physical sense. They are both tall, good looking and smart.

Imagine the babies they will have.

2. Family Values

Both have older siblings and have special connection to their fathers. Uee made a song for his father on Barefoot Friends and Taecyeon named his father as the biggest influence in his life. As anyone knows, if you are looking for "forever", the family of each party has a big influence on the relationship. Their love and closeness to their families will make it easy for them to understand each other.

Both are also Christians even though both admit their busy schedule prevents them from attending regular Sunday School.

3. Cool Crazy Side

If a relationship is to work, it is important for both parties to have fun with each other and Uee and Taecyeon are two people who can discard their "pretty image" and just be themselves and have fun.

Uee made Lee Kwang Soo blush when they had to do a peppero game. She was also all game when she was set up to have a date with Kwanghee who has had a long-time crush on her. Realizing Kwanghee was so shy, she took it easy and talked more, cracked jokes and made feel Kwanghee more comfortable. She also does not back down on questions about Kwanghee.

Taecyeon is also known for breaking his Beast image for his naturally dorky side. He goes on variety and makes fun of himself and other members of 2PM. He is not afraid to go all dorky and nerdy.

Imagine the crazy fun these two will have!

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